Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
716 Date Venue Reserved by Mr. Local Tyran
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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716 Date Venue Reserved by Mr. Local Tyran

The car reached its destination amid this relaxed atmosphere.

After alighting from the car, Pei Ge looked up at the tall building in front of them and then turned her smiling eyes onto Ji Ziming.

"It really is the cinema."

She thought that there would be a surprise, but it really was just a normal movie date.

"Why not? Did you think that there's a surprise?" He snorted while peering at her.

"Pfft! Of course!" She quickly followed up. "This is your style, after all! You can't have surprises everywhere in a relationship!"

She took the initiative to hook her arm through his.

Tiptoeing, she softly whispered to his ears, "Also, to me, being with you is the most romantic thing."

In the first place, she deemed that this aloof CEO, who was practically an iceberg and was normally indifferent to mere earthlings like her, spending so much effort to confess to her was romantic enough.

Her words lit up a smile on his face. It must be said that those words pleased him.

"Let's go! I haven't watched a movie at a cinema in a long time! Apparently, there are quite a few good movies to watch this new year!"

She grinned and strode into the cinema with her arm hooked through his.

This cinema was actually among the largest in the capital, but compared to others, it was more like a huge shopping mall.

The first level was mainly for shopping, the second level for dining, and the third level for shopping and entertainment.

The fourth floor was where the cinema was located.

Occupying a whole level by itself, the space and style of the cinema were, of course, more advanced than usual. In fact, the number of people coming here every day was large.

However, when the two took the elevator to the fourth floor, they actually found the usually packed place to be rather empty.

Other than the staff, she could barely see another customer.

She cocked an eyebrow at this and then turned to look at a certain CEO her arm was around.

"Hng, hng, hng! Say, did you reserve the whole area?"

"Mhm." He nodded proudly. "I don't want others around while we are on a date."

"…" She really did not have the energy to spit at him.

The whole level of cinema was actually reserved by him just like that.

How much money will the cinema lose in just a day?! Oh, no! It should be how much this man beside me will lose.

Ji Ziming, you spendthrift!

As she thought of this, she reached out her hand and pinched his arm hard.

"Who told you to reserve the whole place?! Do you have so much money?!" She glared fiercely at him and then continued muttering, "Watching a movie with a large crowd of people is what makes it fun! Now that you've reserved the whole place, it will just be the two of us. Why not just watch it at home, instead?!"

She only meant to nag at him a little, but his next words made her mind crash.

"Okay. Let's watch it at home next time." His lips curled up as he placed her hand in his again.

"Next time, it'll just be you and me. Just us two."

Listening to him throw out sweet nothings endlessly, she could feel her heart pounding fast.

"Y-Y-You… I really have nothing to say to you!"

She pouted while thinking to herself, When has this Ji Ziming become so good with words?

He clearly used to be the ice version of a clogged bottle who never spoke a word; now…

Could it be that, more boorish people, the more passionate they are when they fall in love?

After spitting at him inside, she followed him into the VIP cinema theater.

It was actually her first time in this type of VIP cinema theater. Hence, when she entered it with him, she became a little curious.

She noted the sofa seats resembling patio chairs and the small coffee tables placed beside them before she spat inside her again.

No wonder it's a VIP theater. It's really very different from the normal ones.

Holding her hand, he walked to the middle row, which had the best location, and pulled her to sit down.

Sitting down, she found the sofa-cum-patio chair to be very comfortable.

"Oh, right. What movie are we watching today?"

She touched the comfy headphones beside her while asking the man that.

"… What do you want to watch?" He paused at her question and replied with another of his.

"Me? Nothing in particular. You are also clear that, after being sent to Tianjin by your father, I haven't had any entertainment or rest time, so I really don't know what movies there are recently," she replied softly, shrugging her shoulders.

However, the two did not spend much time deciding which movie to watch. That was because the staff had already chosen one for them.

When they both saw the title of the movie on the huge screen, 'The Small Issue of Being in Love', she could not help but burst out laughing.

"This movie is quite interesting!" She grinned and peered at him, teasing, "Ziming, you need to properly learn from this movie!"

"…" The corners of his lips twitched. He knew that she was referring to yesterday's event.

She stopped teasing him soon enough, though, as the movie started to roll.

As she watched the movie, she ate popcorn.

It must be mentioned that this comedy movie was really a good film to start the year.

The opening scene had already drawn all her attention.

Meanwhile, the great CEO Ji sitting beside her was clearly not very interested in this romantic, comedic movie. He only glanced at the screen occasionally and spent the rest of the time staring silently at his girlfriend.

Twenty minutes into the movie, his handphone suddenly rang.

Pei Ge, who had headphones on, did not hear it.

He was just about to hang up when he saw the caller ID. His eyebrows moved slightly. In the end, he did not hang it up but answered it, instead.



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