Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
692 Rather than a pig-like teammate, the enemy is just too god-like.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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692 Rather than a pig-like teammate, the enemy is just too god-like.

Her eyes narrowed at Ge Qing's stomach.

Noticing her flat stomach, Pei Ge felt even more curious.

Is she faking her pregnancy, or is the father of her child not Qitong's father?

This can explain why she wants to abort the baby.

Still, no matter the reason is, this woman's just too cunning.

She and Li Yumeng might be the ones who want to kill two birds with one stone using Qitong.

"Alright, alright, hubby. Don't quarrel with Tongtong anymore. She's still young, so we should slowly teach her. Moreover, we still have a guest here."

Sensing Pei Ge's cold and sharp gaze on her this whole time, Ge Qing felt uncomfortable.

"Still young. How is she still young? It's all because you give in to her all the time!" The Qin patriarch coldly snorted, clearly very displeased with his daughter.

"He he! She's your precious daughter, so I of course have to treasure her, too," she gently said, hooking her arm through his with a wide smile.

Qin Qitong rolled her eyes at her hypocrisy but kept silent due to Pei Ge tugging her.

Contrary to the displeasure he felt for her daughter, he was clearly fond of his wife's attitude.

He patted her arm on him and placed his sights on Pei Ge.

"Are you that girlfriend of Ziming?"

He looked at her askance, seemingly unable to believe his nephew's girlfriend would be average-looking.

"Yes. Hello, uncle. I am from the same company as Qitong and her good friend."

She did not mention her boyfriend and just revealed her relationship with Qin Qitong, instead.

"Mhm." The man merely nodded.

With a smile, she continued, "I've understood the situation as well. I was just thinking: uncle, did you make a mistake somewhere? Qitong wouldn't do something so evil."

"A mistake? There's CCTV footage of the entire incident! If not for her brother's girlfriend magnanimously deciding to take this further, do you think I would only settle with grounding her?" He angrily snorted.

"Uncle, don't you know the type of person your daughter is? In your eyes, is she really the kind to let her feelings overrule her rationality and hurt someone?"

She stared straight at him as she said that sincerely.

The moment she heard this, Qin Qitong's head hung low as the beads of tears in her eyes also rolled down her face, making one feel extreme heartache for her.

Perhaps due to her sincere words or his daughter's tears affecting him, the Qin patriarch's attitude softened.

Doubt tinged his eyes.

He did not think his daughter was this bad, but the incident this time was just too coincidental.

Moreover, the scene captured by the CCTV was clear evidence, making one unable to refute it.

"Of course, my daughter isn't such a bad person. We all believe that but also understand that she's occasionally prone to acting on impulse." Ge Qing softly interrupted, giving her a strained smile.

The moment she heard this, she could tell that Qin Qitong's father's thoughts would get redirected.

Indeed, the second the woman said that, he coldly snorted again and turned to look at his daughter with hurt and disappointed eyes.

"You'd better stay home and properly reflect on your actions! You can only go out when you apologize to your brother's girlfriend!"

He turned to leave his daughter's room thereafter.

Once he left, Ge Qing shot Pei Ge a smile and excused herself as well.

"Miss Pei, I'll go down first. Tongtong's father is angry, so I must calm him a little. Miss Pei, you should talk some sense to this stubborn girl, too. This matter will be over once she apologizes."

She shook her head once the woman was out of the room.

Qin Qitong could not be blamed for her current predicament. It was not that she was too pampered or stupid; rather, her enemy was too powerful.

Just look at how natural she acted.

"Sister Pei Ge, now my whole family thinks badly of me because of those two outsiders. Everything they say is right, whereas whatever I say is false…" the girl remarked mockingly, wiping her tears.

"Qitong, don't be sad. I think that this is no simple incident. Tell me in detail about your stepmom."

She gently patted the girl's back.

"Why? Is there something wrong with her? Did you discover something?" the girl asked in surprise.

"Quite. I don't have evidence to confirm it yet, so I need to check further. Relax, Qitong; I'll definitely prove your innocence."

She confirmed but chose not to say anything. If she did, with how simple-minded and emotional this girl was, she just might unknowingly step into someone's trap again.

"Really? That's great! Sister Pei Ge, you're really the best!"

The girl's gloominess was swept away at once, and she smiled despite her tears.

"Obediently stay home the following days and try to avoid your stepmom. It's better if you stay in your room and not come out; just wait for me to gather enough evidence."

She was worried that this girl's stepmom might be truly pregnant. If that was the case, she would likely try to cook up something that would implicate Qin Qitong again. After all, her attempted miscarriage failed last time.

She left the Qin house after reminding her all that.

The moment she walked out, she quickly spotted Ji Ziming's car, which was parked outside the villa.

Her lips curled up at the sight of his black Maybach.

By the time she walked down the flight of stairs and reached the entrance to the villa, the window at the driver's seat had already been rolled down.

The man's handsome face appeared in her sight.

"Pfft! Didn't you say that you won't come fetch me?"

She laughed softly. Although she sounded as if she were complaining, her voice was filled with honey.

"Get in the car."

He also gave her a wry smile.

"It's good that you're here. I have something to discuss with you."


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