Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
773 The lady boss who is successful in love and career.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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773 The lady boss who is successful in love and career.

Time quickly slipped by amid this couple's sweet life of cohabitation. The two came and went to work, as well as lived and ate, together.

Nearly making all the Jiaheng employees die from envy, the two earned the nickname 'the immortal couple'.

People said that if one lost out in career, they would win in love, yet this saying had nothing to do with her at all.

Not only was she very successful in love, her career was also extremely smooth-sailing.

Jiaheng clinched a few big projects; most importantly, its reputation had become much more positive under her management.

At least, when people mentioned the company, they would not view it as unreliable anymore.

Her days passed smoothly and sweetly.

It was almost the day to Qiao Jingyun's apparel company's opening when Ji Ziming's leave happened to come to an early end.

This morning was when he was set to return to the capital, so she made a very sumptuous breakfast for him.

"I'll come back once everything at the company is settled."

He looked at her gently.

She shook her head at this and said, "Don't trouble yourself with this. Just properly focus on settling the company's affairs.

"I'm also almost done with Jiaheng, so after I seal the deal for that big project next week, I'll transfer my work to the person sent by the headquarters, and then I can return to the capital."

In fact, at this point, all the company employees and problems were almost resolved. Now that she was about to leave Tianjin, she actually felt a little reluctant.

Still, her desire to return to the capital was greater.

After all, that was where her roots were and where her mother was.

"Mhm. We'll see when the time comes." He gently reached out to cover her hand with his.

He had witnessed her growth here.

Jiaheng Real Estate's resuscitation was all because of her.

Before, while he thought that she was a good seedling, he still did not expect to excel in other types of work past the assistant job.

Surprisingly, she had a hidden talent in management and finance.

This side of her made him feel surprised and elated. Even more so, he was proud.

Every time he saw her complete a task, he would think of how he had a good eye for talent!

"Rest assured; I'll quickly return to the capital as soon as I wrap up everything here. At that time, let me be the one to accompany you at work, at home, and at mealtime!"

She grinned at him teasingly.

"Okay…" His eyes were filled with gentleness as he lovingly regarded her.

The two finished their breakfast amid this sickeningly sweet atmosphere.

After the man reluctant bid her goodbye, she returned to the company and started working more dutifully than ever.

It was all in order to return to the capital faster.

"Boss, this is the proposal the other party sent over."

"Boss, you have a business dinner tonight."


After a whole day of work, she returned home completely fatigued.

"I'm home…"

She muttered while looking at the slippers for male.

This was only the first day after his departure, but she was already missing him so much.

As though it were missing something, her heart felt empty without his company.

She changed into her indoor slippers and walked past the living room to the kitchen.

Scouring the empty kitchen, she could not help but recall the image of that annoying fellow wearing an apron and navigating inside… He would always be very busy preparing a nutritious dinner for her…

"Aiya! Looks like I must be more hardworking at work so that I can leave Tianjin earlier! This is only the first day…"

She shook her head as she mumbled this, laughing at how she could barely separate from him now.

As she thought of this, she made her way to the washroom and washed up.

Who knew that, when she entered the washroom, she would be reminded of them washing up together just earlier?

In the end, when she retreated to her bedroom and lay in her comfortable bed, the scene of the man lying beside her and gently hugging her to sleep appeared before her eyes, too…

"I'm done for! I must have consumed a poison called Ji Ziming…"

She mumbled with a face full of bitterness and then forced herself to sleep.

As she suffered from insomnia, a certain CEO, who had just returned to the capital, did not feel much better.

He returned to his apartment once work ended, but even after tossing and turning in bed for some time, he still could not fall asleep.

Every time he closed his eyes, he would unconsciously reach his arm out to his side as her frame appeared in his mind.

When his arm fell on the empty space beside him, he then belatedly frowned.

So I'm already unable to separate from that stupid woman…

He sighed and thought of this with amusement.

I really didn't expect that my heart and mind would be hung up on a woman one day. Truly very unexpected…

"That stupid woman… is probably asleep now, right?"

He got up from the bed and picked up his phone on the bedside table. After a moment of hesitation, he dialed her number.

Pei Ge could still not fall asleep even after tossing and turning around. Scratching her head in frustration, she turned her head to look at her phone beside the pillow.

"Should I… call him to hear his voice…"

She picked up her phone but still did not dial the number she had long memorized in her heart.

"No. He just came home from official business. I shouldn't disturb him with my call. What if he's already asleep or working on something?"

While she was feeling conflicted over this and could not make a decision to call him, her phone screen suddenly lit up.

Following that was a delightful ringtone.

When she saw the caller ID displayed, her eyes promptly lit up, just like the dazzling stars in the night sky.

"Hello, Ziming!" She unhesitatingly picked up the call.

"Pei Ge… I'm missing you already."


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