Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
668 Two men prepared surprises for Pei Ge.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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668 Two men prepared surprises for Pei Ge.

"Anyway, if it were me, I'd be touched to the point of crying!"

"Tsk! Do you think you're our fierce and decisive lady boss?"

"Sigh! I really envy our boss! Even though she's not that pretty, she's really smart. She is so young, yet she's already occupying the top seat, which others can only covet in their lifetime.

"Also, such an outstanding man is devoted to her. Just the thought of it makes me green with envy!"

The gossip, with the focus being Pei Ge and Fu Mingxuan, in the pantry went on for some time.

As one of the persons involved, she had no clue about this at all.

She also did not know that she had publicly been labeled as Fu Mingxuan's girlfriend and that her assistant had been bribed by the man.

Of course, she was unaware that two men were preparing to surprise her.

Naturally, right now, it was unknown if this surprise would be shocking.

On the last day of work, by the time it was nearing 10 in the evening, everything had been readied.

Ever since she was transferred to Jiaheng, she had worked more than the regular working hours. As the biggest boss in the company, she was always the last to leave.

She stretched her back and worked her stiff hands and feet before gathering her items on the table to get off work.

"Okay! All done!" She happily smiled after her stuff was all packed in her bag.

Perhaps because it was a holiday tomorrow, even though she was tired from working overtime, she still felt spirited. She was just all smiles, a clear sign of her being in a good mood.

With her bag slung across her shoulder, she switched off the lights in her office and left the company.

"Hoo! How cold!"

Stepping out of the company, which had the heater on full blast, she quickly felt chilled by the cold breeze outside.

She moved to hail a taxi to her apartment when a black Mercedes stopped in front of her.

"Senior, why are you here?! Didn't you go back?"

Once the car window was rolled down, and she saw his gentle face, she exclaimed in surprise.

"I did go back, but since I was done dealing with my things there, I came back," he explained with a gentle smile.

"Okay, let's stop talking for now. Look at you; you're freezing so much that your ears have turned red. You didn't even wear a scarf out. Quickly hop in."

He chided her when he noted her flushed nose and ears from the cold wind.

Already used to his presence, as well as riding his car, she did not bother acting polite and promptly got in his car.


The moment the car doors closed, she felt as if she had been revived.

"Senior, how did you know I was working overtime in the company?"

She did not think that it was a coincidence that he was at Jiaheng. After all, it was already pretty late.

"Don't I know you well enough? Ever since you started working here, when have you not worked overtime, especially since today is already the last day of work?" He shook his head in amusement and helplessness.

"Is that so?" She still felt that something was amiss, but she did not doubt his words.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry at her careless look.

He liked this woman, but she was such a dunce, sometimes, he did not know if it was a good thing.

He clearly liked her, but she did not notice it at all.

Everyone in her company was aware of it, yet only she could not detect it at all even now.

However, after tomorrow, she'll likely know my feelings for her…

Still, I wonder… what kind of response will she give me?

"Senior, are you in Tianjin for business again?"

She breathed into her cupped hands after she expressed her curiosity.

He gathered his thoughts about upon hearing her question.

"I'm not here for business this time."

He looked straight at her as he hinted.

Alas, his solemn gaze was destined to be overlooked by her.

"If you're not here for business, then why are you here? It's almost the New Year, and the weather is so cold…"

Without lifting her head, she took out her phone as she casually said that.

He sighed wryly over her uncaring attitude.

"I came to Tianjin because the woman I like is here."

"Eh?!" She finally perked her head up at this and looked at him in utter shock.

"She's also in Tianjin?!"

"Yes, she's also here." He nodded and smiled when she finally lifted her head at him.

"Gosh. That's so coincidental."

Her eyes widened at the irony of this. "You're pretty persistent with that woman. Have you confessed to her yet?"

He could not help but be amused by her question.

This stupid woman, she never does realize that she's the woman I like and always urges me to confess my feelings. I really don't know what to say about this.

"Not yet." He shook his head amusedly.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation at him.

"It's been so long, yet you haven't confessed even now."

Her displeasure made him burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" She nudged her lips when he started laughing for no reason.

"No-Nothing. I just thought that your act of rolling your eyes is pretty cute."

He looked at her with a full-watt smile.

"I'm preparing to confess to her tomorrow."

"Wah!" She instantly jumped in excitement.

"Confess tomorrow? How do you intend to do it?"

Her excitement made him shake his head again.

"I'll do what you've suggested. The present is even the one you chose for me last time."

"Mhm! You're a promising man worthy of being taught!" She nodded approvingly, looking very reassured.

"Ge Ge, do you think that I'll succeed in my confession to that woman tomorrow?" His eyes glinted with a sly look.

"Of course, you will! This is a must! Coupled with the sure-kill method I've taught you, you're so handsome! It's certainly more than enough to take down the person you like!"

She confirmed assertively, making his smile even more radiant.

No matter the outcome tomorrow, Ge Ge, I won't ever regret liking you.


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