Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
719 This woman used to be a bright light in his life.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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719 This woman used to be a bright light in his life.

"I'm not fooling around. Ji Ziming, do you not like anymore, do you dislike me already…"

The woman's sad and indignant voice could be heard from the phone.

"Have you fallen in love with another woman in the years that I was gone?"

In that moment, he did not know what to say in response to her question.

This woman had saved his life. She was once a bright light in his darkest and most helpless moment by rescuing him from it.

Thus, she was special to him.

"Ziming, shouldn't I have left? Don't you like me anymore? Have you come to dislike me? Do you, just like the others, think that I left because I gave in to your father's condition?"

Qiao Jingyun's voice choked when he did not reply, her voice full of sadness and indignance.

Right now, she seemed to be filled with sadness, and one could feel her emotions from her voice.

"Speak. Do you… really dislike me now?"

He sighed hopelessly when he heard her sobbing on the other end.

"No, Jingyun, don't overthink things."

"You're asking me not to overthink, but you refuse to meet me when I make dinner plans with you now that I'm back. How can I not overthink? Must I wait until you're no longer picking up my calls before I think about it?" Noting the hesitation and helplessness in his voice, she continued acting willful.

"… I understand. Let's talk."

When he perceived how agitated she was, his brows furrowed a little, but he decided to meet her, anyway.

"Okay! Hurry up! I've been waiting for you for so long; I'm really hungry."


After agreeing, he hung up his phone. He looked up at Pei Ge's apartment, which was still lit, and frowned.

Dim lights and elegant music – these two created a good ambiance.

In the day, this was a cafe, but at night, it was a bar.

It was nighttime.

Because it was the start of the year, the usually packed cafe bar was empty for once.

The rows of unique coffee tables were rather vacant.

Only one table had people in this bar-cafe.

However, from these two women's talk, they did not seem to be regular customers.

"Yunyun, as your sister-in-law, I'm telling you that you must be careful of that woman called Pei Ge. Don't belittle your enemy. You have no idea how high-profile she was acting awhile back.

"Ji Ziming would bring her along to whatever business parties he attended, and he publicly recognized her as his girlfriend."

A thirty-something woman in a red sweater, with not very delicate features but fashionable getup, said, "Did you know? Ji Ziming has never visited our shop again since you left."

She was none other than Qiao Jingyun's sister-in-law, the manager of The Cloud coffee bar.

"Sister-in-law, can you stop talking? My head's in a mess right now."

Qiao Jingyun's slender fingers stirred the coffee before her with a silver teaspoon. Frustration was evident in her eyes.

She was actually quite pretty. She had round, doe-like eyes that were expressive. She had an exquisite face and fair skin; her features were highly sought-after right now.

This was especially because she not only looked good but also gave off a radiant aura.

Sitting next to someone like Xu Li only further juxtaposed how outstanding she was.

Seeing that her sister-in-law was getting impatient, she smiled awkwardly. "I'm just concerned for you…"

In theory, as her sister-in-law, Xu Li was an elder. Furthermore, she was much older than the former, so she needed not be so careful around this junior.

Unfortunately for her, Qiao Jingyun was no ordinary sister-in-law. Her standing in the Qiao family was not one to be ignored.

It could be said that the entire family dared not to raise their voices at her.

"He! You can't even handle your matters, and you're trying to help me?" She laughed coldly, her voice full of sarcasm. She was wholly unappreciative of the other's efforts.

Looking at the mockery on her face, Xu Li thought of the women her husband kept outside, and her face turned pale.

At this time, she really hoped that her high and mighty sister-in-law would be outshone by a Cinderella from who knew where and had a taste of hurt and despair.

"Okay. Quickly leave. Ziming will be here shortly. Don't intrude on us here."

The other waved her away, much like how one would shoo flies away.

Qiao Jingyun scoffed when she saw her sister-in-law leave. She smiled at the latter's attempt to please her.

Such a woman said that she was going to help her come up with ideas; what a joke.

What kind of woman was she to need help from such a person? What a joke!

She looked at her already cold coffee and put down her teaspoon and eyed her pink nails.

"Pei Ge, right…" Her lips curled a little and a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

That woman was just an unpresentable toad which took the chance while she was overseas and not by the man's side.

Now that I, the real girlfriend, am back, that woman should disappear.

"He he!"

She laughed when she thought of this.

Ji Ziming happened to enter the bar-café at this point and see her bright smile.

Looking at her bright and arrogant smile, he walked toward her seat.


She spotted the love of her life the instant he walked in.

Hurriedly standing up from her seat, she elegantly made her way to him with a sweet smile on her face.


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