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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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687 Jealous and Possessive Boyfriend

Shwaaa! Shwaaa!

Pei Ge steadily flipped through all sorts of bidding records inside Chenguang Real Estate's reference room.

After flipping through a third of the records, she finally found what she was looking for.

On a certain file, it was clearly stated that her father had won the bid for the land of an extremely lucrative resort. She could not help her tears from falling thereafter.

On this datasheet, her father looked young and spirited.

Him clinching that land meant that his worth would have multiplied many times over his worth at that time.

Even if her father had not become the leading person in the real estate industry, his name, as well as Gemei, would still have been acclaimed domestically.

However, her father… ended up in the netherworld just like that…

Before his grand career could take off and his ambitions could be realized, it all became a pile of soil.


Her hand softly caressed the photograph of the spirited man.

"Dad, I'm sorry, but rest assured; I'll certainly seek justice for you."

As she said this, she wiped away her tears and continued flipping through the files in her hands.

It should be mentioned that Chenguang's reference room was large. Provided that it had something to do with real estate, whether the issue was complex or simple, and that it was published in the newspaper or in any other news outlets, information about it could be found in this room.

A short while later, she found information related to her second uncle in this large reference room.

Just as she moved to read information about her second uncle's company, her handphone rang.

Her brows knitted. Placing the documents on the table, she took out her phone.

When she saw the caller ID, her frown loosened.

"Hi, Qitong."

She had been unable to contact her for quite some time, so she was truly happy to receive this call.

"Hello, Sister Pei Ge…"

Who knew that the usually bubbly girl would start bawling the minute she answered the call?

"Why? What happened, Qitong? What's the matter? Why are you crying?"

She panicked at once when she heard the girl cry over the phone and kept asking her.

"Sis-Sister Pei Ge… My brother doesn't want me anymore… Bi Zheng that jerk doesn't believe me too… They are all bullying me…"

Hearing her wail like this, how could she still bother about her second uncle's business?

She quickly got up off the chair and nervously inquired about the young lady's situation.

"Qitong, don't cry; don't cry. Slowly tell me what happened to you. Why was I unable to contact you at all these few days?"

"Wu wu wu…"

Alas, the girl only continued crying over the phone, seemingly having been endless grievance.

"Where are you now? Should I go find you?"

She felt extremely worried and concerned upon hearing her cry.

She really did not get what could have happened to make her sad.

"I-I am locked up at home now…"

After the girl reported her whereabouts, she hastily left Chenguang and hailed a taxi to rush toward her given address.

Along the way, she had been thinking of her, but as the girl just kept sobbing on the phone, she did not dare to call her again to inquire.

Instead, she made a call to Ji Ziming to ask him what happened to his cousin.


Before he could speak his next words after answering the call, she rambled off about a bunch of things regarding the girl.

"Ziming, while I wasn't here, did something happen to Qitong? I was unable to contact her these past few days, but when she called me earlier, she was crying nonstop. What exactly happened to her?"

He fell silent at this before he replied with jealousy, "While you were in Tianjin, you called Qitong but didn't think of contacting me?"

"…" She was totally defeated by this very possessive and jealous boyfriend of hers.

She was already this flustered, yet he was actually still feeling jealous of his cousin.

"Ziming, I'm being serious with you here. Qitong… what happened to her?"

"… I haven't been home, as well as at Chenguang, recently, so I don't know what happened to her," he lightly replied.

She was piqued at this.

"She's your cousin! How can you not know what happened to her?" she screeched.

Hearing her flare up at him over his cousin, he felt a little wronged and aggrieved at once.

"Even if she's my cousin, I can't possibly know everything about her."

"Fine, fine, fine. Forget it; forget it. I'll know it soon, anyway. I'm hanging up."

With that said, she unhappily hung up on him.

On the other end, a certain great CEO's mood plummeted when he was hung up on.

He gloomily stared at his phone for a while and then held it up again to dial another number.

Pei Ge was already in a bad mood, and because of Qin Qitong's matter, her mood worsened.

Hence, feeling angry and frantic, she hung up on her boyfriend.

However, once she did that, she felt that she had overdone it.

Although that young lady was his cousin, they did not live together. Moreover, Ji Ziming also said that he had not been home or at Chenguang recently, so it was normal for him not to know about it.

"Sigh… Pei Ge, Pei Ge, when will you change this fiery temper of yours…"

She had just finished telling herself that when her phone rang.

She picked it up. Her eyes lit up upon seeing the caller ID.

It's Ji Ziming!

"Hey, Ziming…"

A bright smile lit up her face, but once she heard his next words, it disappeared.

"Something did happen to that lass."


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