Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
661 Tell me honestly; do you like Pei Ge?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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661 Tell me honestly; do you like Pei Ge?

The night was dark and quiet.

Within this small yet cozy bedroom, Pei Ge placed the paper box on the study table.


She tore open the paper box, which was kept sealed for a long time with adhesive tape, and easily caught sight of a few black leather journals inside.

Her eyes involuntarily reddened at the sight.

She lightly caressed the neatly arranged journals inside the box and could not help thinking of her father again.


She sniffled and picked up a journal labeled '1'.

She carefully opened it to the first page and saw her name written on in her father's bold and sturdy handwriting on it.

[A gift for my most adorable little princess, Ge Ge.]

"Wu…" She carefully caressed that white page as she stared at the black handwriting. Her eyes became filled with sorrow and bliss at the same time.

Ever since her father's death, her mother had been worried that the sight of familiar items would upset her and had hidden everything related to her father.

Thus, it was her first time seeing this box of journals since her father's passing…

She leafed through it, and soon, her eyes were moist with unshed tears…

Dad… I really miss you so much…

She wiped her tears and carefully closed the box filled with journals again.

"Dad, I'm now a company's boss. Rest assured; I'll definitely put these journals you left for me to good use."

She smiled gently.

That's why, dad, you must watch me succeed from above! If not, this little princess of yours will likely cry her eyes and nose out!

This night, she seemed to dream something beautiful. In it, she saw her father – that he was still alive and their three-person family was living in bliss…

"Mom, I'm off. I'll come visit you again when things at the company have settled down!"

The next morning, after she had packed her luggage and had breakfast, she set off for Tianjin.

"Okay, go on. Do your work properly and don't let your boss down." Although Zhang Manhua did not want her daughter to leave her sight again, she still wished that she would rake in accomplishments at that company where employees highly regard her daughter.

"Okay! Mom, stay healthy and safe at home! Call me if anything happens!"

Telling her mother this, she dragged her luggage out of the apartment.

She had just reached the ground and was about to call for a taxi to the bus station when she saw a familiar Mercedes parked in front of her apartment building.

"Eh?" A slight furrow appeared between her eyebrows.

This car… seems to be…

The car window rolled down at this time, and a familiar gentle and handsome face greeted her eyes.

"Senior?!" she exclaimed in surprise.

Why is he here?

"Ge Ge, get on."

He opened the car door with a gentle smile.

She blinked and paused for a long time before finally giving a reaction.

"Senior, are you sending me back to Tianjin?"

"Mhm." He nodded with a smile.

"You don't need to, Senior. This is too much trouble for you. I can just travel by coach there."

She pursed her lips, feeling very perplexed by his actions.

Forget that she had taken his car back to Beijing as he was coincidentally on the way to the capital, too, now that she was returning to Tianjin, why did he appear again? She refused to believe that this was a coincidence!

"It's no trouble. I'm scheduled to go to Tianjin today, too. Since you mentioned that you'll be returning there, too, I decided to come give you a ride."

He smiled gently at her, his face filled with casualness.

The perplexity inside her dissipated slightly at his explanation.

Still, she remained perplexed.

That's not right. Did I tell him yesterday that I'll be returning to Tianjin today?

"Get in; it's on the way, anyway."

She decided not to push him away upon seeing his insistence and just quickly hopped in his car.

"I saw you drag down a luggage; are you perhaps bringing a lot of stuff from home with you?"

After getting in the car, he started conversing with her.

"It's not much actually – just some journals," she replied smilingly, not hiding this fact from him.

"Journals?" He looked at her with mild surprise.

"Yes. My dad used to be in real estate business, and he had the habit of writing all his problems at work in these journals every day. He'd also write some questions and their corresponding answers in them…" She explained to him with pride.

He nodded in exasperation at this. "Uncle's method is actually pretty good."

He used to hear some things about her father as his company was a rising star back then.

Even his father would bring up hers and praised his method of doing things.

It was a pity that the Pei family had met with a tragedy thereafter.

Perhaps, due to her father being brought up, the atmosphere in the car improved a lot as her smile deepened.

Amid this light-hearted atmosphere, his phone suddenly rang.

He took out his phone and frowned upon seeing the caller's name. After thinking for a while, he decided to pick up the call.

"Mingxuan, where are you now?"

Liao Gaofei's voice came through it.

"I'm on a business trip," he lightly replied.

"What? Haven't you just returned from a business trip? Why are you so busy?!"

She could not help but laugh when she saw his expression while on the phone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She had never seen someone take a call with such a grudge-filled look before!

"Eh?! Didn't you say that you're on a business trip? Why do I hear a woman's laughter from the background? Hurry and 'fess up; are you out playing?!"

His friend's ears were indeed very sharp. He even noticed it when she giggled very softly.

He helplessly frowned at his probing.

"I'm truly out on business."

"Mingxuan, we are the closest buddies. Tell me honestly: is the woman you like for over a decade Pei Ge?"


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