Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
730 Arrogance nurtured from being pampered too much by a man!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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730 Arrogance nurtured from being pampered too much by a man!

Pei Ge's eyes widened in shock upon hearing this.

"Me?" She pointed at her nose in disbelief, looking as though she had seen a ghost. She asked on reflex, "How could it be me? I didn't know that you can cook, and I've never eaten your food before!"

This annoying fellow is being too fake!

He is truly very glib-tongued now! Hmph!

What because of me?! He's lying for sure!

She got more furious as she thought of all that.

His girlfriend angry look and petulant lips made Ji Ziming smile a little as he looked at her with amusement and helplessness.

"Stop trying to lie to me. Quickly 'fess up!" She glared at him with her wide and round eyes threateningly.

"I spoke the truth." He looked at her. Although he was expressionless, he gave off the feeling that… he had been wronged.

"You're still lying to me!" She angrily pinched his arm but did it so gently.

He shook his head helplessly when he noted that she was truly a little angry before he said softly to her, "You'll know if I'm lying to you in a short while."

He learned how to cook for her, and other than cooking for her, he had never cooked for another person, let alone another woman.

This stupid woman is actually still suspecting me. She's truly so stupid.

"What are you thinking of doing?" Pei Ge blinked, not getting what he meant.

"Go out first. Don't stay in the kitchen."

She pouted at his act of chasing her out and then mumbled, "Why aren't you letting me stay here? I just wanna see if you really know how to cook."

At her mumbling, he could only helplessly let her stay near him like a tail as he busied himself with the task.

Chop, chop, chop, chop!

Once more, chopping sounds rang about.

She stood next to him, watching him focus on cooking, and the bit of anger in her dissipate entirely.

As she stood there quietly, she saw how much effort he was putting into cooking for her.

Especially when she saw the items waiting to be cut on the kitchen tabletop, she felt even more touched.

All these were food that she loved.

Cabbage, tenderloin, mutton, black fungus…

Seeing the familiar ingredients and watching the man busy around the kitchen wearing an apron, her eyes slowly filled with tears.

It did not matter anymore why he learned how to cook and for whom did he learn it.

Right now, she was getting overwhelmed by the feeling of love.

Sizzle! The sound of ingredients hitting oil drew her attention back to reality and to him.

She wiped her tears of bliss and revealed a very sweet smile as she came up to him.

"Ziming, let me help you cut the other ingredients—"

Before she even reached him or finished her words, he quickly switched off the stove fire.

"Er…" Seeing his actions, she bewilderedly blinked. These ingredients aren't cooked yet; why did he turn off the fire?

Just as she was feeling confused, his next words stunned her.

"Don't come over; properly stay put. Why are you playing around? What if you get splashed with oil?" He looked at her reproachfully, his voice filled with nervousness.

She raised her head and looked at his grim face sillily. In that instant, a warm and blissful feeling filled her heart.

So he cares for me to this extent!

So he doesn't want me in the kitchen because he's afraid of me getting splashed with oil or scalded by fire. This realization made her feel shocked yet also happy and proud.

"Ziming, I'm fine. It's not like I haven't been in a kitchen before. Don't make something out of nothing." She pouted at him, her eyes filled with bliss and love.

"Also, I'm not that pampered; it's nothing to be splattered by a little oil."

The man still did not relax despite her reassurance. Coldly snorting, he resolutely pointed their respective places and would not let her get too near him.

"You stay there. Don't come over."

He ordered her somberly.

Alas, no matter how cold his expression was, she was not the least bit daunted by it.

This was because she now knew how much the man cared for her!

This was how arrogance got nurtured from being pampered a lot.

"No way! Let me cook with you! It's faster if we cook together!" She grinned at him.

The man did not waver at this, though. Cocking a brow, he peered at her and calmly refused, "If you don't want to stay put, go back into the living room."

"Tsk!" She could only nudge her lips at his resolute stance and silently stayed in place.

He nodded in satisfaction when she obediently stayed put. He then turned to resume is cooking.

Sizzle… sizzle…

Once more, sounds of food getting cooked echoed about.

She watched a certain CEO cooked just like a professional chef. Although he was just stir-frying the ingredients on the stove, his movements were filled with innate elegance belonging to royalty.

His movements and his expression seemed to belong to the nobility. It made one find it hard to shift their gaze away from him.

Seeing such an attractive side of him, she propped her chin in her palms and started fangirling.

She watched him cook a few dishes with practiced movements when, suddenly, a thought came to her.

Aiya! This is such a rare sight, so I must take a few pictures for memory's sake!

The moment this thought came about, her eyes immediately lit up.

Hence, she dashed out of the kitchen and went to the living room.


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