Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
701 Pei Ge battles the old white lotus.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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701 Pei Ge battles the old white lotus.

Her words made both men's hearts tremble, except that they were not trembling due to getting enlightened but due to fury.

"You guys claim that you've doted on her so much that she now has a pair of horns! You all think that you love her a lot when, in fact, it's the opposite. You two even think that she's unreasonable and stubborn due to your 'excessive cuddling'."

She peered at them with censure, her aura oppressive. "I'm sorry, but I don't feel any of your so-called love for her!

"If that's truly the case, why does none of you believe her? You even let others speak ill of her!"

Her confrontational words made both men's faces turn darker.

"This miss here, I don't know how you see this situation, but just because you are Tongtong's friend, you can't turn black from white. Although she's my sister, what she did is wrong. The CCTV captured everything clearly. If not because Mengmeng—"

Qin Xiujin glared at her. Even though he was angry, his tone was still mild.

If it were an average person, they would likely be in awe of his cool-headedness, but she was no average person.

Hence, she could not be bothered to listen to his explanation and quickly interrupted him.

"Qin family's big brother, I'd like to ask you a question: What kind of girl do you see your sister?"

"She…" He was stunned by her question and did not know how to reply.

"Why? Are you unable to say it?" She swept her eyes on him before continuing. "Since you are unable to say it, I'll say it on your behalf.

"Qitong is an innocent and kind girl. Forget that she will harm anyone, she doesn't even hurt an animal.

"You guys say that she hurt that Li Yumeng and this auntie here. You claim that it's captured by camera, but let me point this out for you: There are the so-called blind spots to a camera's lens.

"Also, I'd like to ask another question: Did you guys witness both incidents? Other than these two women, are there any witnesses?"

Her bombardment was akin to a machine gun as it hammered the two men's hearts.

"You guys think that you've loved and doted on her for many years, but now, you guys are more inclined to believe two outsiders than your family! What kind of love is this? Could it be that, in your eyes, she's such a stubborn, unreasonable and evil woman?!"

Her sharp interrogation made Qin Qitong uncontrollably wail.

It was as if she were crying out all the anguish she had felt.

"If you two truly love her, then believe her instead of suspecting her and questioning yourselves under the guise of love."

Pei Ge sighed softly, seriously imploring to the two men.

Both the two men's hearts wavered at this. They even started suspecting if the scene captured by the CCTV was credible.

Only now did they recall that, although this family member was stubborn, she would never commit such vile acts.

Seeing their pondering look, how could Ge Qing, who was adept at reading people, not see that they were being swayed by Pei Ge's words?

Her eyes darkened a little, and she closed them to hide this emotion.

"Hubby, let's just let this matter rest. Look at how sadly Tongtong is crying. We are one family; harmony breeds prosperity. Let's not delve deeper into this. Anyway, your children are my children, too. Even if I can never give birth to a child for you in this lifetime, I am still happy…"

She rested her hand lightly on the man as she whispered these insidious words to his ear.

Her voice sounded sorrowful and mournful.

Her gentle eyes were brimming with tears as well.

Dipping his head to the woman in his embrace, who was doing her best to show a tough front and hide her by smiling at them, Qin Qitong's father felt heartache for her.

He originally married this woman, who only had looks and no family background, because he deemed her incapable of bullying the children his previous wife had left him.

However, after so many years of living together, his stone-cold heart was warmed by this gentle woman.

"Qingqing, I'll definitely find the best doctor to treat you so that we can have a child again." He promised her this with a gentle smile.

"You don't need to do that. I think that this is enough already…" She glanced at Qin Qitong timidly, as though afraid of her.

How could he not see that she was concerned about the girl's feelings with such an act?

His heart, which had been swayed slightly by Pei Ge's words, turned cold and hard again.

"Hmph! You don't need to worry about that unfilial daughter of mine! I've doted on her too much all these years. I'll send her overseas to reflect on herself properly."

The moment he said this, in her shock, Qin Qitong stopped her crying at once. She seemed to be having an auditory hallucination.

Qin Xiujin was equally startled by his father's words.

"Dad, what are you saying?! Tongtong can't even speak English well; how is she going to stay overseas?!"

"Xiujin, I must give your sister a lesson through this incident! If not, she'll only become more unreasonable and fearless!" his father stubbornly insisted, suppressing the bit of unwillingness in his heart.

Although this young man did suspect his sister initially, he changed his mind after hearing Pei Ge's speech.


"Hur hur. Uncle, you really do love your daughter." She scoffed, speaking up for the lass.

"For a woman who has made a cuckold out of you, you are even willing to chase your daughter overseas. You really do… love your daughter a lot!"

"Miss Pei, please mind your words; I can sue for slander!" Ge Qing was already displeased with her, so when she spoke up again, she strongly defended her innocence.

Pei Ge was unfazed by this, though, and merely smirked at her.

"Sue me for slander? Sure! I welcome it with both arms! When that time comes, it's best if you call some reporters over, too! I'll see who ends up losing face more!"

"You!" Her unyielding stance infuriated the woman so much she almost forgot to continue her 'white lotus' act.

Luckily, she had just gone through an operation, and the anger caused her body to ache.

"Ugh! Hubby, my stom-stomach is so painful…"

As the pain came too suddenly, it even caused beads of sweat to appear on her forehead.

He immediately panicked when her face turned pale.

"Hubby, y-you must believe me. I-I won't ever do such a thing! I even wish of giving birth to a child for you…"

With a ghastly white face, she uttered these words as if they were her last.

How could he, therefore, still doubt her when she was already in this state?

"Get out, both of you! Get out! Don't stay here and be an eyesore!"


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