Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
747 Be it now or in the past, I only love Pei Ge.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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747 Be it now or in the past, I only love Pei Ge.

Ever since this guy's sudden appearance, the atmosphere in the room had gone all wrong.

"Sister Qin, who was that man earlier?" Zhang Manhua frowned slightly. Also, who is that supposed sister of his?

Why did he say that?

"Hur hur. Just one of Ming Ming's friends." Mother Ji gave a stiff smile.

"Then, what he said just then… What does it mean?"

Asking the question she had inside, her expression turned a little solemn.

"I am an open-minded person, so I don't mind Xiao Ji having an ex-girlfriend, provided that the one he likes now is our Ge Ge and doesn't remain entangled with other women."

As she said this, her gaze shifted from her daughter to the man.

"But if Xiao Ji has someone else in his heart, then no matter how outstanding he is, I will never leave my daughter in his hands."

The man's parents were stunned upon hearing this.

Clearly, the two had not expected to hear this.

The man's mother liked Pei Ge and had a good impression of her mother.

Still, she subconsciously thought that her son was much more outstanding than his partner.

Therefore, when she heard Pei Ge's mother say this, she realized that the reason she liked her son's partner a lot was that, unlike other people, she was not snobbish.

This was despite the mother-daughter pair knowing how influential and rich the Ji family was.

In the end, the two just did not care about it at all.

While the man's parents were still stunned, Ji Ziming, who was next to his girlfriend, rushed to explain himself to her mother.

"Auntie, I don't have an ex-girlfriend or any other woman. Be it now or in the past, there's only Pei Ge."

His heart turned chaotic when he heard her say that she would not leave her daughter in his hands.

Hence, these words came tumbling out of his mouth without running them through his head first.

Upon hearing their son's 'confession', the two were stunned again.

Their son always had a stoic face even when he was much younger, and he was never the type to say anything affectionate, yet right now, he was actually saying such words in this type of occasion! He even said it while feeling flustered? Was this a dream?

The bit of uneasiness and confusion in Pei Ge subsided because of his words.

With a wide smile on her face, she turned to look at him in a daze.

'Be it now or in the past, there is only Pei Ge.'

This one statement played an endless loop on her mind.

"Okay, Xiao Ji. Auntie will leave my daughter in your hands. Don't ever bully her."

A light smile appeared on Zhang Manhua's face upon hearing his sincere words.

I knew that I did not misjudge him!

How can Xiao Ji be the fickle type?


Although there was a brief pause during the two families' meeting, it did not create much trouble for them.

Due to his sincere 'confession', the engagement was pushed forward again.

After discussing some details of the engagement, the two mothers decided to pay that fortune-telling master a visit next weekend to check what auspicious date they should schedule their children's wedding.

Once they were done, the two families parted ways.

"Manhua, let's keep in contact!"

"Okay! Let's talk again next time!"

After waving goodbye to her, the slightly tipsy Zhang Manhua got into Ji Ziming's car with her daughter.

"Xiao Ji, your personality is very different from your mother's."

With her daughter still clinging onto her arm, she comfortably leaned against the back seat and joked with the man.

"Mom, what are you saying…"

Pei Ge quickly moved to defend him.

"He he! Ge Ge, you haven't even married him, yet you're already defending him." Her mother proceeded to tease her, instead.

"Mom, I think you've drunk a lot." She speechlessly pouted.

"I didn't… I'm not drunk…"

Her mother then slowly drifted into sleep.

She shook her head in amusement at the sight of her dear mother drifting into sleep.

Seems that mom really likes Ji Ziming's mom!

Her mother, who did not like to drink much, actually drank a few glasses with his mother.

"Is auntie asleep?"

The man looked through the rearview mirror and softly asked.

"Yes, she's asleep."

She nodded with a smile.

"Oh, right." Suddenly, she thought of something.

"Hm?" He signaled for her to speak.

"Who is that man's younger sister? Why did he speak like that? Why do I feel that he had someone's urging when he said and did those things before us?"

Although she was swooned by her boyfriend's words earlier, women were naturally sensitive.

A woman's sixth sense, in particular, was especially acute.

Hence, she silently noted the younger sister that man mentioned.

"…" His long silence made alarm bells ring inside her. Just as she was starting to think that something was up with that 'younger sister', he finally spoke.

"Pei Ge, she…" He pursed his lips slightly as his eyes showed complex emotions.

"Why? Didn't you say that, be it now or in the past, I am the only one? Were you perhaps saying that to trick me and mom?"

Her heart dully pounded as she recalled the photo she had seen before.

In it… he and an unknown girl were standing together intimately…

"No, I wasn't lying, but that matter between me and her is a little complicated. If I must put her in a position, then she's my savior."


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