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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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679 I confessed to Pei Ge first.

"Hello, auntie. I'm your daughter's present boyfriend."

Not only her mother and her cousin, Pei Ge herself, the person involved, was shocked to hear this, too.

"W-What did you say?!" Zhang Manhua's eyes widened in disbelief.

Before, she thought that her daughter and this man's relationship was quite good.

Her daughter vehemently denied having feelings for this man, though, so she did not think in that direction at all.

Therefore, hearing now that her best choice for a 'son-in-law' was her daughter's boyfriend, how could she not be shocked?

"Y-Yes, how can you two truly be together…"

Pei Shishi, whose expression could not be described, muttered that involuntarily.

Immediately when she heard her cousin's remark, Pei Ge felt displeased.

Hence, despite her inherent shyness, as though staking her claim, she hooked her arm through Ji Ziming's and said brightly, "Mom, cousin, he's indeed my boyfriend. We are presently dating."

Her mother's eyes lit up at once.

At this very moment, she no longer looked sickly. Even her wan face turned healthier.

"Ge Ge, when did you and Xiao Ji get together? Why didn't you tell me about it at all? You two have been hiding it really well!"

"Mom, what are you saying? You need proper rest. We can talk more when we get home," she coaxed, pointedly peering at her cousin.

She had long seen through her cousin's feelings for her boyfriend.

Still, what she could not fathom and understand was why her cousin would get engaged and would even marry another man when she clearly liked Ji Ziming a lot.

It was truly unfathomable.

"Heh! I don't need to rest in the hospital. My health is good, so let's hurry home!"

Her mother was extremely excited. She had, all along, been worrying about her daughter's single status.

Now that her daughter had a man, and someone this good to boot, how could she remain calm?

Never mind that her fever was already gone, even if she was still feverish, she would still recover upon hearing this news of her daughter and Ji Ziming dating!

"Mom, properly lie down. You're clearly not well yet." Seeing that mother was getting out of bed to go home, Pei Ge felt slightly exasperated.

She gently and slowly pushed her mother back onto the bed.

"You child, I know my body best, and I've truly recovered. It's just a fever."

"No way. You should properly stay in the hospital."

"My good daughter, I am really well now."

As the mother-daughter pair started bickering over this, Ji Ziming suddenly intervened.

"Auntie's body is indeed fine already. Before I came in, I went to ask the doctor in charge, and he said that auntie's fever has gone down, so she can go home to continue resting."

Zhang Manhua smiled in satisfaction the moment he finished saying that.

"Ha ha! Ge Ge, did you hear that? Even Xiao Ji said so. Let's go home now; I need to interrogate you two properly!"

Pei Ge shot her mother a helpless look and then indignantly glared at her boyfriend. Finally, she could only helplessly nod.

The three acted like a family that had been together for a long time – warm and in absolute harmony.

This scene, to Pei Shishi, was akin to a sharp knife stabbing her heart and hurting her so much that she was about to go crazy.

The man she begged for but could never attain actually… actually… got together with… the woman she hated most.

For some reason, she found it to be laughable.

Be it in the past or in the present, this oh-so-perfect cousin, whom she thought she had long left behind, just beat her again. Effortlessly, she could always attain the things she strove for.

Ha ha…

"Shishi, thank you so much for today. I'm going home with your cousin now; you should go back as well."

Her aunt's voice pulled her back from her thoughts.

She nodded and, adopting her gentle look, smiled.

"Okay, big aunt. Pay more attention to your health at home. If you feel uncomfortable next time, and if Ge Ge isn't home, just give me a call. I'll come whenever."

She gave her a very gentle and sincere smile.

"Okay." Her aunt nodded vigorously.

Hence, Pei Ge's family of 'three' split ways with her just like that.

From the time he entered the ward to when they left the hospital, Ji Ziming had never once looked at her.

She watched the intimate way he and her cousin walk together and pursed her lips into a straight line.

She… still minded it a lot.

Earlier, she had received news that his father was making things hard for her cousin and had even chased her out of the capital, so she thought that nothing could happen between the two anymore.

However, unexpectedly, when the two appeared before her again, they were already a couple…

While she was gnashing her teeth over the thought that the two were a couple now, the trio were happily making their way home.

In the back seat, Zhang Manhua shifted her eyes between Pei Ge, who was sitting beside her, and Ji Ziming, who was driving the car with his back straight.

The more she looked at them, the more satisfied she felt.

"Xiao Ji, tell auntie honestly:e when did you start dating my Ge Ge? Auntie here didn't even notice it."

"Mom!" As the woman who had just started dating the man today, Pei Ge immediately felt embarrassed.

Compared to her shyness, he was much more open about it.

"We've just confirmed our relationship today."

"Eh, today?!" Her mother exclaimed in shock.

"Yes, today, and I was the one who confessed to her."


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