Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
691 The Qin Family’s Queer Situation
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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691 The Qin Family’s Queer Situation

Having been a CFO for some time, Pei Ge was much more assertive now.

Especially regarding important issues, she was more decisive now.

When she got serious, she was actually pretty frightening.

At least, that was what Qin Qitong felt.

"Why would you say that?" Pei Ge quickly inquired, frowning.

"B-Because Li Yumeng was in the same orphanage as Bi Zheng. As for my stepmom, s-she grew up overseas and only returned to the country. I had her investigated Also, I had this investigated, and the results showed that they're unrelated to each other," the girl explained earnestly.

Her frown deepened.

Not related? If there's no relation, why would her stepmom lie for that woman?

And that CCTV catching nothing and just capturing Qitong 'pushing' Li Yumeng, I don't believe all these to be coincidences!

This was caused by humans. Still, coming up with such a detailed plan, the person must be very familiar with this house's layout.

This person can only be Ge Qing…

This must be a premeditated trap, and its target is Qitong!

"Sister Pei Ge, what's wrong? Why do I feel that you're a little different from before?" Seeing her brooding look, the girl involuntarily gulped.

Somehow, she could gleam her cousin's shadow in her.

"Qitong, I think that this incident isn't as simple as it looks. Also, those two must know each other."

Instead of answering her question, she shared her guess solemnly to the girl.

"They know each other?!"

The girl did not doubt her words at all.

"Yes, they must know each other. Plus, that incident was no accident, but a long, meticulously planned scheme." She pursed her lips, her eyes glinting coldly. "And this scheme's target is you."

"Hm? Why would they target me? Although I hate them both, I didn't do anything to them."

Qin Qitong's eyes showed bewilderment.

"Although I did try to stop Li Yumeng and my brother from dating, even without me, she wouldn't end up with my brother because my father opposes their marriage."

She looked utterly confused. "As for my stepmom, although I don't like her, she's pregnant with my father's child, so I can't do anything about it.

"With only this, why would they target me?"

She looked at her cluelessly.

She was lost and could not wrap her head around all this.

Even Pei Ge did not understand it. Why would they gang up to frame Qitong?

As they both sat in the room pondering on this, they heard the door getting opened from the outside.

Before the girl could chase the person out, they saw her stepmom walk in.

"Hur hur. Miss Pei, I truly didn't expect you to have so much to talk with Tongtong. This child has been locking herself in her room these days and refusing to talk to anyone."

The woman looked at Pei Ge with a smile.

"She even refused to see her father and brother."

Qin Qitong's anger boiled when the woman strode in without even knocking.

Already angry from this woman wronging her, after listening to Pei Ge's analysis, the resentment she had for her stepmom only got worse.

Hence, she did not even think before scolding her.

"What has it got to do with you who I see or talk?! Don't think that you can order me around or point a finger at me just because you married my father! Let me tell you; you are just a flower vase that my father married home. Even if you're pregnant now, don't think that your child can precede over everyone else just because of your position in my father's heart! Our Qin family's inheritance all belongs to my brother!'

The girl's sharp words made her almost unable to recognize her.

She did not expect her to hate this woman to this extent.

Still, after thinking about it a little, she thought that it was normal for her to hate this woman to this extent.

"Tongtong, how can you think that of me? Y-Your dad and I truly love each other. Plus, I've never thought of usurping the Qin family's riches or whatever. I'm pregnant only because I want to leave a fruit of love between me and your father…"

The woman's eyes reddened at once as she looked at her sorrowfully.

However, this realistic display of sorrow only heightened Pei Ge's feeling that something was amiss.

"Bullsh*t! What fruit of love? You're only eyeing our family's money! Don't you just want to give birth to a son so that he can fight my brother for his inheritance? Shouldn't you take a good look at your identity? Do you think you are fit—"

An aged yet powerful male voice boomed at this point.

"Qin Qitong, you unfilial daughter! I must have spoiled you so much! How could you talk back to your elder?! Do you have no conscience?!

"Your auntie has been saying good things about you every day to me. She even went to the hospital to beg your brother's girlfriend not to sue you, but just look at yourself; what kind of attitude is this?!"

This girl's father's appearance startled Pei Ge. She finally understood why Ge Qing's words made her feel ill at ease.

This woman had purposely appeared in front of Qin Qitong and did all that to agitate her. She was merely acting in front of the girl's father.

"What attitude do I have?! Everyone says that, once you have a stepmother, you'll have a stepfather, too. I think you've become my stepfather now!" the girl howled with red eyes, clearly agitated by her father's words.

"Yo-You unfilial daughter! What stepmother or stepfather? Do you know that, for your sake, your auntie has even thought of aborting your little brother many times?! What about you?! You actually wanted to harm this child in her womb!"

He glared fiercely at his daughter. He was apparently very enraged at her.

"Hur hur. Not wanting a child, wanting to abort the child… These are all excuses this woman is using to paint me black."

She scoffed at her father, clearly not falling for this trick.

As the father-daughter pair quarreled to the brink of no return, Pei Ge discovered a suspicious point.

Qitong's stepmom doesn't want a child and even told her husband to abort the child for the sake of her stepdaughter multiple times?

This is way too suspicious!

How would such a young and pretty woman not want a child when she married a man in his fifties?

Still, if she truly wanted a child, she only needed to mention this in front of this lass's father once.

Why would she bring it up again and again? Was she unafraid of ending up with the opposite effect, and he would agree to her aborting the child?

This whole situation was too queer…


Pei Ge's eye lit up instantly as a ridiculous thought surfaced in her mind.


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