Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
754 I prefer eating the food you cook.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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754 I prefer eating the food you cook.

Although Tianjin was not his base camp, it could not be helped that this great CEO had power and influence.

A call was all he needed to help them, who were unfamiliar with this city, find a place to eat.

At the restaurant, the two only merely said their names, and they were quickly led into a large room by a waiter.

Gazing around the room, which could seat over ten people, she could not help but grumble about this corrupt capitalist next to her.

"It's just us two; don't you think it's a little wasteful to get such a huge room?" She blinked at him.

"It's peaceful," he replied calmly.

"Tsk!" She nudged her lips and took a seat beside him.

Noting then that the waiter, who had led them into the room, was gone, she asked in confusion, "Aren't we ordering food?"

"The order has been placed." He looked at her. "Why? Are you hungry already?"

"Nope!" She quickly shook her head. "Just found it weird."

"Mhm." He lightly hummed and took out a tablet PC to view some office files.

The man was so focused on his work that he did not even talk to her. This made her feel a little piqued.

"Aren't you here to spend time with me?" she mumbled with displeasure.

"Yes, I am." He put down his tablet PC and softly explained things to her. "But I have a huge project coming up recently."

"Oh, then get busy." She pursed her lips and scolded herself inside, I shouldn't have gotten angry with him for no reason. He's a busy man, and with the bulk of work he has, it's not easy for him to be with me here in Tianjin. Don't be so willful!

"I'm not busy. I just need to settle these." Although he did not know what she was thinking, he himself did not want to do work while they were together.

Hence, he quickly read through the files, emailed a reply, and kept his tablet PC away.


She blinked in surprise when he completed his work at lightning speed and felt a little touched.

At the same time, she started blaming herself. He's such a good boyfriend, so you can't be fierce with him next time!

"Ziming, what huge project is the company involved in these days?" she asked, feeling curious.

"Chenguang is bidding for a piece of land near the sea that is going to be used to build a resort." He gave this explanation to her.

Only then did she grasp how huge this project was.

If Chenguang could secure this project, it would be enough for it to become one of the leading real estate companies in the capital.

Alas, this company was not alone in seeing the potential of this project.

"Wow! That's a really huge deal," she remarked.

"Yes, this piece of land has high potential," he agreed lightly.

"Then, both of us need to work with our all!"

Amid their discussion, the dishes were quickly served up.

When the mouth-watering cuisines were served, she turned to glare at the man.

"Why did you order so much?! We can't finish all this food!"

"… I didn't order it."

He hastily transferred the blame on the person who had ordered the dishes, Du Wen.

"Then, let's have these leftovers in a to-go box! I saw quite a few beggars on the street earlier."

She suggested while looking at this table full of food helplessly.

"Okay," he readily agreed.

After settling the issue of leftovers, she happily started having lunch.

This restaurant was actually part of a five-star hotel chain, so the dishes were truly delectable.

However, no matter how delicious this meal was, she still missed his cooking more.

"Is the food delicious?" He asked when he saw the happiness on her face.

Nodding, she quickly replied, "Yes!"

"Still…" She looked at him with a gaze filled with sincerity and anticipation. "I think your cooking is more to my liking, so I prefer eating it than this."

She said that without expecting a reply from him, but who knew—

"Okay. Let's go to the supermarket tonight after you get off work."

The man actually said that.

She was so shocked and stunned that her eyes widened infinitely.

"D-Don't you have something on?"

"I don't." He calmly gave a curt reply.

To him, those were trivial matters compared to the stupid woman before him.

"But… But…"

Feeling conflicted inside, she was still trying to form her words, but the man already spoke.

"It's settled, then. We will go grocery-shopping after work," he said with finality.

"… Okay."

After the very fulfilling lunch, she asked for a to-go box before she had him give the leftovers to the beggars on the street.

The man felt warm inside at her act of giving all the leftovers to the beggars on the street.

This was his first time asking for takeout, and the feeling was surprisingly good.

After they distributed the leftovers to the street beggars, she brought her 'little tail' back to company to resume work.

Hence, amid Jiaheng employees' whispers, the man kept her company for the rest of the day.

At 5 PM, the company's quitting time, when he saw that she was still reading some files, he decided to pull her up.

"Time to go. Get off work and go buy some groceries with me."

Her lips twitched as she looked up at the man's handsome face. For some reason, she felt that he was a little excited.


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