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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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662 First Appearance of Clues

Fu Mingxuan froze when he heard Liao Gaofei's question. He subconsciously hung up the call and did not explain to him a word.

Is the secret I've been keeping for so long finally out?

An unexplainable feeling rose in his heart.

"Senior, what's wrong?" Noting his abnormality, she expressed her perplexity.

He shook his head and smiled softly at her. "Nothing."

Although he replied was as thus, she still felt that the car's atmosphere had turned a little queer after the phone call.

"Ge Ge, I'll be in Tianjin for business. Save my number in your new phone so you can call me anytime if you need help."

Reaching their destination, he retrieved her luggage from the car boot and told her this.

"Okay," she happily agreed.

Once she saved his phone number, she dragged her luggage into the company.

The corner of his lips curled up at the sight.

No matter what, I still… have some chance.

"CEO Fu…"

He was still staring dazedly at her departing back when his chauffeur called him frantically with a phone in hand.

He turned to look at him.

"Th-That… Your friend, Mr. Liao, is calling and asking for you."

He paused a little at this, then helplessly tugged at his lips, and received the phone from his chauffeur's hands.


However, before he could speak, a certain someone on the other end already started berating him.

"Fu Mingxuan, you actually hung up on me earlier! You're too much for prioritizing a woman over a brother! Also, what in the world is between you and Ziming's girlfriend?! Hurry and explain everything to me! Let me tell you—"

Mid-speech, he cut him off.

"Haven't you guessed it already?"

"Wha-What do you mean I've guessed it already?" As though frightened, the other man stuttered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"The girl I've liked for over a decade is Pei Ge," he admitted with an unnoticeable smile.

This feeling of being not having to hide and being able to say aloud that the person I like is Pei Ge is really great…


While he was feeling relieved at being able to say this out, Liao Gaofei was the total opposite.

"Mingxuan, don't joke around with me! Is she truly the woman that you like? I-Isn't she Ziming's girlfriend?! Don't tease me anymore!" The other pouted shouted, unable to believe him at all.

"Hur… Who made the rule that I can't like her? I've known her way before Ziming did…" His hand tightened around the handphone as his voice became filled with indignance.

"The hell, Mingxuan! Are you for real?! We're all good brothers; you shouldn't covet something of his like that! Also, were you with her just then?"

"Gaofei, I've been looking for her for years. For the past few years, you've also witnessed how much I care for and love her…"


His words made the other speechless.

Although she was their other friend's girlfriend, from a relationship perspective, he was closer to Fu Mingxuan…

"Mingxuan, come back first. Let's talk face-to-face. Mu Heng… actually already suspects your relationship with Pei Ge. You should come back first."

Fu Mingxuan sighed in relief when he heard him give in, seemingly willing to help him conceal this fact.

"Okay; I'll go back now."

Ever since she retrieved her father's journals from home, most of her time was spent on reading them inside the office.

Her father's journals numbered to many, and they were nearly comparable to school textbooks.

Thus, she had spent a considerable amount of time reading them one by one.

One journal after another, she was almost at the last journal, which was nearing the New Year.

Meanwhile, Jiaheng Real Estate's situation had improved a lot. Reading her father's work notes, she learned many things.

She also found many solutions to resolve the company's current issue.

This company's reputation was slowly recovering.

The lousy projects and low-quality houses were being rebuilt using the money repaid by the company's leeches.

As for the business owners that should be compensated, she compensated them all straightforwardly.

With so much money being spewed out, Jiaheng's reputation also gradually recovered from bad to good.

Everything about the company was progressing in a good direction in an orderly manner.

Even the leeches, which had embezzled company funds, also started becoming more proactive at fighting alongside her.

They were afraid that she would be unsatisfied by their output and would throw them to the court.

Jiaheng Real Estate's meeting room.

"These are the welfare benefits for the 'year-end'; take a look, all of you. Any suggestions?"

Pei Ge sat at the top position with her back ramrod straight as she surveyed the department heads before her.

In such a short time, the aura she exuded had totally changed.

If the past her was a domineering kitten, the current her was an extremely domineering lion.

"No, CFO Pei. We have nothing to add on this. We'll abide by your orders."

These few department heads actually found the welfare benefits she was giving out, such as houses and bonuses, to be too huge and felt that she was overdoing it, but they did not dare to say this aloud.

Now, every time, they held such top-level meetings for discussion, they all seemed to end up hearing her proclamation on everything.

Still, on more important matters, she still needed to hear their opinions.

"Great, then. The employee welfare benefits for this year-end is settled. Meeting adjourned."

Once the meeting was over, she returned to her office.

Taking a seat in her chair and leaning against while feeling fatigued, she picked up her father's last journal for her.

"Dad, look; under your 'tutelage', I've saved a company!" She smiled and started leafing through it.

However, after poring through it, she saw something wrong.

When she flipped to the last page of the half-written journal, her face turned serious.

"This is…"

[2nd of July. Today is the day that I'll sign a contract for the land development on the city outskirts. We've been in discussion about this project for a long time, and I've finally succeeded in bidding for it by offering the lowest price…]

She felt extremely confused when she saw the description on this page.

This isn't right! The timing doesn't match…

At this time, dad's company should've run out of money and should've been on the verge of collapse… how could he still go acquire a piece of land to build a resort?

Where did the money come from?

Or… Does this mean that dad's company wasn't even near bankruptcy and not in debt?

She felt her head growing chaotic. She stared at these written words, and the uncertainty and doubt in her heart grew…


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