Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
672 The man comes to marry her with iridescent clouds beneath his feet.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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672 The man comes to marry her with iridescent clouds beneath his feet.

Amid this darkness, only one bright light shone.

Under this bright light was a man.

Clearly, this bright light was shining on the man, yet when one looked at him, he himself appeared to be a light-emitting body in their eyes.

He was the main lead who had brought his light tonight.

Pei Ge looked past her shoulder and spotted the man standing under the spotlight, and her face instantly slackened from shock.

She could only stare dazedly at the man bathed in bright light as he strode toward her one step at a time.

Pound, pound!

All the murmurings around her receded in the background, and in that moment, she could only hear the loud beating of her heart.

It was so strong and so fast.

One step, two steps…

Watching him stride toward her by stepping on light itself, for some reason, she thought of those words she had once said jestingly when she was a mere child.

'Ge Ge, what type of boy do you like?'

'I like… I like a boy similar to Celestial Zixia in A Chinese Odyssey!'


'One day, he'll appear in a golden celestial armor to draw everyone's attention and marry me with iridescent clouds beneath his feet!'

'Pfft! Ge Ge, the sky isn't dark yet. What's with that daydream?'

Still, she felt that today, she had met him… met the man who drew everyone's eyes with his arrival and had iridescent clouds beneath his feet.

Although she knew that the light beneath his feet were not iridescent clouds, that he was not wearing golden celestial armor, and it was even more impossible for him to have come here to marry her… her heart still fluttered madly. The fluttering of her heart and love for him was scrubbing away all her rationality.

"Pei Ge."

While her head was in a mess, her earlier 'deaf' ears regained their ability to hear.

This low and clear voice called her our name, and it made her body shiver.

"Ji-Ji Ziming… Wh-Why are you here?"

Why is this annoying fellow here?

"Hur! Pei Ge, have you left me for so long that you even forgot how to address me?" He stared at the woman dazedly sitting in the chair and could not help but raise a brow.

"Zi-Ziming," she softly muttered, foolishly staring at him.

"Hmph!" He felt a little satisfied when she called him like that.

"Why are you here?"

Her mind was in a jumbled mess right now.

What is this annoying fellow doing here? Didn't his father forbid us from meeting?

"You can be here, so why can't I?"

His cocked brow rose further as he glared at her sharply.

"I-I didn't mean that…"

Ever since she came to Tianjin, her queenly self had always exuded a strong aura, yet in front of him, she instantly transformed into a meek and docile little wife.

"Wow! That handsome guy is here for our lady boss!"

"Yes, yes! His relationship with our boss lady is surely not ordinary!"

"I think so, too! I feel that they're a couple!"

"That's impossible! Our boss and Mr. Fu are the couple!"

"On second thought, did our CFO ever say that she's in a relationship with Mr. Fu?"

"Shouldn't Mr. Fu be her boyfriend? If not, why would he especially bring expensive meals for her every day, and thrice at that?"

"That's right! He even visited our company and accompanied our boss to eat on a regular basis!"

"Now that you say that, Mr. Fu seems more like her boyfriend. After all, this man hasn't appeared even once previously!"

"That's not for sure. My sixth sense is telling me that this handsome guy is our lady boss's real boyfriend. Don't you guys think that our boss is acting like a woman who's been reunited with her lover?"

"It really does look like it! Her face is glowing!"

As the murmurings around them grew louder, a furrow finally appeared between Ji Ziming's brows.

"Leave with me."

With that, he did not explain anything and just dragged her out by the hand.


Caught by surprise, Pei Ge shrieked and stumbled after him out of the hall.

"Ziming, walk more slowly! Where are you pulling me, anyway?"

Amid countless intense gazes, she followed behind him out of the door.

What she did not know was that her back tonight had been etched in every Jiaheng female employee's heart.

"I suddenly envy our boss."

"I, too!"

"I really want to go ask her how she managed to snag such an outstanding man!"

Only after the two had departed did the hall get flooded with lights again.

"Ji Ziming, what are you doing?!"

From the moment she was dragged out of the place, the man had not spoken a word to her and just maintained a grim face. At this, she was piqued.

Although his appearance gave her a pleasant surprise, she… did not like him treating her like this.

"Ji Ziming, you're hurting me!"

She swung her arm but was unable to release her hand from his grip.

The man, who had been maintaining his silence as he walked forward, halted his steps upon hearing her pain-filled scream.

"Why didn't you give me a call? Why were you gone for so long? You never contacted me even once."

Although he loosened his hand slightly, his grip was still firm.

It was as if… he feared her suddenly disappearing again. Raising her head, she looked into his deep-set eyes, which were silently staring back at her, and inexplicably felt a little guilty and sheepish inside.

However, in retrospect, this annoying fellow had also not contacted her at all since he went overseas for work, so her confidence surged forth once more.

"Hmph! Weren't you the same?"

He frowned at this and refuted softly, "I contacted you…"

"Who are you kidding?! Hmph!"

She rolled her eyes fiercely at him.

"…" Seeing that she refused to believe him, his lips moved slightly, but in the end, he did not explain anything.

"Forget it. Get in the car."

As he said that, he pulled her toward the car parked by the roadside.

"Get in the car? Why should I do that? Where are we going?"

"You'll know once we get there."


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