Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
751 You will not only lose Pei Ge but also your buddy.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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751 You will not only lose Pei Ge but also your buddy.

"Ziming, Ziming. Mingxuan is drunk; he's drunk…"

Mu Heng acted as the mediator again. He first cupped his hands over Fu Mingxuan's mouth before he provided an excuse to Ji Ziming with a forced smile.

"He's broken-hearted! The girl he's been pining for rejected him, so he said such incredulous words. Don't take it to heart. He is not pointing fingers at you and Little Chili!"

The man cocked a brow at his explanation, feeling that something was off with this.

Still, as childhood friends, he decisively dropped this matter of his friend showing him attitude.

"I knew it! Mingxuan is indeed broken-hearted! His temper has been extremely weird recently."

Liao Gaofei muttered at this revelation.

Seeing that the matter was calmly settled, Mu Heng finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, when he felt Fu Mingxuan's hateful glare at him, he still involuntarily shivered in cold fear.

Ugh… Mingxuan… won't vent his anger on me, right?

"I'm leaving."

Ji Ziming was not in the mood to stay after what had happened; hence, he quickly left once he bid them goodbye.

Mu Heng only released Fu Mingxuan upon his departure.

"Mu Heng!"

The man fiercely glared at him the moment he was released.

Fu Mingxuan had not expected this guy, who did nothing but goof around all day, to have so much strength.

He could not even escape his embrace no matter how hard he tried.

"He he! I'm doing this for your own good!" Mu Heng chuckled, looking at him innocently.

"You don't know anything!"

Fu Mingxuan balled up his fists tightly, seemingly about to pummel him down.

"Of course, I know. I know that you like Little Chili. I also know that she's the one you've been pining for all these years."

The man shrugged and lazily leaned against the sofa.

"…" Fu Mingxuan was stunned.

The other person in the private room was equally bewildered.

"Mingxuan likes Pei Ge? As in Ji Ziming's girlfriend?" Liao Gaofei looked at Mu Heng in disbelief and then immediately refuted this. "Impossible! How… could he possibly like Ziming's girlfriend?!"

Unexpectedly, the man's next words shockingly confirmed everything.

"That's right. I like her. She's the woman in my heart all this while."

The man stared at Mu Heng coldly. "I was the first to meet her, so I should be the one with her!"

"Sigh…" The other sighed lightly at his obstinacy.

"Although you've known her for years, you guys are not fated. Let it go; don't stubbornly hold on to it. Those two like each other and are getting engaged soon.

"You… should take her out of your heart, or else not only will you lose her, you'll also lose your good buddy, too…"


Time flashed by fast and the holiday soon ended.

Despite being reluctant to leave her home in the capital for… Jiaheng Real Estate, Pei Ge still chose to return to Tianjin and resume her job at the company immediately after the holiday.

However, this time, her chauffeur in Tianjin was not someone under Ji Ziming's father.

It was—

"Ziming, I already said that you don't have to bother sending me off. It's too troublesome."

She grumbled with a smile at the man who had driven his car over and was waiting downstairs for her.

"I'm your boyfriend."

With that said, he took her luggage and placed it in the back of the car.

Her eyes curved into two small crescent moons as she watched her suave boyfriend in action.

Ahh! It feels so good to have a boyfriend!


After closing the car door, she turned to look at her boyfriend, who seemed to be in a good mood, and blinked. "Why do I feel that you're a little different today?"

"…" Schooling his expression into a stoic one, the man ignored her question and promptly started the car, instead.

When he did not say anything, she continued scrutinizing him.

"Cough!" He gave an unnatural cough upon sensing her stare at him, but before he could say anything, she already exclaimed excitedly.

"Ah, I know! You used hair wax today, right?"

She stared at his hair and eagerly studied it.

In the past, the man just wore his hair like usual, but right now, his hair was styled meticulously.

"… No." He quickly denied this, the corner of his lips twitching.

She continued scrutinizing his hair and the parts that stuck together, though. She even… reached out to touch it.

"Ha ha! Ziming, who are you trying to bluff? Tell me why your hair is so stiff if you didn't use hair wax!"

She mercilessly exposed his lie and smiled like a sly little fox.

Her laughter made the man feel abashed.

Still, he did not show this but kept a stoic and cold front.

His lack of reaction only served to make her more amused and fascinated, though.

"Hey, Ziming! Why did you suddenly style your hair? You look pretty suave!"

She praised him, grinning from ear to ear.

The longer she observed, the further she found him suave and handsome than usual.

At this moment, she realized that not just his hairstyle, even his clothes changed.

His usual getup comprised old-fashioned clothes and smart-looking suits. Right now, his attire was on the casual and trendy side, and this made him look younger.

As a result, his scary and grim face seemed more relaxed and welcoming!

"Wow! Ziming, why are you dressed to the nine today?!" She stared at him, feeling guarded inside.

Him looking so cool will just attract more girls!

"Nothing," he casually replied.

"Don't tell me that you're dressed so well because you're sending me to work?"

Her mind seemed to have short-circuited when she saw him looking so calm.

However, when she saw his hands slip from the steering wheel, she felt that she had touched upon the truth!


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