Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
746 Let us choose an auspicious date for their engagement!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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746 Let us choose an auspicious date for their engagement!

"Sister Qin, the difference between our family backgrounds is a little huge…"

She did not say this to make a big issue out of it.

Rather, it was because she saw that unlike Ji Ziming's mother, his father was not that warm to her daughter.

Most importantly, right from the start, his father seemed to be strongly opposed to her daughter.

"Sigh… Manhua, what are you saying? What century are we in now already? There's no need to talk about family background!" The other woman put down her tea cup and grinned at her.

"Anyway, I've already reserved Ge Ge as my daughter-in-law!"

Zhang Manhua's heart flashed with happiness when she heard this.

She had actually come today in hopes of quickly settling her daughter's most important life affair.

Honestly speaking, she also truly liked Ji Ziming for her daughter.

"I know that you like my daughter, but…" Her eyes drifted over to the man's father.

She did not say this aloud, but anyone with common sense could tell that she had some opinions against him.

"Hubby, you also like Ge Ge, right?!" Mother Ji secretly pinched him and said this with a smile.


He secretly hissed because of her pinch. Noting the threat in his wife's gaze, he instantly surrendered.


After his soft assent, his wife continued with a radiant smile, "You don't know this, but my husband has a naturally expressionless face! Please don't misunderstand him because of that. In fact, he even praised your daughter at home yesterday!"

At this, the mother-daughter pair widened their eyes. Even Ji Ziming raised an eyebrow in shock.

"It's true. He said something about your daughter having a promising future!"

"Aiyo! I almost forgot if you didn't mention it!" Hearing this, Zhang Manhua suddenly clapped and excitedly said, "So the person who selected Ge Ge is your husband!"

"He he! Indeed! My husband finds her promising, so he had her transferred her over to a branch company." The other lady nodded with a smile before saying unabashedly, "He did all that to prepare for our children's future!"

The bit of doubt regarding the man's father Zhang Manhua had was totally dispelled by her speech.

At the moment, she had a much better impression of him.

Seeing that she seemed to have relaxed, Mother Ji relentlessly raised her husband's impression points.

Compared to her mother's trust in the words of her boyfriend's mother, Pei Ge still held some misgivings.

She had done nothing, yet his father had already changed his mind about her and had a favorable impression of her?!

"Hey, did your father really say that?"

She tugged the man beside her.

"Yes, he actually already had a change of impression toward you. He praised the things you did at Jiaheng."

Ji Ziming's lips curled up slightly as he whispered to her ear.

Her eyes lit up at this, and a happily smile graced her lips.

Inside, she was a little more relieved.

The atmosphere in the private room was going well, and soon, the two mothers touched on the topic of their engagement.

"Manhua, I think that our children can get engaged first," she happily suggested.

"Okay! I am thinking the same thing! These two aren't young anymore, so it's for the best if they settle down soon," she replied with a nod.

"Let's find that master another day and have him foretell an auspicious date for their engagement, then."

"No problem!"

The two mothers became more and more excited as they chatted. From foretelling an auspicious date, they proceeded to the engagement ceremony, venue, and guest list.

These two had totally forgotten that their children were supposed to be the ones getting engaged.

Just as they were happily chatting, a series of knocking sounded on the door.

Knock, knock, knock!

The crisp knocking interrupted the two's conversation, and they looked up in the door's direction.

"Come in," Father Ji coldly said.


The room's door was opened from the outside.

When Ji Ziming's parents spotted the person walking in, their faces quickly turned dark.

"Why are you here?" Father Ji asked unhappily.

"Uncle, auntie, I heard that you guys are having a meal here, so I came to greet you."

The man walking in was in his twenties. He was not as suave, and noble, as Ji Ziming.

Still, compared to ordinary people, he was tall, handsome, and rich.

Pei Ge observed this newcomer and thought that his features were familiar.

"Ziming, you're here, too!"

This intruder seemingly did not notice the displeasure in Father Ji's voice as he greeted Ji Ziming with a grin.

"You should know that my younger sister has returned home from overseas! You two used to be a cou—"

Ji Ziming's mother cut him off.

"Qiao Wennan, don't you see that we have guests here? Get out."

"Auntie, what's the matter? You're not like this last time!"

He looked at her with an upset face, seemingly feeling very aggrieved.

The mother-daughter pair was confused when this guy suddenly appeared.

Who is this man?

Is he Ziming's relative?

If not, why would this person speak so casually and arrogantly?

Also, the sister this guy mentioned…

"Get out."

Ji Ziming lightly peered at the man. The coldness in his eyes could make one's scalp tingle in fear.

"He he! Don't look at me like that. I'll leave; I'll leave. Okay…"

Shivering from being stared down by the man, Qiao Wennan placatingly said this.

However, shortly after he turned to walk a few steps toward the door, he suddenly looked backward with a serious expression.

"Ziming, my younger sister truly misses you. She has been pining for you over the years."


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