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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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718 Ji Ziming, do you like me?

The woman's bright red nails gently touched the side-profile of the man on the phone screen.

A familiar expression surfaced in her dark eyes.

"Ziming… I'm back… I'm finally back…" she mumbled. A sweet voice came from her red lips.

"You must be very happy…"

The woman's lips upturned, her expression one of happiness.

However, her sweet smile quickly became twisted with jealousy.

The woman's gaze coldly shifted to another woman's face on the screen.

"Pei Ge…" Her red lips opened slightly. The words she spouted were cold and far from how happy she sounded earlier.

"Hello, I've heard a lot about you."

Looking at the intertwined palms of the couple on the screen, the woman bit her lower lip in anger.

"He's mine! Now that I'm back, you can leave…" she said coldly, her gaze fixed on Pei Ge's face.

After taking one last look at the couple in the photo, the woman hurled her phone to the floor.


In an instant, the sleek and expensive phone broke into pieces, damaged beyond repair.

She lifted a cocktail off the table and downed it in one go.

"I, Qiao Jingyun, am back! This time, I'll take back everything that belongs to me!"

"This one, this one, and this one. Wrap them up for me."

Pei Ge watched her boyfriend enter a shop selling designer clothes and choose several outfits for her without batting an eyelid.

"Okay, sir."

Seeing how generous Ji Ziming was, the salesclerk readily took the outfits from him.

Pei Ge came to her senses when she saw the salesclerk leave to get outfits in her size.

"You're really fast at picking outfits; I haven't even looked yet."

By right, should she not be the one shopping and picking out clothes? Why did he steal her job?

"You look good in anything." He told her softly when he saw that she was pouting.

"Tsk! I should still be the one doing the picking. I did attend a fashion class once, so I have the right taste in clothes, too." She rolled her eyes at him.

But her mutters quickly became shock.

When the salesclerk came back with the clothes the man had carefully selected for her, for some reason, she had the urge to laugh.

She turned to look at the man standing next to her and was unable to hold in her laughter further upon seeing how calm and confident he appeared.


The man's earlobes gradually turned a light shade of pink upon hearing her laugh.

"Don't laugh."

"No, I really feel like laughing."

She said between laughter.

This was because…

The clothes he had chosen for her had collars that went all the way up to her neck.

Although it was the middle of winter, for people like him who had access to heaters and heated amenities, thick clothes were just unnecessary.

For people in their social circle, they usually just added coats over their outfits.

Plus, that was for when they were outdoors.

If they were indoors, then the outer layer would not be worn.

Therefore, their clothes were usually rather fashionable spring or summer outfits.

As such, when she saw the closed-neck clothes he had picked out for her, his motivation in his choice became apparent to her.

In the end, looking at the man's not-so-calm face, she did not continue teasing him and just went along with his choices obediently.

Once they were done shopping for her clothes, the man brought her to a few other shops.

After buying everything she might need, he led her to buy stuff for their parents as well.

As a result, under the jealous gazes of countless pedestrians, the two, who had come to the shopping mall practically empty-handed, left it with their hands full.

Putting everything into the car boot, the man sat in the driver's seat and helped her buckle up.

"What do you wanna eat for dinner?" he asked.

In truth, he wanted to bring her to the garden villa they shared and spend the beginning of the year with just the two of them.

However, before he could vocalize his thoughts, she unknowingly turned him down.

"Ziming, you know that there's only my mom at home. I should go back for dinner," she answered, smiling at him.

"En,"he agreed, only remembering then that her family only had two members.

"You shouldn't run around, either. Uncle and auntie are surely waiting for you home. Okay, send me back now! Tomorrow, we can eat together."

She smilingly put her palm over his and clenched it gently.


When he heard her words, he did not say anything more and just stepped on the gas to bring her home.

His car soon arrived at the bottom of her block.

After bringing the bags of things up to her home, he chatted with the mother-daughter pair a bit before he left their neighborhood in his car.

Without her presence in the car, he felt a little hollow inside.

In that moment, his phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID on the screen coldly and frowned. In the end, he turned on his Bluetooth earphone and accepted the call.


"Ziming, I haven't eaten yet. I'm really hungry; why aren't you here yet?"

He pursed his lips when he heard the sweet voice coming from his earphone. "Jingyun, stop fooling around." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I'm not fooling around. Ziming, don't you like me anymore? Have you come to dislike me…"


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