Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
683 Let us find a time to meet with our future in-laws.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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683 Let us find a time to meet with our future in-laws.

"Dad, what about you?"

His father stood up from the couch and stared coldly at him.

"After disappearing for so many days, you came back to see us just for this?"

"En." he replied calmly, unbothered if his reply would further upset his father. "Pei Ge's mother would like to meet you both."

"That's great! I've been wanting to meet Ge Ge's mom!" Mother Ji chimed in excitedly.

Father Ji, meanwhile, scoffed. His expression became way unhappier.

"You only came back to tell us that your woman's mother wants to meet us?"

"Yes," his son answered honestly.

"If that woman's mother didn't say that, would you come back?" He got frustrated with his son's uncaring demeanor.

He knew very well that his son was not emotionally expressive since he was a child and had always been cold and distant even to them, his parents, so seeing him throw a tantrum now for a woman and even childishly refuse to go home, he was jealous!

This was his son; why could that gold digger, from who knew where, get a different treatment from him?!

"En, because I'm still mad at you."

His son looked calmly at him.

"…" He did not know what to reply to his son.

"Pfft!" Mother Ji watched the childish antics of this father-son pair from the sidelines and shook her head with laughter. "You two! Fine. Let's go sit down and have a proper talk. It's time we settle things between you and Ge Ge."

With that said, she pulled her son out of the audio-visual room and into the living room.

The atmosphere became tense once the family of three sat on the living room couch.

"Ziming, are you serious?"

He could not understand why his outstanding son would have his eyes set on a woman like that.

Be it her looks or her education, that woman was not beyond common.

Could it be that his son was, like his wife, face blind?

"En, I'm serious," his son replied without hesitation.

"Even if I oppose?" he frowningly asked.

"No." His son shook his head.

When he saw him shake his head, his mood improved, but before he could delve into how his son still cared about him, he heard…

"Dad, you can't oppose." Ji Ziming told domineeringly to his father.

"… Why?" Taking a deep breath, he looked at his son in confusion.

His son's answer hurt him.

"Pei Ge's mom hopes that both my parents can accept her. That's the only way she'll approve of our relationship."

"…" Father Ji: Is this still my son?! Why do I feel that I'm a dad picked off the streets?

"…" Mother Ji: Wow! Ge Ge's mom is great! I really want to meet her!

"Dad, you've taught me since young that one should be a man of his word. You said that you will acknowledge Pei Ge if she passes your test—"

Before Ji Ziming could finish words, his father cut him off.

"I did say that, but the test I gave her isn't over, so I won't approve of her as your girlfriend, nor will I meet her mother!"

His father scoffed at him.

"Hubby, don't be like this! Ge Ge is a good girl. Besides, our son really likes her…"

Not minding her husband's anger, she grabbed his arm disapprovingly.

"I've always been a man of my words. If she has yet to pass it, then she has yet to pass it. If you can't be together, then that's that!"

This time around, even with her persuading him at the side did not change his mind.

Noting his father's adamancy, Ji Ziming spoke coldly. "Dad, how long has it been since you looked at the development of the company Pei Ge's been transferred?"

"Do I even need to look? How long has it been? How can she have already completed my test?" his father countered indignantly.

"Besides, if she really passes the test, my subordinate will inform me, but since no one has said a word, that means that she hasn't passed it yet."

He smiled a little when he heard his father's words.

He took out an envelope and gently placed it in front of his father.

"Dad, you should look at these files first before we continue this talk," he said calmly. Knowing that his father was a tough nut to crack, he had Du Wen print him information on Pei Ge's progress at Jiaheng Real Estate.

"What files?"

His father held the envelope he had placed on the table and had an inkling.

"You'll understand once you take a look."

As he spoke, his calm voice had a hint of pride. Father Ji opened the envelope and skimmed through the files his son had given him.

On the first page, he did not pay much attention, but when he got to the second page, his eyes widened in shock.

By the time he got to the last page, his face was filled with shock and disbelief.

"This… How could this be possible?! How could she have gotten this far in such a short time?!"

He gripped the documents tightly, unwilling to believe what he had just read.

Although, strictly speaking, she had not passed his test yet, once the project was underway after the New Year, she would automatically pass it.

"Did you help her?" He frowned at his son.

"No, she did all that by herself."

A hint of pride could be found on Ji Ziming's face.

This was his woman. She always brought endless surprises…

Father Ji narrowed his eyes and took another gander at the files at that.

Setting the files aside, he caved in thereafter.

"You arrange a time… to meet."


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