Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
753 My boyfriend cannot be this cute!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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753 My boyfriend cannot be this cute!

"This is our company's strategic plan for the year. Take a look."

She swept her gaze over all people in the room, stood up, and gestured at the projection on the wall.

"Here, here, and here. These are the things we need to take note of this year…"

The woman standing before the projection clearly looked average, but she was currently dazzling.

Right now, as if she were emitting light, everyone's gazes were riveted on her, and it was hard for anyone to ignore her existence.

Even he was staring at her with love and pride.

He felt pride and smugness well up inside him.

Look; that's my girlfriend!

This was when he realized that the woman, whom he thought needed his protection, had such a capable side.

Although he already knew that her every strategy and move for Jiaheng was well-executed, the report, which had reached him, ultimately slightly differed from the actual.

Watching her in action now, his lips could not help but lightly curl up at the corners. He leaned casually on the back rest, looking very relaxed and calm.

Only after the meeting was over with everyone gone did her strong and sharp demeanor vanish.

Clap, clap, clap!

The slow clapping made her turn to look at the other remaining person in the room.

She noticed him walking over with his lips slightly curved up.

For some reason, she felt her cheeks burn.

"What are you doing?" She glared at him with a pout, continuing to pack her documents.

"Today's meeting was interesting and your strategies are amazing." He did not skimp on his praises for her.

She became even more embarrassed at this.


She was happy to receive his praise, though. After all, most of the time, she was imitating him.

From a certain perspective, he could be considered her mentor.

Having received this mentor's praise, how could she not be happy? This was especially since this teacher was her darling boyfriend.

"It's true." He nodded with a light smile.

"He he! I also think that I'm pretty amazing!" She stuck out her chest, lifted her head, and grinned unabashedly.

The two affectionately gathered their stuff and exited the meeting room.

This time, after the meeting, she led him to 'inspect' the company with a smile.

"This is our project department; this is…"

As she led him to every corner of the company, she realized… that this scene was truly very familiar!

When they reached an office, one of the female employees there dropped her pen onto the ground.

This female employee hastily moved to pick up her pen.

This scene made her recall that time she mistakenly entered his company.

Scenes of how she then tried to avoid him every moment replayed in her mind. Thinking back on it now, she had truly used every method there was to hide from him!

For example, she even used this trick that time!

As she thought of that, she raised head to look at him.

With this one look, she realized his gaze had been on her for who knew how long.

She quickly turned her head away.

"Let's go."

He dipped his head to peer at her, and in public view, his well-defined hand gently grabbed hers.

Just like this, she was led away by him.

Behind them, a dumbfounded crowd watched them leave with clasped hands.

"The hell? This is public torture for us single dogs!"

"I knew it! That's really her boyfriend!"

"Wow! How blissful!"


When they exited the company, she recovered her senses.

"Y-Y-You! Ji Ziming, what did you do? I'm working! You're really…" She pursed her lips, feeling utterly speechless inside.

She was led out of the company by the man in this way; how were the employees going to think of her from here on?

"I'm hungry."

He looked at her expressionlessly.

Hearing him say this, she did not know what to say for a moment.

"Even if you're hungry, you can't pull me out like this! What are people gonna think?" she grumbled.

"You're my girlfriend. No matter what they think, you are still my girlfriend." He was resolute as he peered at her.

"Pfft!" She looked at his serious expression and connected it to what the employees would think as they saw her being led out of the company by the hand…

"Don't tell me that you came all the way here just to show others that I'm your girlfriend and to declare your sovereignty?"

She posed this question with uncertainty.

What she did not expect was that, after making that wild guess, his face would freeze.

Her eyes widened infinitely at this.

"I-It can't be, right?!" She gawked at him in disbelief, stuttering, "Do-Don't t-tell me… that i-it's really like that? You came here for such a childish reason…"

To declare sovereignty as my boyfriend?

So you dressed to the nine to…

"Cough!" A light cough interrupted her thoughts.

"Let's go eat."

As he said this, the man dragged her into the car.


After getting into the passenger seat, she turned to look at the man in the driver's seat. She then blinked and covered her mouth to hide her snicker.

I really didn't expect my boyfriend to have such a cute side!

To think that he would insist on coming here today and would hold my hand for such a goal…

As she recalled all that had happened today, she suddenly felt that he was so adorable her heart could not handle it!

Oh, my gosh! How can my boyfriend be this cute?


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