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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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653 CFO Pei“s Strong Support Team

"Great! Since everyone understands, and no one has any objections, we shall end this meeting here."

She smiled at these department heads in a friendly manner.

However, even though her smile was affectionate and friendly, it had no effect in reassuring this group of people. Instead, it only made them worry depressingly if this CFO had tricks up her sleeve to deal with them.

Indeed, before these pitiful people, who had a layer of their skin scratched off, could exit the room, a certain 'devilish' CFO spoke again.

"Wait a moment."

Her words made this leaving bunch jump in fright.

In fact, those who were timider could feel their calves tingling in fear.

"Is-Is there something else, boss?" Liu Zhong gave a dry laugh as he asked the question others wanted to ask.

She chuckled. "After a week, I will conduct another meeting, but since its agenda has to do with you all, I hope that none of you will have any thoughts of resigning. After all, the company still needs talents like you guys."


The moment she finished speaking, the faces of three among this group turned white.

"Alright. You guys can leave now."

As though she did not notice their expressions, she said that in an upbeat mood.

This time, the group fled from the room, not daring to dawdle in the area.

Pei Ge speechlessly nudged her lips when she saw the way they fled so fast.

She turned to look at the remaining person with her in this meeting room.

Wu Yongkang felt his heart rise to his mouth upon feeling her gaze on him. He nervously swallowed.

"Xiao Wu…" She strode over to him with a light smile.

He only felt more frightened when he heard her call him in such a friendly manner.

"C-CFO Pei, that's already everything I know. I haven't omitted anything and haven't lied to you."

Wu Yongkang hurriedly explained himself. He was already afraid of her, and after such a meeting, despite being mentally prepared, he still got another fright from her decisive actions.

"I know." She tugged her lips into a smile and stopped beside him.

"I really must thank you this time." She softly patted his arm. "If not for your honesty, I would've been unable to knock them down a peg this quickly."

Indeed, she was able to investigate those people so thoroughly mainly because of her secretary's betrayal of them.

"It's n-nothing. It's my duty to do so." Although she was clearly praising him, he could not help but shiver in fear when her hand landed on him.

"Okay, there's nothing else for you here. Go pack up and get back to work," she said with a smile, not caring how this man viewed her now.

Sometimes, rather than being friends, it was better for the subordinates to fear their superiors.

She still remembered her days as a class monitor. Although her studies were good, and she was pretty, she was still not for visiting.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Still, this is good, too. People and relationships in this company are too complicated. Letting those young and old foxes fear me makes it easier to save this company.

When she thought of this, her face shone with optimism, and she felt energized.

"Ha ha! I need to inform Professor William about today's meeting!"

She smiled excitedly, got back to her seat earlier, and turned on her laptop.

What? Why was that professor suddenly mentioned?

Of course, that was because—

"Professor, thanks a lot this time! If not for you helping me check and analyze Jiaheng's accounts these past few years, I wouldn't know what to do!"

Yes, that was right. As someone who had only ever been a small assistant for years, why would she suddenly become an auditing expert?

That was, of course, impossible! Life was not a fairy tale, so miracles did not come easy.

Indeed, she had settled that secretary with her abilities and made him confess all the under-the-table dealings in this company, but she was unable to handle all the accounts in such a short time.

Hence, she sought that Harvard professor's help. Unexpectedly, upon receiving Jiaheng's accounts and records, he only spent one night to analyze and investigate everything.

That was when she finally realized what type of existence that professor was.

When she listened to his lectures, she only thought that he was very knowledgeable.

However, this time, having witnessed him go through and analyze Jiaheng's accounts from inception to its present state in just one night, as well as accurately pinpointing the falsified records and cracking them thoroughly, she realized that the professor was far more amazing than she first thought. He was an incomparable genius!

"Oh, Hani, have you settled things on your end?"

She only felt gratitude as she looked at the elderly man smiling at her on the laptop.

"It's been resolved perfectly! Thank you so much, professor!"Renminbi or Chinese yuan


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