Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
651 CFO Pei transforms from a little lamb to a fierce beast.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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651 CFO Pei transforms from a little lamb to a fierce beast.

"Except for accepting bribes and juicing this company dry, what else do you people know to do?!"

Once she finished her speech, the faces of those in the room turned dark and stiff.

"Xiao Pei, what do you mean by this?!"

"Indeed, listen to the nonsense you're spouting!"

She had basically sky-dived into the ranks of this company's high-ranking employees, and others could also not find noteworthy achievements in her portfolio for them to put her in high regard.

Most importantly, while holding the planning department's general manager position, she could barely suppress the crowd, but after suddenly jumping to the position of a CFO, she wanted to make them, the experienced department heads of this company, submit to her.

Thus, it should be expected for people to clamor against her when she said all that.

"What does a woman like you know? Who knows what backer you have to get to your position, yet you still dare to open your mouth before us. You really don't understand your position—"


Pei Ge, who was just beside the projection wall, had unknowingly moved to the front of the table.

Smacking her palms on its surface, she pushed against it as she shot these department heads belittling her a baleful glare.

These old and experienced department heads were once again frightened by her.

She calmly removed her hands from the table and cocked a brow at them. Walking to the man who was the most vocal and unfettered in expressing his opinion, she said sharply and coldly, "Fang Wei, 40 years old, product development department's manager."

In a few steps, she reached the man's side, whose seat was not far from hers.

"Hired by Jiaheng in 2008 and has been here for seven years. Except for the first four years when you handled a handful of big projects, which brought in some money, the rest of your projects in this three years were lousy and caused losses to this company."

She stood behind the man and coldly looked down at him.

"Apparently… you've been in cahoots with others for your benefit."

The man instantly panicked at her cold smirk.

"You! You'd better not make unfounded attacks on me!"

"Yes, Old Fang certainly isn't that type of person!"

Who knew that, the moment this man spoke up for Fang Wei, she would stride to him with a raised brow, though?

"Liu Zhong, 41 years old, procurement department's manager. You entered Jiaheng at the same time as Fang Wei, and like him, you brought in a lot of profits to the company in the beginning, but…"

She stopped in front of Liu Zhong, and a cold smirk graced her lips.

"In the later years, you incurred enormous losses for the company. Due to you accepting bribes, this company was forced to finish highly deplorable projects and to call stops to a few lousy ones.

"I must say that you're truly very competent, Manager Liu!"

How could the man still feign ignorance and posture arrogantly before her? Just like the other department head, his face turned aghast, and beads of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

This time, once she finished mocking the man, no one stood up for him. In fact, they did not even dare to make a sound, afraid that this fire would reach them.

Alas, despite no one taunting and opposing her, she still did not let anyone off.

"Engineering department, you guys are truly a match made in heaven with the procurement department. The tricks you used to put the company at a disadvantage is really mind-boggling. Why? Do you guys think that, as long as you get the money into your pockets, the company's bankruptcy will have nothing to do with you?

"Sales department, I really have to commend you people. You're certainly a good husband who cares for his family. Most of the employees in your department are your 'own', right? Be they the paternal seventh aunt or maternal eighth aunt, you can arrange a position for them here. They don't need to do anything but get their pay."

Once she was done listing off each department's deeds, those present in this room started panicking.

This seemingly innocuous little lamb had only entered their 'den' recently, yet she had already given them such a huge scare with no warning at all, rendering them unable to defend themselves.

She sighed in relief as she studied these people's colorful expressions.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It's done.

She lightly pursed her lips and proudly lifted her chin.

"Do you why the previous CFO was replaced by me?"


Everyone's expression turned ugly at this.

"Those sitting here should be clever people. I believe you all understand." She coldly tugged at her lips as she swept her eyes on these tense and fearful department heads.

"Still, even if you people understand, I want to say it again, just in case some of you decide to be smarty-pants."

At this moment, how could these department heads continue belittling her?

In their eyes, this CFO had transformed from an innocuous little lamb that they were unguarded against into a ferocious beast that could cut their throats with one bite!

"Your previous CFO was unlucky enough to be reported by me to the authorities. Still, since he came from a powerful background, he managed to escape prison. As for you guys…"

She calmly and leisurely returned to her seat.

With a lazy look, she leaned against her comfortable chair and crossed her arms across her chest. Her expression was languid as her lips was graced by a cordial smile.

However, to the others in the meeting room, she only looked fearsome and evil.

"CFO Pei, we were wrong. Please give us another chance! We've been foolish!"

"Yes, CFO Pei. Please give us another chance! We were jerks in the past!"

The meeting room was finally not just her one-man show. Right now, everyone realized that this woman before them decided their life and death.

They all thought that their under-the-table dealings, in cahoots with the previous CFO, would never be found out, yet unexpectedly, such a person was sent to this company just as it was about to fold.

Even more unexpected was that this mundane-looking sky-diver had managed to investigate them so thoroughly without them noticing it. She had even succeeding in overthrowing their previous CFO!

Now that their deeds were all but exposed, if not paying for their sins through a court case, they could be sent to jail!

Most importantly, even if they did not get sent to jail, once their deeds were exposed, they would likely be unable to work in this field for the rest of their life!

Therefore, how could they not beg this frightening woman before them for a second chance?

She watched the hubbub in this room for a bit and then smiled lightly at this group of people. Sitting up straight, she drawled, "It's not impossible for me to let you guys off the hook. It's very simple; all you guys have to do is spit out all the company funds you've embezzled."


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