Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
767 Let us join forces to break up those two.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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767 Let us join forces to break up those two.

She could not believe that this woman had not taken actions when she knew of Pei Ge's existence.

Could it be because she had just found out?

The other quickly negated her thought, though.

"Of course, I know of your dear cousin's existence." Qiao Jingyun slowly put down her coffee and frowned a little.

"I knew of her existence even before I returned to the country."

Her sweet smile intensified as she saw the surprise on the other's face.

"I asked you out for a drink on the account of that dear cousin of yours."

Looking at her calm demeanor, Pei Shishi got the feeling that this woman she deeply despised had changed after her stay overseas.

"Did you ask me out here to propose a cooperation in dealing with my cousin?"

She raised a brow at that.

"Smart. Indeed, I asked you out here for that reason." Qiao Jingyun smiled at her. "I love chatting with you because… you're so smart."

"He he! Thanks for the compliment, but I don't wanna work with you." She scoffed.

Even though she did not know this woman completely, she was familiar with her character.

This woman was devious, scheming, and vicious. She would use and do anything to get what she wanted.

She would have to be crazy if she were to work with such a woman.

"Oh. really? If you want your dear cousin to separate from him, working with me is your only option, though."

The other did not seem shocked by her rejection as she still carried a smile on her face.

"With your abilities, do you think that you can break the two?

"You know him well. It won't be easy breaking up the two." Qiao Jingyun snorted.

Listening to her words, Pei Shishi could not help but sneer. "Even if that's the case, what would I get out of working with you?"

"What do you stand to gain? Clearly, that would be your dear cousin never having a chance to be with Ziming again." Qiao Jingyun smiled and then blew at her fingernails.

"He! What kind of perk is that? Do you think I'm dumb?"

She laughed at her sarcastically.

"Sister Shishi, you're still not happy with this perk? If we join forces, we can have dear cousin leave his side."

"He he! Compared to you, I'd rather let my cousin be with him!" she spat coldly.

Contrary to expectations, the other woman only laughed aloud, as though she had heard a joke.

"Ha ha! This joke of yours is too funny."

She pursed her lips tightly when the other laughed, but as she moved to speak, the latter beat her to it.

"You… Don't think that I'm unaware of how much you hate your cousin. If I name one person that you don't wanna end up with Ji Ziming, it's definitely her."

The expression on Pei Shishi's face froze and turned ghastly when she heard that.

Seeing her reaction, Qiao Jingyun's lips arched into a smug smile.

"So don't play hard to get with me. I know him, and you know your cousin. If we join forces, we'll be the perfect teammates. We can set aside our differences for now and team up to separate that incompatible pair before we proceed further," she gently persuaded.

"If the one I saw with him is you when I returned, I wouldn't be as unhappy as I am now, but since the woman with him now is someone like that, I can't live with that.

"Are you really willing to see someone inferior to us in every way become his wife? I heard that they'll hold a grand engagement party soon. D'you really want your cousin to climb over our heads?"

Her words hit right on Pei Shishi's sore spot. She could neither ignore her words nor resist her offer.

"Okay, I'm in. Tell me; how do you plan to separate those two for good?" She clenched her fists tightly, her eyes dark.

She could not imagine her cousin becoming that man's wife, nor did she want her, whom she had been oppressing for years, to rise above her.

That would make her feel as if her nightmares had returned…

"Okay, Sister Shishi; I like working with smart people like you."

In a small cafe, two women allied with each other in an unexpected move because of a couple.

Pei Ge was, of course, unaware that, back in the capital, two women were plotting against her.

Right now, she was enjoying a sweet and blissful life.

She was living like a queen. Every morning, a dashing man prepared breakfast for her.

The moment she opened her eyes, she would smell freshly cooked breakfast.

After breakfast, she had her very own ride to work.

Every day at work, she had a good looking, intelligent secretary at her beck and call.

Lunch and dinner comprised incredibly sumptuous and delicious food as well.

Naturally, the most drool-worthy one was… during bedtime!

Every night, there would be a dashing CEO with a great body accompanying her in bed.

She felt that every day was worth living!

She seemed to have entered a married life early, and her husband was the affectionate type, who made her heart beat.

"Pei Ge, good night."

When she came back to herself, she saw Ji Ziming lowering his head to plant a kiss on her forehead.

I'm so lucky to have such a boyfriend! she squealed inwardly.


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