Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
761 CEO Ji, get in my bed only after you wash up!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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761 CEO Ji, get in my bed only after you wash up!

Even though both seemed not to have any problems with sleeping in the same room, they were still a little unaccustomed to the intimacy of sharing a bedroom in an apartment.

As such, the pair watching TV in the living room after dinner was a little distracted.

Time quickly passed.

The expression on their faces became increasingly unnatural.

"Cough!" In the end, the man spoke first. "It's getting late. Don't you have work tomorrow? Go to bed."

"Huh? Ah, r-right! I have work tomorrow!"

The woman replied unnaturally as she nodded to clear her head.

"That…" She stood up from her seat, her cheeked tinged an alluring pink.

"En?" He prompted her to speak.

"No-Nothing." When she saw his cold gaze, she became flustered and quickly shook her head.

He smiled slightly at her hesitance.

"If nothing, then go to bed."

"I-I'll go shower first!"

As she said that, she quickly got up off the couch and fled the living room.

His smile grew wider as he watched her flee.

Hmm… The decision to take time off and come to Tianjin was right, indeed.


Water from the showerhead poured on her, soaking her body.

As she rubbed soap all over herself, she began mumbling distractedly.

"Am I really sharing a bed with that annoying fellow?"

Her heart beat wildly whenever she thought of that.

Images of his slender body and abs began to appear in her mind…

"Ah! Pei Ge, what are you imagining?"

She quickly recovered herself from her wild imagination and patted herself on the cheeks.

After rinsing off the soap, she wiped the water from her body and put on fresh clothes.

Just as she was about to open the door and leave the bathroom, her hand paused.

She was really going out…

"Pei Ge, when you sleep in the same bed as that annoying fellow later, please keep yourself in check! Don't do anything suspicious…" she warned, afraid that she would attack him from being unable to control her urges.

"Reserve! Reserve! Girls must be reserved! I mustn't scare that annoying fellow later."

Muttering and counseling herself, she took a deep breath and then opened the bathroom door.

She then left the bathroom in her thick pajamas and headed to the living room, only to find that the man was not there anymore.

"Ziming?" she called out in confusion. "Where are you?"

Moments later, movements came from the only bedroom in the apartment.

"I'm here."

She took a few steps toward her bedroom, and the man appeared before her.

"What are you doing? Why are you in my room?"

She looked at him confusedly, her heart tightening a little.

My room isn't dirty, right?

It's not… messy, either, right?

She nervously asked these questions to herself.

"Just organizing the space that I'm going to sleep in later," he answered with a straight face.

"Ah?" She blinked at him confusedly.

Organizing the space that he's going to sleep in?!

She quickly headed to the door to her bedroom. Pushing him to the side, the orderly bedroom appeared in her view.

The placement of objects in the room remained the same. The only change came from the king-size bed!

The bed had another set of blankets in addition to the original ones.

From the color, it was for a man.

Of course, without looking at their color, she knew that they were his.

This annoying fellow is really treating this place as his home, huh! He even laid his blanket!

Wait! Something isn't right here.

"That's not right! Ziming, where did the blanket come from?"

She looked confusedly at him. She could swear that she had never seen such a set of blankets in the apartment before.

"Oh, I had someone send them over," he replied nonchalantly.

She rolled her eyes when she heard his reply and asked, "Did you plan this right from the start?"

See? Even his blankets were sent here.

"No, I called someone to send a few over earlier," he replied calmly.

"It's fine. Enough of that. Go take a shower; I'm going to bed first."

She did not want to dwell on this issue with him and just hurriedly pushed him out of the room without looking at him.

"Make sure that you're clean before getting in my bed, or else don't even bother coming in!" she said arrogantly, slamming the bedroom door shut thereafter.

The man, who was pushed out of the room, was stunned.

Wh-What did that stupid woman tell me?

Did she just tell me… to make sure that I'm clean before getting in her bed?

His earlobes turned pink.

That stupid woman! She's really gotten cheekier lately!

While a certain CEO outside could not recover from her words, neither could she as she stood in her room.

Her cheeks turned pink after she pushed him out of the room.

"Gosh. What did I just say…" she muttered, covering her face.

"I must've gone crazy…"

Pei Ge, Pei Ge! You're that annoying fellow's girlfriend, and you guys are married already! Isn't it just sleeping in the same room and in the same bed? Why are you panicking?

Even if you do sleep with him, you're the one who stands to gain!

Under such self-counseling, she calmed down.

She even started looking forward to what might happen after he came out of the shower and entered her room…


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