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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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684 I like you, and that is enough.

Pei Ge had an especially good night's sleep, and when she woke up, it was almost noon.

If her phone did not ring, she probably would still be sleeping.


She groggily picked up the phone next to her pillow without looking at the caller ID.


Her groggy voice seemed to have made the person on the other end pause.

"Still sleeping?"

Hearing Ji Ziming's voice over the phone jolted her awake.


Her half-closed lids flew up at once.

"Did I wake you up?" he asked.

Her lips inexplicably upturned at his question.

"Not really; I was about to wake up."


"I'm not! I just felt comfortable since I'm back home, so I slept much longer than usual."

The two chatted over the phone for a while, giving off a heartwarming feeling.

He clearly was no talker. He was an inherently taciturn man, but when on the phone with her now, he was the opposite.

Although his words were still curt and succinct, his tone was oozing with gentleness.

"My parents have approved of us."

His voice seemed to carry a hint of pride and joy.

She became dazed when she heard that.

"A-Agreed?" she repeated in shock.

"En, they've agreed," he reiterated with a smile.

"How did you manage that?"

She thought that it was an unbelievable thing.

She knew how much his father disliked her, so him approving their relationship easily, she found this development a little too fast.

"Find a day where auntie is free, and everyone can sit down for a meal," he said calmly, not answering her question.

She became even more shocked when he said that.

"Your parents want to meet my mom?!"

If the parents of a couple set a meeting, it was usually because the couple in question was about to hold a wedding or had intentions of marrying.


Perceiving the shock in her voice, he easily pictured her adorable face.

Unfortunately, she was not next to him.

"But-But your dad clearly doesn't like me…" Why would he approve of me so easily?

That doesn't make sense at all!

"I like you, and that's enough."

He laughed. His deep and cold voice was filled with tenderness.

Her cheeks turned pink and her face became abashed at his declaration.

"Ge Ge, who're you on the phone with this early in the morning?"

Zhang Manhua, who had woken up hours ago and was almost done preparing lunch, opened the door to her daughter's room when she heard her talking.

Pei Ge instinctively hung up on Ji Ziming the moment her mother's voice sounded from the door.

Thus, when her mother walked in, she only saw her daughter's panicky look and flushed cheeks.

"Did you do something behind my back?"

Zhang Manhua teased her daughter.

"O-Of course not."

"Quickly wash up and come eat, then."


She shook her head amusedly before she left her daughter's room.

"This child, acting all secretive when on the phone with Xiao Ji."

Pei Ge looked at her phone, exasperated, once her mother left the room.

"I say; Pei Ge you're so dumb. Why did you hang up in a hurry? That annoying fellow is now your boyfriend. Mom already knows about it, so what is there to hide…" she muttered gloomily.

It became a habit, huh…

She laughed and then got out of bed.

"Ah! Today is such a beautiful day!"

She drew the curtains and stretched happily as she looked at the bright sky.

Leaving the confines of her room, she saw her mother busying herself in the kitchen. She proceeded to walk in the bathroom to wash up with a smile on her face.

By the time she finished brushing her teeth and washing her face in the bathroom, her mother had finished preparing lunch.

"Ge Ge, come here and eat."

Her mother waved her over with a smile.

"Mom, is your body okay? Are you feeling unwell anywhere today?" She asked as she sat at the dining table and took a rice bowl from her mother.

"It's all better. I don't feel unwell anywhere." Her mother smiled. "Don't overthink it. I just had a fever; that's all."

"Mom, next time, whether you're at home or outside, remember to keep yourself warm."

"I know; I know."

The mother-daughter pair chatted as they ate.

Pei Ge was almost done eating when her mother's next statement made her lose all her appetite.

"Oh, right. For New Year, your cousin has invited us over to their place."


She frowned hard and slapped her bowl and chopsticks on the dining table.

"No, mom! We're staying put here for New Year!" she said, her voice indignant.

Zhang Manhua shook her head wryly. "I'm not done talking yet; don't interrupt me."

"En?" Pei Ge looked at her mother in confusion.

"Silly child, of course I turned your cousin down."

A smile reappeared on her face.

"Mom, I'm telling you, please don't let your guard down around our relatives. Back when we borrowed money from them for your operation, they refused, and our bungalow…"

As she spoke, a thought flashed across her mind.

Second uncle… Dad's house…

For some reason, she felt that there was a connection between the two.


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