Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
688 Something serious happened to Qin Qitong.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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688 Something serious happened to Qin Qitong.

"Something did happen to that lass."

She moved to speak, but his words stunned her.

"Something happened to Qitong? What happened to her?" she asked nervously.

"I don't know it exactly. I called my parents, and they said that it involves a woman. Still, this time, that lass did get into trouble." He solemnly told her.

"What trouble did she get into?" She frowned, feeling worried.

"They said that she had pushed a woman down the stairs, so she was currently locked at home by her father."

"Pushed down the stairs?! Qitong would never do that! There must be a misunderstanding here!"

She defended her at once.

"I don't know much about this, too…" Seeing her become agitated, he consoled her. "Don't be anxious. She's fine."

"Mhm…" She felt a little relieved at his consolation.

Recalling her earlier bad treatment of him, she felt even more embarrassed.

She realized that she had truly become too pampered and unreasonable. When she did not know that he liked her, she never dared to treat him like that.

However, after his confession, she got a big head. It really was…

"Ziming… earlier… my words were too harsh. I'm sorry…" she apologized sincerely.

Hearing her apologize in such a meek voice, he felt a little amused. "I didn't take it to heart."

"Mhm…" She softly hummed, feeling abashed.

"Let's have dinner together later," he invited casually. Although he sounded aloof, his tone was very gentle.

"This… Let's decide again at night." Thinking that her mother was at home alone, she did not dare to agree to it.


Hanging up, she started ruminating on what kind of wrong the girl had committed again.

As for the girl pushing someone down the stairs, she did not believe it at all.

In her eyes, although the girl was stubborn and capricious, she was extremely kind-hearted.

Hence, she would never believe that the girl would be capable of harming others.

The taxi quickly reached the girl's house. Alighting from it, she took a look at the huge villa in front of her and sucked in a deep breath.

She then reached out and pressed the doorbell to the villa.

Soon, a lady wearing a housekeeper uniform walked out.

"Miss, who are you?"

She smiled at the young woman politely. "Hello, I'm Pei Ge, Qin Qitong's good friend. I came here today to catch up with her."

"Oh, so you're our little miss's friend!" The woman seemed to realize something as she showed a troubled face in the next instant. "Sorry, Miss Pei; It's not convenient for our little miss to see guests right now."

"How can that be? I was just on the phone with her, and we've already agreed to meet."

She blinked in surprise and expressed her confusion.

"This… Miss Pei, it's like this. It's not that our little miss is not free to meet you but that… our family head isn't letting anyone visit our little miss," the woman helplessly explained.

"Ah, so it's like that." She pondered, It seems that Qitong really got into big trouble this time.

"Then, is your family head home now?"

"Our family head isn't home now."

"Then… is there anyone at home who can make decisions?" She might as well see Qin Qitong since she was already here.

That lass cried so badly on the phone; maybe, she suffered an injustice.

"Our family's madam is home, but… it's impossible for her to let you in."

This made her feel even more perplexed. Usually, the mother was doting, while the father was strict.

Qin Qitong's mother would not let her in, too?

However, once she entered the house, she understood why even if she had a 'loving mother', that lass would still weep bitterly.

"Can you let your madam know that I am Ji Ziming's girlfriend? I just returned to the capital and wanted to visit Qitong who's like a sister to me," she requested, smiling politely.

Since she was already his girlfriend, it was fine for her to use his name sometimes.

The woman eyed her suspiciously for a while before she finally entered the villa.

When she came out again, the door was already open for her.

Following the housekeeper inside the gate, she was in no mood to admire the garden in the front yard and quickly stepped into the house.

Soon, she spotted a lady in a royal purple dress sipping her tea sitting on the living room's expensive creamy-white sofa.

Just as she was wondering if the woman was Qin Qitong's sister, she heard the housekeeper call the woman.

"Madam, this is Miss Pei."

She was instantly taken aback by this.

The woman was just in her thirties. No matter how much one took care of their skin, was it possible for a woman in her forties or fifties to look as if she were just in her early thirties?

Could such a person really be that lass's mother?

That was impossible! She was just way too young!

"Miss Pei, I heard that you're Ziming's girlfriend. Is that true?"

This lady in her thirties started chuckling when she saw her looking dazedly at her.

"Are you thinking why Tongtong's mother is this young?"

Spotting the lady's nearly imperceptible smile, Pei Ge returned to herself.

As she was already used to supervising people at this point, she was unfazed by all this.

Thus, although her mind was in turmoil, she did not show it on her face. Instead, she smiled at the woman. "I just didn't expect Qitong's mother to be so young. Auntie, your skin maintenance is really superb."

"Hur hur… It's not that I'm good at maintaining my skin, but because I'm not Tongtong's biological mother."


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