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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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749 You are the only one I need.

"I don't understand you."

She frowned in confusion upon noting the despondency on his face.

What does he mean that he feels she has changed?

Why does it sound so confusing?

"You need not understand. You just have to know that I only want you," he said softly, looking at her clueless face with amusement.

Actually, while he was mad at his father for sending Qiao Jingyun overseas that year, deep down, how could he not sigh in relief?

After all, he could not give her what she wanted.

Still, he did not want to hurt her, so her departure gave them distance, which was the best solution.

He even thought before that, if she ever returned later without a boyfriend and still liked him, while he himself did not like anyone or was not in a relationship, he would marry her.

Even if he did not love her, he would do this as payment for her saving his life back then; thus, he would treat her well and make her have a blissful life.

Unexpectedly, Pei Ge appeared in his life and entered his world.

Hearing such words from him, the sourness in Pei Ge's heart disappeared entirely.

She revealed a bright smile as she gazed at him lovingly.

"Actually, I sing really well, too!"

These words came tumbling out of her mouth thoughtlessly.

After she said this, not just the man, even she was stunned, too.

"Cough, cough, cough!" She blinked, blushing slightly, and muttered, "I'm not feeling jealous; I can just really sing well!"

"Oh." His lips curled up slightly as he calmly acknowledged this.

This reply made her panic.

"My singing is really good! It's true! I was one of the top ten singers in my school! Back then, I almost took part in the Super Voice Girls competition!"

If not for dad being in a car accident when I was in third year middle school, I might already be an idol now!

"Okay. Sing for me later, then." He was amused at the way she frantically tried to explain herself.

"Hng! I don't wanna sing for you!" She huffed angrily.

"That means that your singing isn't good," he lightly said, raising an eyebrow.

"Pui! Your singing is what's bad!" She glared at him and then indignantly grumbled, "Even if my singing is good, I won't ever sing for you!"

The green light lit up again amid their light banter, and the car made its way to her house.

After safely reaching her home, she then acted petulant and chased the man out of her house.

Although he was chased out, his face was still filled with smiles.

This stupid woman must be feeling jealous. I already explained it to her, yet she's actually still jealous…

Is it because she loves me too much?

Feeling blissful and gleeful inside, he left her neighborhood.

Just as he left her neighborhood, his phone rang.

He noted the number on the phone display and then put on his Bluetooth earphone to answer the call.


"Ziming, you a*shole. You don't need friends now that you have a lover, huh! This year is terrible! Why don't you ever come out when I ask you out?"

The moment the call connected, he heard Mu Heng grumbling on the other end.

"Let me tell you; tonight, whether you are free or not, you must make time for me! You ought to keep this brother of yours company as I drink and talk about life, or I'll go report to Little Chili about your dark history! Okay, let's meet tonight at our usual place!"

His childhood friend then hung up the call, not letting him say a word.

His eyebrows twitched a little upon hearing the busy tone from his earphone.

"This Mu Heng…"

While he was being pestered by his childhood friend, his girlfriend also did not fare well as she got pestered by his cousin.

"Sister Pei Ge, now that you have officially met my uncle and aunt, when are you guys going to get engaged? Can I start calling you sister-in-law now?"

Pei Ge rolled her eyes in exasperation as Qin Qitong chirped excitedly over the phone.

If someone were unclear about the situation, they might think that the girl was the one getting engaged!

"Okay, okay. Where did all your questions come from…"

"Of course, I have a lot of questions! One is my cousin and the other is my best friend, so how can I not be excited? More importantly, once you marry my cousin, I'll have a backer!"

The girl then continued excitedly. "Whether it's my father or brother, I need not fear them! They are nothing compared to my cousin!"

Her eyes flashed with worry upon hearing the girl mention her father and brother. She then softly asked, "Qitong, are you doing alright now? Your brother and your father—"

"Aiya! Don't mention them! A pair of dumb men who got cheated by women! I don't wanna have any connection to them!" The girl snorted in disdain.

"But they're still your father and brother," she pointed out disapprovingly.

Although the two men had gone overboard, they were still her family…

"Tsk! It's precisely because they are my family that I am like this! If I don't leave them aside for a while, how will they understand the injustice I've felt? Hmph!" The girl continued to be stubborn.

"Sister Pei Ge, you don't know; although my father settled my stepmother, my stepbrother's mind is still clouded! I can't be bothered to expose Li Yumeng, that fake white lotus! Let him do whatever he wants. I don't even care if he gets eaten by that vicious and despicable piranha!"

"…" For some reason, she suddenly felt that the girl had really changed a lot after this incident.

After chatting for some more, she hung up the call.

Switching on her laptop, she noted the date on the screen and could not help but feel expectant.

The holiday… is almost over. I can go back to Tianjin to continue my job there!

This time, I must settle everything in Jiaheng well!

Afterward… I'll return and get engaged with Ji Ziming!


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