Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
755 A boyfriend like yours is rare these days.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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755 A boyfriend like yours is rare these days.

Isn't it just buying stuff? Does he have to be this excited?

She looked at the man standing beside her. He did not have much change in his expression.


She could feel his excitement.

As for the reason, it was of course…

"The ingredients here are fresh."

She was busy eyeing the crowded and slightly smelly wet market when she heard him say that. Right at this moment, she truly felt that her high and mighty boyfriend had been possessed by something!

That was right! The place they were at was not a supermarket but an actual wet market, instead!

It was like one of those buzzling and chaotic wet markets she and her mother frequented!

Initially, she thought that he meant the supermarket when he mentioned shopping for ingredients earlier.

However, the instant she got out of his car, she was dumbfounded.

Before they even entered the wet market, they could already smell the stench and hear the hawking and haggling of vendors and customers alike.

Half a beat later, her brain, which had short-circuited, had yet to recover from shock…

The hell! Is this for real?!

This must be a hallucination!

"What's wrong? You're zoning out again." He lightly knocked on her head when she simply stared blankly at the wet market.

This knock jolted her back to her senses, and she turned to him with a glint in her eyes.

"Ziming, you really want to buy goods here?" Are you okay?

"Why? Can't I come here to buy ingredients?" He cocked an eyebrow at her calmly.

She blinked, feeling slightly awkward, and replied, "Not really. Just that… seeing you dressed so… formally, it doesn't seem right for you shop here."

While the suit he was wearing today were unlike the usual and on the trendy side, one could still tell that it was not cheap but was carefully tailored, instead.

Actually, there were people walking around in suits in the wet market, too.


This man with his expensive suit definitely did not look like someone who should be in a wet market!

No matter which angle one looked at him, he did not fit this wet market scene!

Moreover, he was definitely not the type to come in such places to shop for goods!

"Dressed formally?"

He frowned slightly and looked down at his clothes.

"Do I have to change clothes just for shopping goods?"

He, who had never shopped for basic necessities, asked this in a low voice.

"Er…" She was at a loss on how to answer his question now.

One did not actually have to change clothes to do grocery-shopping, but the man's attire was just too inconvenient.

After all, the wet market was filled with all sorts of goods and people. One moment of carelessness was all it took for this expensive suit to get stained.

"Let's go. Don't care about it. I'll change my clothes next time."

He cared not for what she was concerned about and just pulled her into the wet market.

Next time? There is a next time?!

She was totally bewildered by his remark.

She was already surprised that he would actually bring her to a public wet market to shop for goods. Now, this man was actually telling her that there was a next time?!

He must be possessed by something!

If not, I must be dreaming. This situation is totally unreal!

Not only was the great CEO Ji actually in a wet market right now, he was even thinking of coming back next time!

She let him lead her into the wet market with her head spinning around.

The ground was filled with all kinds of dirt. There were the occasional puddles of dark, murky water and dirty bits of veggies, and the stall owners wore not very clean clothes.

The air smelled of fresh vegetables and raw meat. Luckily, it was winter. If not… this smell would definitely be pungent.

She silently turned to look at the man holding her hand.

When she saw his expression, she was instantly taken aback.

That was because… there not even a sliver of unhappiness or disdain on his face.

Instead, he was calm and devoid of malice.

In fact, she seemed to see a glint of interest in his eyes.

Cough, cough! she thought. I must be seeing things.

"Ziming, are you okay?"

When they walked past a fish vendor, her nose caught a fishy smell, and she intuitively turned to ask him.

"I'm good." He nodded at her. After saying this, instead of walking away, he pulled her toward the fish stall.

"What type of fish do you like?"

He scrutinized the fresh fish thrashing about on the chopping board and in the bucket before he dipped his head to ask.

His question stunned her slightly.


"We'll have fish soup tonight." He explained upon seeing her dazed look.


She could not stifle her laughter at his explanation.

Her chaotic mind settled at this moment.

"Young man, young miss, would you like to buy some fish?" The auntie at the stall spotted the pair standing there and subconsciously used formal speech and a milder tone to address them.

"Our fish are all fresh. We personally raise them in our fish enclosures! The meat of our fish is tender and juicy, too! If you want to make soup, crucian carp is the most suitable! Just look at this one!"

Upon hearing the stall owner's persuasion, she intuitively turned to peer at the man.

This was when she realized that his gaze was on the fish the stall owner was pointing.

He looked very serious, even more so than when he was working.

"Shall we have crucian carp soup tonight?" He turned to look at her.

He seemed to be very satisfied with the fish the stall owner was indicating for him.

"No problem. You're the one cooking, anyway!" She grinned at him.

"Aye! Miss, you are so fortunate! Look at how good your man is treating you! A boyfriend who accompanies his girlfriend to a wet market and knows how to cook is really rare these days!"


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