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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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650 The Cool and Imposing CFO Pei

"Aye! What kind of background do you guys think our manager has? A few days ago, weren't you all saying that she's the loser of a 'war' and was 'exiled' here? Look; it's only been a few days, yet…

"Our general manager has become the CFO!"

Afternoon was the best time for women to gossip.

Currently, a few of the most-gossipy employees of Jiaheng were gathered in the pantry.

The moment one of them broached this topic, the rest also joined in on the conversation.

"I truly find it to be strange! I didn't expect her to be this competent. She just came, and within a few days, she got promoted from the planning department's general manager to this company's top boss!"

"Yes, I also find it to be strange. Her promotion came out of nowhere."

"Heh! What is there to be mystified about? She either is competent or has a notable background. It's got nothing to do with us, anyway!"

"That's true. No matter who the boss of this company is, it's got nothing to do with us."

"It might be like that in the past, but now… Have you guys forgotten? Ever since she got promoted to the position of the CFO, she's made a lot of changes. Among them, the most insane and inhumane one is that new rule aimed at us.

"Hence, as the biggest decision-maker, she of course has reign over us. At least, now, we can't live as freely as before!"

"I thought rewards and punishments are given based on merits? It doesn't sound that bad, actually. In fact, I find some of her new rules to be quite good, and at least, they make this company more productive."

"I feel that way, too. I even heard that our CFO is thinking of what rewards and benefits to give low-level employees like us."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Is that true?! That's nice…"

In the pantry, the topic's focus slowly shifted to the positive effects of the company's new rules.

Meanwhile, the person who had imposed this reward-punishment system was in the middle of a heated discussion with this company's top management.

"Your new rules are basically nonsense."

"Yes! They're too ridiculous!"

"Where can you even find a company that gives low-level employees benefits and rewards?! Do you think we are a charity organization?"

"If they contribute to the company, I can still accept them being given rewards, but look at what's in your proposal…"

In the spacious meeting room, a few men relentlessly berated the highest decision-maker of this company, not even realizing that something was wrong with their attitude.

If not for it being common knowledge for a company's highest-ranking member to occupy the head seat at any table, one would really be unable to identify who the CFO was in this room.

This was because… these department heads sitting around the CFO were not giving the woman her due respect.

Of course, this so-called highest decision-maker, who was wearing a black corporate attire and occupying the head seat, was none other than… Pei Ge!

"I don't agree to this proposal—"

The man in a suit's speech was interrupted by a loud thud.


She slapped the proposal in her hand on the table, producing a crisp and resounding noise.

The few department heads that were making a ruckus, deriding and censuring her, all froze.

"Are you guys done talking? If 'yes', I'll start now." Her lips curled up slightly as she gave off a cold air very akin to Ji Ziming's.

Her look stunned those in the room at once.

"First, those reasons you guys gave for rejecting my proposal are too laughable."

She stood up from her chair and moved her gaze to every person in the room.

She then raised a hand and signaled her assistant to put up the materials she had prepared beforehand.

Soon after, rows upon rows of data appeared on the projection wall.

"This is our company's past profit and employee count." She walked to the white wall and pointed to the data projected on it.

"Take a look at it yourself. The decline of these figures is too steep!

"What do you guys think is the reason for all this?"

She stood before the screen with a smile, gaze stopping on each person momentarily.

"Are you going to tell me that this is due to those employees?"

"How can that be?! Do those figures truly belong to our company? You're probably lying to us. Our company may not have a long history, but for you to see all the company's records in just a few days, how is that possible?!"

Her hands, which hung loosely on her sides, balled up into fists when she heard these people's impeaching remarks.

Pei Ge, strive on! You can do this! 'Act' according to what you've rehearsed!

If these results can't convince them, overcome them with your aura and dominance!

"Hur hur, are you guys doubting me?" She smirked, the curl of her lips flattening as her expression turned frigid.

Her amiable look was replaced by pride and indifference at once, and this made her seem lofty and powerful.

Her present actions were the exact copy of Ji Ziming's.

If asked to point out which boss she had been around the longest, she would, of course, point to the great CEO Ji!

Before she became his secretary, she attended a few meetings he had chaired, and once she became his secretary, she was by his side, watching all his actions, almost every moment.

She even had to see him after work.

Hence, although imitating him was not easy to pull off, she could still do a fine job of it.

"The things you guys are doubting me on are too laughable! Having been here for so long, are you guys telling me that you're foreign to these data?

"This company's core comprises the decision-maker and these entry-level employees. You guys are such a huge disappointment…

"Except for accepting bribes and juicing this company dry, what else do you people know to do?!"

With her rage finally erupting, a storm was about to sweep and resuscitate Jiaheng Real Estate…


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