Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
766 Who do you think you are, Qiao Jingyun?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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766 Who do you think you are, Qiao Jingyun?

"It's truly been awhile, Sister Shishi!"

Qiao Jingyun, who was seated in the cushioned chair, looked up at her with a smile.

This smile was even more radiant than hers.

"Hur hur. I'm undeserving of this 'sister' title."

Pei Shishi smirked coldly and placed her Chanel sheepskin handbag on the table before she took a seat opposite the other woman.

"Hm? How are you undeserving when you are a few years older than I am? Isn't that so, Sister Shishi?"

Although the smile of the woman before her was so sweet, the words coming out of her small, cherry mouth were laced with menace.

Her fists on her knees balled up tightly.

This d*mn woman! Why is she back?!

As she kept silent, the other chuckled demurely, albeit it was filled with satire.

"I think that that plastic surgeon you found isn't great. Look at your eyes and nose; they're not even 50% alike to mine!"

"You—" She glared at her fiercely.

She was no match for this woman across her, apparently, as she was easily crushed by her again and again, and before she could finish speaking, the latter even cut her off.

"It's just a pity. No matter how much you try to imitate me, Ziming is still hates you to the core!" Qiao Jingyun chuckled again. Malicious words spewed out her red lips.

Each word angered Pei Shishi more, and her eyes seemed to be capable of spurting fire.

"Mind your words! I can sue you for slander!" She sucked in a deep breath to repress her anger and calm herself down.

"Slander? Hur hur. Go ahead and sue me. I really want to see which is more powerful, your Pei family or me."

Qiao Jingyun put down her cup of coffee and pursed her lips to blow air on her beautiful fingernails before giving her a spiteful look.

"Hur! What do you have to be smug about? All you have today was all given by Ji Ziming! Who do you think you are?!" Pei Shishi coldly raised her chin.

The more she spoke, the better she felt inside.

"Without him, do you think you can still possess what you have now?"

The air in this small, slightly ajar seat stilled at this instant.

The beautiful sunbeams streamed through the windows and made the inside of the shop warm.

However, despite being bathed in sunlight, the air around this particular table remained frigid.

Pei Shishi felt warm blood inside her course through smoothly when Qiao Jingyun's smile finally disappeared.

This woman is just a little luckier than I am for saving Ji Ziming!

Other than that, where else can she compare up to me?

I'm not any worse than her in terms of looks. As for family background, I'm also much more superior than her, whose father is an addicted gambler and a bum.

My father started his company and grew it to such an extent with his hands.

What about her father, though? If not for that man's and his family's help, what else could the Qiao family be?! She wouldn't even be worth anything!

"Qiao Jingyun, let me kindly remind you: Don't be too arrogant. It's been years; do you think he still likes you? Stop dreaming!"

With smugness in her eyes, she gave her a genuine smile this time.

However, surprisingly, the other woman's tolerance was much higher and her tricks were more superior than hers.

A smile soon returned to Qiao Jingyun's face as her long and slender fingers gently pinched the coffee cup. With her other hand, she gently lifted a beautiful teaspoon and stirred her coffee.

"Oh, if you hadn't mentioned it, I'd have forgotten about it."

She looked at Pei Shishi. The gentle smile on her face was suddenly a little similar to the latter's.

Ding, ding! She took her teaspoon out of the cup and gently knocked it against the cup rim.

Pei Shishi intuitively put up her guard at this.

What is she trying to do again?!

"Sister Shishi, I don't want to say this about you, but you are just too useless."

She put the teaspoon on the coaster before languidly taking a sip of the coffee.

She was truly as this woman said; let alone being better than Pei Shishi's background, her family belonged to the lower-class.

As such, she had not taken the Ji family's financial assistance for granted all these years!

Having been by the man's side since her teenage years, she had successfully climbed up the social ladder that many people could only dream of climbing.

After a few years of living as a socialite, how could she not master an elegant demeanor?

Even if she was still petty, her long stay overseas was not just for show!

Taking up a course in acting, even if she was not innately elegant, she could still pretend…

She had worked so hard just to be deserving of the title as Ji family's mistress.

However, unexpectedly, the man, whom she had in the palm of her hands with her identity as his benefactor, actually… got snatched by another woman!

It was even such a crude and unsightly woman!

This was an utter humiliation to her!

"Sister Shishi, you've truly spent so much effort scheming. You had plastic surgery just to imitate me, yet in the end, you didn't manage to snag my man. Instead, you even let your cousin, who is inferior to you in every way, succeed."

Her gentle and elegant smile belied her complex gaze.

The moment she said this, the woman sitting opposite her was looked at her in disbelief.

"Y-You know it all already?!" Pei Shishi screeched.

She refused to believe that this vicious and petty woman could calmly sit here doing nothing when she knew of Pei Ge's existence.

It… was just too abnormal!


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