Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
671 The man who arrives walks on the ‘moonlight’.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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671 The man who arrives walks on the ‘moonlight’.

Being excluded from this year-end party's organizers, she of course did not know the layout of the venue.

Hence, she was clueless on the programs arranged for this dinner banquet.

In any case, she was uninterested in attending Jianheng's year-end party, and if her attendance had not been required, with her being the top boss of the company and all, she would have gone home long ago.

Look; the party had just started, yet she was already dipping her head to the food on the round table.

Alas, with her being the sole occupant of this round table, it felt a little lonely.

Originally, such a seat was not arranged for her.

However, because of some people, her already specially arranged seat became extra special.

"Hm? Where's Mr. Fu? Isn't he here yet?"

"That's right. Boss sitting there all by herself feels so lonely."

"Indeed. I thought Mr. Fu is set to accompany our boss; that's we've left those seats next to her empty, right? Why is that now…"

"The party has just started. Don't fret. Let's wait awhile. Maybe, Mr. Fu wants to give our boss a big surprise."

The employees seated behind Pei Ge saw her eating in such a lonesome manner and started murmuring.

In their eyes, today's romantic surprise was going to be far more exciting and worth their attention than the party itself.

Sitting in the softly padded chair and eating, Pei Ge did not know that she had become the main attraction of this party.

As time ticked by, and the performance was almost half done, the reserved seat beside her remained empty.

However, compared to the haste and confusion of those around her, she was extremely calm.

The reason was simple: She thought that Fu Mingxuan had gone to confess to the woman he liked.


She yawned, feeling bored, and softly muttered, "So boring!"

I'd rather stay home and watch some clichéd soap opera with mom! she complained inside. What she did not know was that her boredom was about to disappear.

"Next is the most exhilarating segment of our party: choosing a lucky employee to receive this night's biggest prize! In the next minute, all the lights will be turned off, and amid this darkness, our spotlight will tell everyone who the luckiest person here is tonight!"

The host on stage smiled brightly to those below as they made this thrilling announcement.

This aroused everyone in the venue!

That was because this year's year-end prize was extremely grand!

"Let's all start the countdown!"

The host looked at the excited faces below and increased their spirits by starting the countdown.

In that moment, all those below and the host started the countdown with a roar.



Amid this countdown, a silhouette seemed to emerge at the entrance to this place…




Amid the cheering and roars, all the lights in the venue went off.

The originally bright lit hall was instantly shrouded in darkness, leaving only a spotlight on the host.

Pei Ge surveyed the dark venue, feeling that the year-end party was planned quite well. At least, all the employees were having fun.

Amid this darkness, everyone waited with bated breath for the host and the spotlight to reveal the luckiest person tonight.

At the same time, a certain, pitiful man with night-blindness was trapped in this darkness.

"Tonight's luckiest star is…"

The host's voice resonated as the spotlight sped around.

Everyone's attention was riveted to the host's voice as they waited for the spotlight to settle on one spot.

"Row ten, seat number two!"

The moment it was revealed, before anyone could react, the spotlight shot forth toward this seat number.

However, just as the spotlight was about to reach the intended seat, there was a slight hiccup.

"Eh? There's a very handsome man on the walkway!"

"Really? Shine the spotlight on him for us to see, please!"

"Wow! He's truly a handsome man!"

Hence, instead of the spotlight shining on the luckiest star tonight, it illuminated—

—The man in a navy suit standing on the walkway.

With the spotlight on him, the already eye-catching man became even more conspicuous.

His chiseled jaw and sculpted face looked even more god-like. At this moment, he was akin to the cold and apathetic moon god, walking on the 'moonlight' and stirring people's hearts.

Pound, pound!

How could anyone still remember the prize presentation now?

All their gazes were riveted on the man akin to a celestial god as he stood tall and straight.

The man seemed not to notice the intense gazes of those around him as he looked in a certain direction ahead.

Finally, his slender and long legs slowly moved toward the front.

Every stride projected elegance and power.

As the man took one step after another forward under the spotlight, some people finally regained their senses.

"So handsome…"

"Gosh. Am I hallucinating?"

"Wah! He's the handsomest man I've ever seen."

Soft murmurings quickly spread throughout the crowd in the venue.

These murmurings reached Pei Ge's ears, who was seated at the first row, and made her feel baffled.

Did something unexpected happen?

Shouldn't the atmosphere be more fired up after this announcement of the winner?

Why is everyone strangely subdued now?

Amid her confusion, she turned to look behind her.

Alas, with this one look, she was rendered shocked…


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