Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
673 I want to give you the most romantic confession.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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673 I want to give you the most romantic confession.

As it was winter, the night sky was pitch black.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Pei Ge was cowed by the tension she perceived in the air.

She furtively peeked at his face. Under dim yellow lights, his cold face made her feel a little sheepish.

This annoying fellow looks mad…

He seems really bothered that I haven't contacted him all this while.

I'm just a nobody to him, so why is he so hung up on that?

"That… Ziming, where are you taking me?"

She blinked and softly questioned the man, whose eyes remained fixed ahead as he drove.

"You'll know once we get there," he replied coldly.


His cold attitude made Pei Ge purse her lips in silence.

Amid this discomfiting atmosphere, she grew more indignant.

I'm just a nobody to this annoying fellow, so what right does he have to treat me like this?!

Also, he's clearly the first not to contact me; what right does he have to be mad at me now?!

I haven't even started ranting at him!


She could not help snorting at this thought before she resolutely turned her head away from him.

Of course, how could the man sitting next to her not hear her dissatisfied snort?

He glanced at her briefly but kept his mum and just directed his gaze forward again.

The car slowly drove into a dark forest amid this silence and tense atmosphere.

Noting that the surroundings were getting darker and the trees were growing denser, the confusion in her heart rose.

"Ziming, where in the world are you taking me?"

She turned to look at the man with baffled eyes.

The car suddenly came to a stop at this point.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to address her. "We're here. Get down."

His instruction only baffled her further.

We are here… Where the hell is this?

Everywhere is dark, so why are we getting out of the car here?

"Ah? Where is this? Why are we getting out of the car here?"

She blinked at him with a lost look, the confusion on her face increased.

The man did not answer her question and only continued looking at her. His gaze seemed to be tinged with gentleness.


He opened the car door and got out wordlessly.

"Hey, Ziming!"

She shouted in shock when he hopped out of the car without a word at her.

What is going on?

That annoying fellow should be night-blind, right?

Everywhere is dark here; can he see anything if he gets out of the car?

As she thought this, she became worried and hastily opened the car door to alight.

"Hey, Ji Ziming! Why did you park the car here, and why did you bring me here?"

However, by the time she alighted from the car, not a trace of him could be seen. It was as if him getting out of the car was merely an image she had conjured and that she was the only person here.

"Ji Ziming? Ji Ziming, where are you? Don't scare me, okay?"

She started panicking inside when she did not see him anywhere and loudly called for him.

"Ji Ziming, quickly get—"

Mid-speech, this pitch-dark place was suddenly bathed in bright lights.

Fairy lights and small ornaments hung on every tree in the vicinity. They were like Christmas trees – small and cute lights shone in a myriad of colors.

Not only the trees, even the ground was littered with bright lamps and candle-like lights.

When all these were lit up, she realized that she was actually standing on… a heart-shaped arrow made with rose petals.

In that instant, the eerie and dark surroundings turned into a fairytale place, and this stunned her for a good while.

She lifted her head and saw a long archway made of trees ahead, and a totally lost and clueless look descended on her face.

W-What is all this?

Amid her confusion, she heard a child's voice.

"Big sis, this is for you!"

Returning to herself, she dipped her head and saw a boy in a suit holding a stalk of scarlet rose.

She subconsciously reached out and received it.

"Little boy, who—"

The boy scurried away on his little feet before she could complete her question, quickly disappearing from her sight.

"…" She blinked at that, feeling even more muddle-headed.

"What is Ji Ziming up to?!" she softly exclaimed. Lowering her head, she eyed the vivid red rose in her hand.

Roses… represent love.

Her expression turned even more lost.

That annoying fellow suddenly brought me here and even gave me roses… Is he going to confess to me? She jokingly asked herself.


This was when she spotted a little note tied on the rose stalk.

"What is this?"

She untied the little note.

'Our first meeting was at a coffee house. I remember your back.'

Coffee house?

She blinked in confusion at the words on the note.

Does this 'our' refer to me and that annoying fellow? How come I recall our first meeting to be at Bar Vista?

Although she refuted what was written on the note, her heart still pounded fast.

She carefully folded the note, placed it in the pocket of her outerwear, and went to where the arrow was pointing.

When she reached the second heart-shaped arrow made of roses, another little boy in a suit ran over to her.

"Big sis, your rose!"

She received the rose from him, and before she could speak, the boy scurried away as well.

With a heart full of anticipation, she opened the note tied on the rose stalk again.

'On our second meeting at Bar Vista, you were like a drunk cat, and just like that, you burst into my world like a tyrant.'


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