Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
737 That woman will never be able to beat me.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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737 That woman will never be able to beat me.

"Ziming, what was it that you wanted to tell me about earlier?"

Pei Ge asked with uncertainty as she looked curiously at Ji Ziming.

"Cough!" He coughed lightly and pursed his lips as he spoke again.

However, this time, before he could utter a word, he was once more interrupted.

A phone rang, and its soothing ringtone broke the silence in the car.

"Let me take this call."

With that said, she dipped her head and fished out the phone from her bag.


The man frowned at the sight of her talking on the phone and felt slightly upset.

"Sister Pei Ge, let's go on a date tomorrow with just the two of us!"

Qin Qitong's cheerful voice could be heard over the phone.

Although that young lady had just been through a difficult stage in life, she was undoubtedly still having a good time.

She could not help but smile as she listened to the girl's bubbly voice.


"Right! Tomorrow!"

Grinning from ear to ear, she looked at the man sitting beside her and said, "I'm afraid that I'll have to take a rain check on that."

"Why?! How could you be so cruel? I just came back from visiting the welfare home with Bi Zheng, and I haven't seen you in a long while! I miss you to death!"

When she refused, the girl acted petulant toward her over the phone.

"Qitong, I'm meeting Ziming's parents with my mom for a meal tomorrow."

Since the girl was not an outsider, she did not mind telling her about it. Instead of making an excuse, she chose to tell her the truth.

The lass seemed to receive a shock when she heard her explanation as she kept silent for a moment. However, it was not long before she squealed in excitement.

"Ahhh! Sister Pei Ge, your parents are meeting each other so soon! Oh, my gosh! You're so fast! You actually conquered my uncle in such a short time!"

Knowing the girl well enough, she held the phone away as the other's excited screams came loud from it.

Her loud voice was also heard by the man in its entirety.

"Sister Pei Ge, quickly tell me: How did you change my uncle's mind this fast…"

Seeing that her boyfriend was frowning, she hastily brought the phone close to her ear and hurriedly responded, "Alright, let's stop here. I still have something on; I'm hanging up!"

With that, she ended the call.

"The light turned green; let's go."

She blinked and pointed at the traffic light, which had just turned green.

At this time, she completely forgot that the man wanted to tell her something.

As for the man himself, he also forgot what he was about to say because of his cousin's untimely call.

Stepping on the gas, they continued their way on the road.

"Pei Ge, my father, he isn't bad. It's just that he has some misconception about you."

He kept his eyes on the road as he explained this to her.

She nodded attentively and softly said, "I know. It's a given for him to misunderstand me, especially since he saw me treating others with that kind of attitude."

"You don't have to worry. As long as you two spend some time together, his wrong idea about you will eventually be dispelled," he said lightly, turning his head to gaze at her.

"Yes, I'll work hard!" she confidently and happily declared. "Just wait until I skillfully accomplish the mission your father handed to me before I handle him myself!"

He looked at her lively look, and his eyes got filled with joy.

He realized that being with this stupid woman often put him in a good mood.

The car's atmosphere turned cozy and tranquil. Soon, they arrived under her building block.

"Ziming, I'll go now. Be careful when you drive home."

After alighting from the car, she reluctantly bid him goodnight while smiling.


The man lightly nodded and hummed in reply.

"I'm really going now!"

Noticing his calm demeanor, she pouted and repeated herself.

"Mhm," he lightly hummed again.

For some reason, she was slightly pissed off by his look of indifference.

She blinked her eyes and craftiness flashed in them.

"Look over there!"

Following where her finger was pointing, the man subconsciously looked in a direction.

She tugged at his arm when she saw him turn his head away. While not noticing her, she tiptoed and quickly planted a kiss on his cheek with her rosy lips.

"This is a goodnight kiss from me! Bye!"

After kissing him, she grinned and ran off.

The man could not control his laughter when he saw her scurry off like a little rabbit.

To think that I've actually been tricked and even kissed by that stupid woman…

"Ahhh! She's truly a stupid woman…"

Huff, huff! Running all the way to the fourth floor, she panted as she was opening the door.

"You're back?"

She heard her mother's voice as soon as she opened the door.


She changed into her indoor slippers while breathing heavily still.

"Where did you go for your date with Ziming tonight?" Zhang Manhua teasingly asked her precious daughter.

"Nowhere. We just went to…"

Once she was done changing into her indoor slippers, she recounted to her mother about her boyfriend's cooking abilities and how he had whipped up an entire table of mouth-watering dishes for her.

Zhang Manhua felt heartened while listening to her daughter's account. It further convinced her that her daughter needed to conquer such a topnotch husband material.

Nowadays, it was rare to find a man who knew how to cook, let alone a man who was willing to learn cooking for a woman's sake!

"It's really hard to tell that Xiao Ji knows how to cook! Ge Ge, you ought to learn how to get along well with him and not throw tantrums as and when you feel like—"

"I know; I know!"

On this side, this pair of mother and daughter was chatting about the man.

Meanwhile, in a villa on the other side of the capital, there was another pair of mother and daughter also having a conversation about the man.

"Yunyun, I'm not trying to lecture you, but why aren't you worried about that Ji Ziming getting snatched by that slut from god knows where?"

"That's right, sister! You have no idea how smitten Mr. Ji is to that woman. In fact, even the master of the Ji family feels alarmed by it. This situation is apparently just like yours a few years back!"

"He he… What's the hurry? Haven't you forgotten? More haste less speed – we shall wait! That woman will never be able to beat me. Only I, Qiao Jingyun, am qualified to become Ji family's new madam!"


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