Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
726 Darling CEO Ji, be obedient and do not think too much.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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726 Darling CEO Ji, be obedient and do not think too much.

The mother-daughter pair did not care what the family outside was saying.

After chasing them out, they returned to the dining table to eat.

However, even though they had driven out those three unwanted guests, the festive atmosphere of this new year dinner was already ruined.

"Sigh… I really didn't expect your second uncle's family to actually…"

Zhang Manhua lightly sighed. Her expression was a little ugly as her eyes carried a tinge of hurt.

She used to be so grateful for their help, yet reality had given her a tight slap.

"Mom, it's fine. Don't think about that family anymore. It's the start of the year, so we shouldn't be sighing like this."

Pei Ge smiled and consoled her mother.

"Look; we are living so well now. Not only is your daughter being valued by her company, she even brought back such a satisfactory future son-in-law!"

Her antics swept away her mother's bit of sorrow, and the latter burst out laughing.

"You child, I really wonder what Xiao Ji sees in you."

She smilingly shook her head and rolled her eyes at her daughter.

"Of course, he sees the beauty inside your daughter."

"Ha ha! You child, you really dare to say anything…"

Soon, her light-hearted jokes returned the atmosphere to its festive state before his uncle's family arrival.

After enjoying their dinner amid laughter, she joined her mother on the sofa to watch TV in the living room.

For some reason, their casual conversation drifted into Gemei Real Estate.

"Right, Ge Ge. Why did you tell your second uncle about your father's company?" Her mother looked at her in confusion.

She pursed her lips slightly at this question.

Actually, until she could prove it, she wanted to keep her suspicion about her father's company being swindled by his younger brother from her mother.

After all, ever since they learned it, her mother had been blaming herself for getting cheated off their house by Pei Zhenghui.

"Oh, I was just thinking that second uncle might know something about what had happened before. After all, he was by dad's side back then."

Her mother nodded understandingly. With a thoughtful look, she softly said, "Before your dad's accident, your second uncle was indeed pretty close to him."

They were pretty close?

A scene surfaced in her mind, which quickly disappeared, and she could not recall what she had just thought.

"It's actually strange. Your second uncle used to be a good-for-nothing and liked to gamble. He would only come to our house when he was out of money or if something happened.

"There's no trace of him otherwise, but right before your dad's accident, he turned over a new leaf, becoming hardworking and even stopping gambling.

"Your dad even told me that your second uncle had finally returned to the right path and was prepared to work with him properly…"

As she continued recollecting, a light smile and nostalgic look appeared on her face.

"Your dad was ecstatic back then, saying that your second uncle had finally grown up and learned to support himself, but who would've expect that to happen to your dad…"

Her mother sighed deeply at this point.

Pei Ge's eyes also moistened at this.

"Mom…" She held her mother's hands lightly, feeling her nose tingle.

"Fortunately, mom still has you."

Zhang Manhua kept her feelings to herself and smiled at her daughter while clasping her hands.

When her husband passed away, she did not have the time to grieve before her daughter also got into an accident.

Car accident. The father and daughter were in a car accident.

Luckily, her daughter's head injury was not that grave, and she only lost some of her memory.

The police failed to catch the perpetrator because of her daughter's amnesia.

They also did not know why she had disappeared hours before her accident.

However, since her daughter was not in any imminent danger, she, who had just lost her husband, did not push for the resolution of her daughter's case.

She already felt fortunate that her daughter was fine. As for that car accident, she had never mentioned it to her daughter who had lost that part of her memory.

After all, it was not a beautiful memory.

It was night, and everything was dark.

Seeing that it was already quite late, Pei Ge was sent to her bedroom by her mother to sleep.

When she returned to her room, she realized that there were a few missed calls on her phone, which she had left there.

One was from Tang Xiaoyu, another from Fu Mingxuan, and two from Ji Ziming.

Seeing the missed calls, she prioritized returning the call of her boyfriend first. After all, she valued love over friendship.

"Hello, Ziming!"

Her lips curled into a smile as she lay in her bed.

"Why didn't you pick up my call earlier?"

The man's interrogation came through immediately.

She burst out laughing hearing him ask that right away. He sounded like a husband checking up on his wife.

"I was watching TV in the living room with my mom! Be obedient, and don't think too much!"

She teased while hugging her phone.

"… I wasn't." He paused and then snorted. "Remember to bring your phone everywhere with you next time!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Roger, darling!" She giggled on the phone.

What she did not know was that her term of endearment made the man on the other end lightheaded, as if he were floating in the clouds.

Even until they hung up, he was still feeling lightheaded over it.

"Hm? Son, what are you doing? There's water in the cup, so what are you drinking?"


"Son, your book… is upside down."


"Son, are you okay? Do you have a fever? Why are you so abnormal today?"


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