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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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739 Love-attracting Peach Makeup

Seeing that her mother did not find this hair salon dubious, she decided not to say anything and immediately pulled her out.

"Aye! I say, lass, what are you doing?!"

The staff in the hair salon with funky hairstyles looked at them as if they were a pair of lunatics.


"Mom, I'm saving myself." She let go of her mother once they were out of the salon.

"What are you saying?" Her mother exasperatedly rolled her eyes.

"Mom, don't you see how weird the hairstyles of those hairstylists, and you actually want me to do my hair there? Are you trying to mess with me or screw me up?" She felt helpless when she saw that her mother was a little angry.

Although she was not very nervous for this meal with the man's parents, she still could not let an eccentric hair salon destroy her!

Her boyfriend's father already did not have a good impression of her. If she made another mistake with her appearance today, she would really…

"What do you mean mess you up. Your Auntie Wang already vouched for this hair salon's quality…"

Finally, her mother got why she pulled her out without a word.

"Alright, mom. I think my look now is fine – clean and fresh-looking; it gives people a nice impression of me." She blinked and smiled at her mother.

She was not a stunning beauty to begin with. Moreover, today's event did not require her to put extra effort into looking good. It was sufficient as long as she made others feel at ease with her presence.

Alas, her mother was truly nervous and attached much importance to this meeting, so she insisted on her beautifying herself with the help of a professional stylist.

Helpless at her mother's insistence, she could only call Lily, whom she had not met in a long time.

After informing the stylist of the circumstances, he loyally offered to give her a simple makeover for free if she came over.

Hence, the pair of mother and daughter got into a taxi and made their way toward Lily's fashion salon.

"Ge Ge, is this really your friend's salon?"

After alighting from the taxi, her mother took in the high-class salon and wanted to back out at once.

"This place seems very expensive; how is your relationship with your friend? If it's not too good, then let's not bother that person." Zhang Manhua tugged at her daughter and frowned slightly.

As someone who disliked taking advantage of others, upon seeing that this high-class building, which did not seem to be a place where ordinary people could just come and go, she was immediately hesitant.

Seeing her mother's expression, how could Pei Ge not guess what her mother was thinking?

"I'm quite close to Lily. Lily is partly my mentor!" She reassured her mother. At the same time, she felt a little heartache over her mother's circumspect attitude.

When her father was still around, her mother never needed to think so much about anything?

Her father, who could easily make money, always gave her mother the best of everything. Indeed, back then, her mother did not have the cultured and refined aura Ji Ziming's mother possessed.

Still, it was not far from it.


"Mom, relax. It's fine. Lily happens to be free today, so you can enjoy a little makeover yourself!"

She smiled at her mother with twinkling eyes.

"Ah, me? No, no! We're already troubling your friend with your makeup; how can I trouble your friend with mine, too? Plus, we don't have enough time…" her mother rejected on reflex.

"He he. It's fine. We should have enough time," she replied with a smile. In any case, whatever her mother would say, she was firm in her decision to make the former enjoy a makeover even if she did not receive one.

"Still, mom, this friend of mine is a little different from normal people and has a unique personality."

She thought of Lily's signature lotus fingers and extremely effeminate voice and blinked.

My mom… won't be frightened by him, right?

"Okay, got it. Young people who do such jobs usually have unique personalities!" Zhang Manhua did not take this to heart and just nodded smilingly to express her understanding.

"Cough! Mom, Lily is actually—" Male.

The moment she stepped into Lily's salon with her mom, she was interrupted from completing her words.

"Aiya, Ge Ge! You're finally here! I've waited so long for you!"

A highly effeminate voice traveled to the mother-daughter pair's ears.

While she was already used to this, her mother was shocked she shivered.

When Zhang Manhua lifted her head and saw who had spoken, she shivered again.

"You're so heartless! I say, it's fine if you hid from Mr. Ji, but you actually hid from me, too! Why do you only think of me when you need me!"

Pei Ge's lips twitched as she looked at Lily. The man was wearing a pink suit and light peach makeup. His hair was also dyed pink.

"How is my makeup? It's the trend worldwide for attracting love! Doesn't it look good?" He smugly raised his chin upon seeing her staring at him.

"He he he…" She laughed dryly and said against her conscience, "Not bad."

His mood soared at her praise, even forgetting to settle the debts he had with her.

"Hm? Could this be your mother?" His eyes drifted on to Zhang Manhua.

She nodded and replied with a smile, "Yes, this is my mom."

"Hi, auntie! I'm your daughter's good friend. I'm the stylist here!" He walked up to her mother and said this politely.

What he did not know was that his introduction had thoroughly scared the latter.

"Y-You're the Lily our Ge Ge is talking about?!"

She looked at the man who called himself Lily with wide eyes.

"That's right, auntie! I really didn't expect her to mention me to you!"

Apparently very happy that Pei Ge had mentioned him to her mother, his face lit up and his lips curved into an ecstatic smile.

His admittance only made Zhang Manhua feel even more bewildered.

She stared at the man before her, yet no matter how she looked, the person before her was still a male!

Although his way of talking and posture were like a woman's, she was still able to identify his gender easily!

Shouldn't Lily be a woman? Isn't this name an English name for a female?

But this person is clearly a man!

Aiyo, my momma! What has gone wrong in this world?!


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