Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
745 I treat Ge Ge as my daughter-in-law.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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745 I treat Ge Ge as my daughter-in-law.

"Mr. Ji, the dishes you ordered have all been served. Please enjoy your meal."

Eyeing the huge dining table filled with delectable dishes, Pei Ge suddenly felt hungry.

"He he! Ge Ge, are you hungry already?"

Ji Ziming's mother happened to look up at this moment and coincidentally saw her gulping while touching her stomach, so she gently and affectionately asked that.

In this madam's eyes, she was forthright and sincere – not hypocritical at all. Of course, she loved girls who ate without reservation.

To her, eating was a blessing! If she had such a daughter-in-law who could eat well, she could nurture her precious son into putting more flesh, too!

Unbeknown to her, the situation between her precious son and his girlfriend was the opposite!

It was more of her son nurturing his girlfriend into becoming fatter with his cooking!

Pei Ge felt a little embarrassed when her boyfriend's mother pointed this out.

She coughed lightly and muttered, "A little."

Seeing her daughter admit it so honestly, Zhang Manhua glared at her in exasperation as she muttered to herself, My daughter is truly too honest here!

"He he! Our Ge Ge is hungry already, so let's eat!"

On the contrary, Mother Ji welcomed her honesty very much and said this to everyone in the room while grinning from ear to ear.


The first person to respond was her son. The moment she said that, he took his girlfriend's bowl and stood up.

Under everyone's shocked gazes, he calmly served her a bowl of soup.

"Thank you."

When she automatically received the bowl from him, whether it was the man's parents or her mother, they were all stunned by the two's natural actions.

This stupid lad!

Not to mention serving soup, he has never ever served me a bite of food at home!

Now that he has a girlfriend, he actually does this for her!

He is incredibly too unfilial!

A certain father indignantly and unhappily thought inside.

Compared to him, who could only keep his anger inside as he showed a stern face, his wife was much more straightforward.

"Ming Ming, serve mom a bowl of soup, too! You've never served me soup before!"

Hearing his mother's complaint, Pei Ge blinked in surprise at him.

This fellow… Don't tell me…

For some reason, she secretly felt gleeful inside.

Doesn't this mean that he truly treats me different?!

The bit of doubt and unhappiness she felt inside because of that woman surnamed Qiao this morning instantly disappeared into thin air.

"Quickly serve mom a bowl!"

Under his mother's urging, the man could only stand up and serve her soup.

After passing the bowl to his mother, he moved to sit down and was about to get some food for his girlfriend when he saw large hand passing an empty bowl to him.

His lips twitched at this as he looked up at his father.

Noting his father's stern face, he could only speechlessly receive the bowl.

He then served his father a bowl of soup, too.

Since he was at it, he decided to serve his girlfriend's mother a bowl of soup, too.

Hence, the three elders happily drank the soup he had personally served them.

Pei Ge noted the three elders' happy smile, and she somehow felt that they were one big, happy family right now!

As she thought of this, a similar smile appeared on her face.

"Why are you smiling?"

Ji Ziming's attention was on his girlfriend all this while, and when he saw a sweet smile gracing her lips, he could not help but move over to whisper this to her ear.

Perhaps due to him drinking hot soup, too, but his warm breath tickled her ears.

Her cheeks were instantly aflame as she adorably glared at him and pushed his arm. She then mumbled, "Talk if you must, but don't come so close."

"What were you laughing about?" The man did not leave her side but got nearer to her instead. It was as though he were doing this on purpose.

"I wasn't laughing at anything. Aiya, don't move too close." She reached out and pushed him again.

As the two were dating, such intimate actions were actually nothing.

The problem was that the elders of both families were sitting there, too!

This was way too embarrassing!

Their actions, of course, did not escape the eyes of the three parents.

Except for Ji Ziming's father, the two mothers were smiling happily at the two. They then exchanged knowing looks.

"Look; these two children have such a nice relationship."

Mother Ji told Zhang Manhua.

The latter nodded in agreement and laughed, "Indeed, Xiao Ji is really very good to our Ge Ge."

"Yes, I've seen Ming Ming grow up, but he has never cared so much for a girl or even treated one this well," the former said with exasperation.

Although she also truly liked this daughter-in-law, she was still a little jealous upon seeing her son treat her this well.

The two families chatted about insignificant stuff while having their meal. Soon, this meal between both parties ended.

After the waitress cleared the remaining food on the table and served some tea and fruit, the two parties finally got to the real topic of the day.

"Manhua, I truly and really like Ge Ge. I'm also sincerely seeing her as my future daughter-in-law."

Mother Ji held a purple sand teacup and took a light sip of the Longjing tea while saying this with a sincere and serious look. "So please be assured of leaving her in our son's hands."

Pei Ge felt touched upon hearing the man's mother say that.

Although her mother also felt touched by this, she stilled her heart when she noticed Father Ji's cold and uncaring expression.

"Sister Qin, the difference between our family backgrounds is a little huge…"


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