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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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752 How is my girlfriend this cool?

The car quickly reached Jiaheng, and she alighted from it.

Although the air was humid, it was sunny today.

She took a deep breath and revealed a satisfied look.

This is great! I'm back here!

With the end of the new year celebration, she felt that things would go smoothly from here on.

Strive on, Pei Ge! You already have a man now! Next, it's your career!

From now on, you must give your 100% in everything!

As long as you solve all the issues in Jiaheng, your boyfriend's father will have nothing to say against you!

Also, you'll be a worthy match for Ji Ziming.

"What's on your mind?" Noticing that she was looking at him dazedly, he cocked a brow and asked that. "Smiling like a fool."

"He he! Not telling you!" She cutely and cheekily blinked at him.

After she said that, she grabbed his arm and affectionately leaned on him.

"Alright, I must go to work now! You should hurry back!"

Despite her affectionate actions, her words were cruelly for chasing him away.

This made the man's brows twitch in displeasure as he calmly turned to look at the woman leaning on him.

"Since I am here already here, I might as well go with you inside for an inspection."

And see if there are any likely love rivals, he added inwardly.

Alas, she could not hear that part, or else she would definitely guffaw.

That was because… unexpectedly, what she had casually said in the car was actually the truth.

He was dressed to the nine today because of her!

Ha ha! If she knew about it, she would definitely die of happiness.

"Inspection? What is there to inspect?"

The corner of her lips twitched as she mumbled, "I thought you said that Jiaheng is not under your family's company?

"Also, everyone has just returned from holiday; this is too sudden."

He remained expressionless as he remarked, "I want it exactly this sudden."

As he said that, he enclosed her hand in his and walked in the direction of Jiaheng.

She could only look on in confusion at his insistence. Unable to understand the meaning behind his actions, she decided to just let him be.

"Good morning, boss!"

"Morning, Ma'am Pei!"


The moment they entered, everyone who saw her greeted her with a wide smile.

The man raised an eyebrow slightly upon witnessing all the employees greet her with a smile.

He did not expect that the employees here would be friendly to her.

Just as he was observing these employees, they were also observing this man who had walked into the company while holding hands with their lady boss.

His features and demeanor were already eye-catching to begin with.

Now, standing next to their boss, everyone's attention was drawn to him even more.

All of them were second-guessing his identity and his relationship with their capable leader.

Thus, amid the crowd's pondering, the two entered her office intimately.

Once they were inside her office, all the Jiaheng employees huddled together.

"Wow! Wasn't that the man who had taken our lady boss away during the year-end party before the holidays?"

"Then, he should be our boss's boyfriend, right?"

"That doesn't sound right. Isn't Mr. Fu our boss's boyfriend?"

"Yes! Her boyfriend should be Mr. Fu! Could this be the third party who succeeded in usurping his position?"

"Ha ha! Is he perhaps a gigolo our boss keeps?"

"How is that possible? That man doesn't seem like it. He is definitely someone with a very high social standing!"

"He he… I was just kidding!"

"Still, to be honest, I really envy our boss!"

"That's right! Our boss isn't very beautiful, but the men around her, including Mr. Fu and this man today, are all very handsome!"

"Sigh… I really wanna know how our boss managed to get such topnotch men!"

"Same here!"

The two people in the office had no clue that they had become the topic of the employees outside.

As such, right now, they were resting in the lounge and enjoying their coffee.

"How is it? It's been a while since you last drank the coffee I made. Is it still passable?"

Pei Ge smiled at the man taking a sip of coffee from the cup he was holding.

"Mhm… It's delicious." Swallowing a mouthful of the rich coffee, Ji Ziming calmly nodded.

She also drank hers with a smile, joking thereafter, "Is there a problem with your taste buds? I added sugar to your coffee again today!"

He raised an eyebrow and nonchalantly placed the coffee cup to his lips again.

The problem was not with his taste buds but with his heart.

He clearly hated this flavor of the coffee, but if the person brewing it was her, he would willingly finish it even if it were laced with poison.

"Alright. I still have a meeting later, so sit here for a while. After I'm done, we—" Can go for the inspection.

She was cut off mid-speech.

"I'll go to the meeting with you," he said, putting down his coffee cup.

"Ah?" She widened her eyes in confusion. "You're going with me? Why?"

She crossed her arms as a corner of her lips slanted upward.

"Why? You want to interfere with my company?"

"No, I just wanna observe and listen."

Hence, she brought the great CEO Ji along to sit in on the meeting.

When she arrived at the meeting room with him in tow, all the department heads turned confused and curious gazes on the man.

However, the moment she sat on the top seat and started the meeting, all of these people's attention was automatically drawn on her.

Among them was the man.


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