Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
725 Pei Ge, I will not let you have Ji Ziming.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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725 Pei Ge, I will not let you have Ji Ziming.

"Since your dad passed away, Gemei's bankruptcy was inevitable… Ge Ge, don't think about these things again. Even without your father's company, you still have second uncle! You will have me backing you up after you marry into the Ji family!"

Pei Zhenghui smiled at her, tossing the matter about her father's stuff to the back of his head.

It was as though he were unaffected by this topic at all.

She balled up her hands at his hypocrisy.

"Back me up?"

Not bothering to maintain this farce, Pei Ge mocked at him.

"Second uncle, you must be joking. You're going to back me up? It'll be great if you don't break my back, instead.

"Do you think that my mother and I are still as stupid as before?"

She did not care that his face had turned black like the bottom of a kettle as she continued sarcastically.

"I shan't mention you embezzling one million from our house in the past; let's only talk about today's issue. You are only here to ask for some benefits after hearing about me and Ji Ziming dating.

"What backing up? What rich uncle? Don't you think those are too laughable?"

"Pei Ge, watch how you speak to my father! You are going overboard! Don't think that now that you and Ji—"

Pei Shishi, who had sat quietly all this while with a pensive face, glared fiercely at her. However, before she could finish speaking, she cut her off.

"Cousin, stop pretending to be a nice person. It's not even the first or the second day since you started longing for my boyfriend. You must be feeling very uncomfortable and even awful today, seeing your dad come over to curry up to my family, right?"

She snorted at the look of reprimand on her cousin's face and then bluntly mocked, "Were you thinking of how you should use our relationship to go seduce my boyfriend?"

"Pei Ge, you!" Her frank words angered her cousin to no end, as well as made the latter a little guilty inside.

What her cousin did not know was that ever since her mother opened a stall to hawk goods in the past, she had become a rather eloquent speaker. She had never lost in a verbal fight against those stall owners and people bullying her mother.

Her cousin once mocked her for being this low, yet today, she was giving the former a rather good tongue-lashing…

"Pei Ge, watch your mouth! Our Shishi has a fiancé!"

Liu Yan could not bear to see her daughter being humiliated by her niece.

She glared hatefully at her and started bellowing without a care for her image. "Who do you think you are? Do you think you can do whatever you want now just because you now have the Ji Group's heir as your boyfriend?

"Let me tell you! He is way above your league; he's clearly just toying with you! Engagement? Hur hur! You'll be slapping yourself soon!"

Perhaps due to Pei Ge's bluntness, which had angered her uncle, but he did not stop his wife from saying all that and only looked on coldly.

Zhang Manhua was enraged to hear this endless squabbling, which was far from her idea of a festive new year; this was even more so since these people kept scolding her precious daughter.

"You guys, scram! Our house doesn't welcome you!"

She had let it go since they were her husband's family, but at this point, her last bit of tolerance had evaporated upon seeing this family bully her daughter.

"All of you, leave! Don't ever come to our house again! We can't match up to people like you!"

As she said this, she did not care for Pei Zhenghui's explanation or Pei Shishi's apology and just dragged this family of three out of their house.


When the door was shut in their faces, this family of three showed an ugly expression.

"How arrogant. Really treating yourself as the madam of a rich family, f*ck that! Why not take a pee and take a good look at yourself!" Liu Yan quickly cursed as she stood outside the closed door like a shrew.

Pei Zhenghui's already black face turned darker upon seeing her behave like a shrew without a thought about her image and poise.

"You shut up! Don't you think that we have already been shamed enough?! How did I remind you before we came? You incompetent, dumb woman!"

He came here today in hopes of currying favor from this mother-daughter pair so that he could gain a bit of relation to the Ji family.

After all, there were numerous benefits to becoming in-laws with that family. Who did not know that Ji Ziming was a god of fortune? As long as one followed that family, they could get rich even while lying down and doing nothing!

However, now, his wishful thinking had all turned into dust!

He narrowed his eyes hatefully at his wife.

Clearly, he was venting his anger from what he had suffered inside Pei Ge's house on to his wife.

"How am I shaming you? Don't you see that your niece has already climbed all over our heads and is just short of peeing on us?!"

Although she had lived as a rich lady after so many years, no matter how sophisticated she looked outwardly, she was an uncouth and uncultured woman at her roots.


He was so furious he became speechless from her uncouthness. Almost immediately, he reached out, pushed her away hard, and then left the scene through the stairs.

Liu Yan did not expect him to push her. Unguarded, she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Luckily, her daughter was by her side, and she quickly pulled her up to break her fall, or else it would be dire for her.

"Pei Zhenghui!" she screeched, wanting flare up. Alas, she was stopped by her daughter.

"Alright, mom. Let's go home before talking, lest we become laughingstocks to others."

Pei Shishi pulled her mother and peered at her cousin's house door with a dark look.

The 'others' she was referring was of course her cousin's family.

Glaring straight at the door, her eyes were filled with indignance and jealousy.

'In a few days, I will be bringing my daughter to meet her boyfriend's parents to discuss their engagement.'

Pei Ge, even if I can't have Ziming, you should stop thinking about it, too! We shall see who wins in the end!


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