Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
776 She lost to a woman inferior to her in every way.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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776 She lost to a woman inferior to her in every way.

"Ziming, what's wrong?"

Qiao Jingyun felt aggrieved upon seeing the man indifferently sweep his eyes across her.

Ever since their first meeting many years ago, he had never treated her in such a cold way.

This was despite the man before her not liking to smile and having almost no expression.

While he was very cold, as if he were an iceberg that would never melt, she was clear that he treated her a little more special.

He was especially tolerant and generous to her.

In the past, every time she saw his heartless treatment of other people, she would secretly feel smug.

Now, this special treatment was suddenly gone.

This man treating her coldly, just like any average person, made her angry and frantic.

Only now was she realizing how much influence that woman had on this high and mighty man.

Also… how much influence this would affect her.

Although she did not want to admit it, she could not deny that she had totally lost to that woman inferior to her in every aspect and she looked down upon.

Luckily… my plan's been set into motion.

As long as it progresses smoothly, she'll surely end it with Ji Ziming. Plus… it's gonna be a heartbreaking separation.

From then on, there won't be love but only endless hate between the two!

As she thought of this, the grievance she felt dissipated partly as she got a little gleeful.

However, her glee was short-lived as she was made even more indignant by his words.

"Have you forgotten basic manners after living overseas for years?"

He regarded her indifferently. This woman saved his life before, and he had also secretly decided to take good care of her.

However, since he already had Pei Ge, he must 'take back' all the care, tolerance, and special privileges he had given her.

He was no longer single, after all, and should avoid getting into any situation that could arouse suspicion.

Otherwise, if that stupid woman misunderstood him and got angry at him again, it would not end well.

"I didn't knock in the past, too, but you never scolded me."

Qiao Jingyun pouted in indignation and acted cutesy at him.

It was said that, when a beauty tried currying favor, the destruction level would surely huge. Especially with a beauty like Qiao Jingyun, the effect was many times more effective.

If it were an average man, he would probably nod at everything she said.

Alas, the man before her was not average.

Not only did he ignore her actions, he even picked up the phone to call in his secretary.

Seeing him do this, she was a little confused.

When the secretary entered, she understood his reason for doing so.

"Who let her enter my office without an appointment?"

He coldly demanded when the secretary entered.

This assistant was not as astute as Du Wen, who could partly see through his thoughts, so under his cold and sharp gaze, she shivered and stuttered, "C-CEO Ji, isn't sh-she Miss Qiao…"

This assistant had been working with him for a few years. Although she was unsure if Qiao Jingyun was his girlfriend, it was not this woman's first time being here.

In the past, this woman would also come in directly, but her boss never said anything, so why would he today…

"Have you never read the company's handbook?! Any unrelated personnel or outsider requires my approval before meeting me! They need an appointment!"

He did not care about how it was in the past. With a frigid expression, he merciless berated the assistant.

The assistant's legs turned jelly at his scolding, and she frantically looked up at him.

"Yes! Apologies, CEO Ji! It definitely won't happen again in the future! N-Next time, I won't be so presumptuous!"

She quickly lowered her head in apology.

Inwardly, she was remorseful for not stopping Qiao Jingyun. If not, she would not be chided by her superior right now!

"Get out! If this happens again, then don't bother coming for work."

He coldly peered at his trembling assistant.

"Yes, yes!"

She did not dare to stay for another second and frantically fled from his office.

Hence, only two remained in this huge office.

While the man was scolding his assistant, Qiao Jingyun's face had already turned white.

His act of chiding that assistant was clearly a smack in her face.

She really did not understand why he would suddenly be so cold and apathetic toward her.

Clearly, she had done nothing out of place…

Could it be that… Did he find out that she was secretly plotting against his girlfriend? Perhaps… he learned that she was not the one who…

These two notions were soon rejected by her.

No! Impossible! It's impossible for this man to know! I did it so secretively. In fact, I haven't even made a proper move on her yet, so how could he find out about it?

As she thought of this, her expression returned to normal. She then directed a smile at him.

"… Ziming, I was wrong this time. Don't be angry. I definitely won't come to your company and 'break the rules' next time!"

No matter the truth was, her first and foremost task was to appease him.

As for the rest, she could only leave it for later!

"Mhm." He softly hummed, not deigning to explain anything to her.

Seeing this, she bit her lower lip and then flashed a radiant smile again.

"It's been awhile since I returned, but I still haven't visited uncle and auntie. I'd like to pay them a visit today."


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