Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
702 Ziming, you are finally here to back me up!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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702 Ziming, you are finally here to back me up!

"Get out, both of you! Get out! Don't stay here and be an eyesore!"

His bellow caused the ward to descend in tension.

"Dad…" Qin Qitong was even more hurt because of this, and her face turned ghastlier than Ge Qing's.

In fact, she looked more like the person who had gone through a critical operation compared to her stepmom.

"Get out! All these years, I've truly pampered you a lot! Even disregarding you harming your auntie and little brother, you still have the nerve to gang up on your auntie with an outsider!"

He no longer felt heartache when he saw his daughter's ghastly face. Instead, it just infuriated him more.

"Dad, don't get angry. Tongtong didn't do it on purpose—"

Qin Xiujin's mind was still clear. Between his stepmother and biological sister, he still knew which side he should stand.

When his father got fierce with his sister because of his stepmother, he, of course, moved to defend his sister.

He was given no chance to speak by his father, though.

"You shut up! You are also to blame for how your sister turned out!" His father swept him an angry glare.

While this Qin patriarch loved his son and daughter from his deceased wife, he still held some anticipation for his unborn child.

After all, getting another child at his old age and confirming the gender to be a boy, anyone would be mad if this offspring got robbed of its life!

"Dad… in your eyes, how did I turn out?"

Hearing her father say that about her, she was dazed as the paleness of her face became even more apparent.

Although she had lost her mother when she was just a child, her father and brother had carefully reared her.

Even if she did not have a mother, her father and brother gave her much love.

She thought she was fortunate, but today…

Pei Ge, who was next to her, felt extreme bitterness for her. She could feel sorrow radiating off her and the death of her heart.

She had never expected this bubbly and easygoing girl to meet such a calamity.

"Uncle, what you said is too much."

She was unable to restrain herself from reprimanding the man.

"Qitong is your daughter. Don't you know what type of person she is? I guess you'd rather believe that outsider in your arms than your daughter."

Before he could retort, the woman in his arms sat up arduously.

"Miss Pei, I don't know how I've offended you, but why must you say that about me?"

"You didn't offend me. I was simply stating the truth." She looked at her with distaste.

She did not hate stepmothers per se, unless they were like this scheming woman, whose frame of mind was full of ways to hurt the first wives' children.

She could even bear to use her unborn child to sow discord among this family, especially since the first wife's children treated her well.

"The truth? Miss Pei, may I ask if you have evidence to back up your claim? Do your parents know that you're here making unfounded accusations?!" Ge Qing glared at her furiously, looking as though she had suffered injustice.

"Evidence?" She scoffed. "Do you think I don't have evidence?"

"Miss Pei, this is our Qin family's matter; we don't welcome you here."

The Qin patriarch snapped at her witheringly when she refused to back down.


She moved to expose his wife's true colors but was unexpectedly pulled back by Qin Qitong.

"Sister Pei Ge, let's go. Let's just go."

With a white face, the girl softly urged her. She seemed to have lost her soul and was now a mere walking corpse.

"Qitong?" Pei Ge nervously asked upon seeing her desolation.

Right now, this lass did not look okay!

"What's wrong? Are you okay?"

The girl lightly shook her head at her concern, softly saying, "I'm fine. I only… don't want to stay here anymore. I'm tired…"

Her grief had surpassed the death of her heart. After experiencing so many things, right now, her heart had wholly, and totally, been crushed by her father.

Despite knowing that the woman her father had married cuckolded him, and that she was purposely framing her with slanderous things, she no longer wanted to expose any of that as much as she did before.

That was because she realized that, no matter what she said or did, it was all useless…

Her father… was no longer the father who loved her above all.

"Qitong…" With her acting like this, how could Pei Ge not know that she had thoroughly been hurt by her family?

She turned around to look at the two people on the bed.

"Uncle, you'll regret this! You'll regret whatever you did and said today! You actually hurt your real daughter simply for a vicious woman! You failed as a father!"

She glared at him with incomparable anger, her eyes sharp and cold as a knife.

Qin Qitong's father was already feeling displeased, so her words further angered him.

"Insolence! Who do you think you are?! How dare you speak such insolent words to me?! Scram! This is our Qin family's business; it has nothing to do with you!"

He lambasted severely, yet it did not faze anyone.

Instead, his castigation only angered another man.

"I'd like to see who dares to tell my girlfriend to scram."

A cold and low voice instantly seeped in from outside the ward.

The coldness in his voice surprised the two men in the room.

Unexpectedly, Ji Ziming appeared here.

Those present all looked at the door in unison and quickly spotted the domineering man, clad in an expensive suit, entering the room.

"Ziming, why are you here?"

The two men, and even the woman in bed, looked at him in shock.

What bewildered them further was—

"Ziming, you're finally here! If you still didn't come, I'd be bullied to death by them!"


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