Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
712 This man has ulterior motives regarding my daughter.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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712 This man has ulterior motives regarding my daughter.

When she opened the door, the man outside was surprisingly Fu Mingxuan, whom she had not seen for quite a while.

"Senior?" She blinked in surprise, asking, "Why are you here?"

"I… came to see you." He looked as if he had not a good night's sleep as he did not look okay and his eyes were filled with fatigue.

"See me?" She was even more baffled at this.

His lips moved to say something when he saw her confusion but chose not to say anything in the end.

"Ge Ge, who is outside? Is it Xiao Ji?"

Her mother's voice came from inside.

"Mom, it's not Ziming! It's one of my friends!" She turned to shout this to her mother.

Zhang Manhua was a little disappointed that it was not her daughter's boyfriend but still passionately welcomed this guest.

"Is that so? Then, hurry up and invite your friend in!"

Pei Ge realized that she was blocking the doorway.

"Senior, come in first."

She moved away and took out a pair of indoor slippers from the shoe cabinet for him.

He received the slippers from her and placed the supplements and fruit basket he had brought with him on the floor.

This was when she noticed that he brought gifts.

"Senior, why did you bring gifts?"

He smiled at her while he put on the slippers given to him. "I bought this stuff on my way here."

"On the way?"

Her lips twitched as she laid eyes on the packaging of the supplements. Although the characters on it were Roman alphabet, when put together like this, even a person fluent in English like her was at a loss.

It doesn't look like English… and more like German, she wondered to herself.

These were clearly imported goods. One look, and they could tell that it was not cheap, much less bought along the way.

After putting on the indoor slippers, he followed her in the living room.

"Ge Ge, this is…"

Zhang Manhua questioningly eyed the outstanding man who had followed her daughter in.

"He's a senior from my middle school," her daughter replied.

When she swept her gaze on him, he put up a gentle smile.

"Hello, auntie. I'm Fu Mingxuan, your daughter's good friend."

Saying this, he placed the bags of goods he had brought with him on the coffee table.

"Happy new year, auntie."

"Aiya! Being here is enough; you boy shouldn't have bothered bringing gifts with you," she said politely.

Pei Ge could feel that her mother was not as affectionate with him as she was with her boyfriend.

She only took note of that, though. After all, Ji Ziming was her boyfriend while Fu Mingxuan was merely someone her mother had just met.

Zhang Manhua cared not about her daughter's thoughts as her full attention was on their visitor.

She had actually seen him when he was putting on the indoor slippers at the doorway.

She did not know if she was overthinking this, but when she saw this good-looking man, she felt that he was interested in her daughter.

"Have a seat. Auntie will prepare a plate of fruit for you."

As she said this, she made her way to the kitchen, leaving the two alone in the living room.

Somehow, when it was just the two of them, Pei Ge found it a little uncomfortable.

She shrugged uneasily while sitting on the sofa, finding Fu Mingxuan's actions today very strange.

"Cough!" She coughed lightly to ease the awkwardness in the air and smiled at him. "Senior, why were you looking for me this early in the morning on the first day of the year?"

"Mmm…" He merely stared at her.

His intense gaze made her even more uncomfortable. Blinking, the curl of her lips straightened a little.

"What's the matter?" she asked again.

He pursed his lips lightly and, as though coming to a decision, opened his mouth to speak.

"Ge Ge, are you… with Ziming now?"

Although he knew that this was the case, he still wanted to confirm it with her personally.

She looked at him in surprise.

Originally, she thought that he was here for something important, yet what he asked her was the nature of her relationship with his childhood friend. Is he kidding with me?

Taken aback by his question, she dazedly nodded. "Yes, we are dating."

"Did it start from that night of your company's year-end party?" He lowered his head a little as a mocking smile crept across his lips.

"Did Ji Ziming confess to you…"

"That's right. He actually told you guys about it, huh."

With her focus shifting onto her boyfriend the moment she heard his name, she failed to notice his abnormal behavior.

Fu Mingxuan suddenly did not know how to express the grudge he felt in his heart when he saw her bright smile.

He was displeased with how his childhood friend had actually set a trap for him on the day he was going to confess to her.

However, seeing this sweet smile of hers, he knew that he still lost to the man.

Even if he met her first and… felt that he was more suitable for her than his childhood friend, he would not enter the eyes of this woman before him at all.

To her, only one man exists, and that is Ji Ziming.

Still, despite knowing it… even with this, why did I come here and destroyed my last bit of hope?

I feel so indignant… I just can't accept this…

"Ge Ge, I…"


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