Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
779 Ziming, you are now a crazy wife protector.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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779 Ziming, you are now a crazy wife protector.

"Nope. Pei Ge is really nice; it's me who prefers it like this."

Listening to his reply, Qiao Jingyun's hands balled up into tight fists.

Pei Ge!

She suppressed her fury as she smiled at him.

"I realized that I'm very envious of your girlfriend! I never imagined that you'd act like this when in a relationship!"

"Act like what?" Her words piqued the man's curiosity.

"Wuuu!" She kept her silence for a moment and smiled. "Just like what are written in those novels, you're a loyal dog or a crazy wife protector!"

Ji Ziming was taken aback by those descriptions she had just mentioned.

Loyal dog? Crazy wife protector? What in the world are those? he muttered to himself. However, he did not feel repulsed by those descriptions.

"That's why I'm truly envious of your girlfriend, so I'm gonna find myself a boyfriend who treats his girlfriend well, too!"

She remarked enviously without any hint of jealousy. It was as though she did not fancy him and merely treated him as her best friend and older brother.

When he saw her action, he started wondering if she was no longer interested in him.

Am I being too cautious?

Come to think of it; she's been in New York all these years. Surely, she encountered many types of people. She probably no longer…

When she saw that the man had grown pensive, her lips could not help but curl up slightly, and victory flashed past her eyes.

Indeed, he had been fooled by her pretense.

He he! She was not stupid. She did that to give him the impression that she was no longer into him. Only by doing so would she be able to stay by his side safely.

This was because she knew that he might be cold to people, but as long as he fell for someone, he would love that woman with his everything.

From then on, he would never look at any other women. Only the woman whom he loved would be on his mind.

He could even have no regard for others for fear that the woman in his heart would misunderstand.

In the past, she thought that she was destined to be that woman as long as she stayed by his side and kept a close watch on him. Sooner or later, this man would become hers.

Unexpectedly, in the process of doing so, she was overseas by his father. She left his side and went to the opposite end of the globe… This created a chance for Pei Ge to disrupt her plans.

This is really… too d*mn much!

Still, it's not too late. As long as that woman doesn't officially enter the Ji family, I still have a chance.

"Ahhh! I wanna be in a relationship all of a sudden. I want one that is just like yours and Pei Ge's!"

With a longing expression, she mumbled that enviously as she leaned against the seat.

The man's brows moved slightly when he saw from the rearview mirror that she sincerely held a yearning expression.

While they were in the car heading to his family's villa, Pei Ge was also in a car heading to a five-star hotel in Tianjin.

The woman leaned on the window and stared out at the luminous nightscape. At the moment, she was feeling ill at ease.

The meeting tonight was a very important one.

It could even be said that this meeting would determine whether she could leave Jiaheng smoothly or not.

With that being said, she still had some confidence in Jiaheng. In fact, given the real estate company's capabilities, they could have initially clinched this project.


The other party's attitude changed drastically after Zhou Real Estate came into the picture.

Comparing Jiaheng and Zhou, there was indeed some difference.

The latter was one of the top real-estate companies in the capital, whereas the former had a long way to go before reaching the top.

"Boss, we are here."

The chauffeur's words jolted her out of her reverie.

Looking at the majestic building outside the window, she took a deep, calming breath as she gathered her wits.


The battle begins now!

She opened the door and alighted from the car.

Before reaching the hotel, Li Xueman, a capable beauty from her company's public relations department, smilingly met her.

"Boss, I feel that you might need to drink some alcohol today!"

The lady cheerfully and affectionately hooked her arm through hers.

As the decision-maker of the company, more or less, Pei Ge was expected to attend some meetings.

In the past, she always had this capable employee, with her high alcohol tolerance, drink on her behalf. Today, however, she understood that she must drink.

"Come on, boss. Let's have some hangover pills first so we won't get drunk easily later."

Her subordinate smiled and handed her some pills.

Nodding her head, she accepted the pills. She was about to swallow them without water when her subordinate timely gave her a bottle of mineral water from the bag.

"Boss, later on, you shouldn't drink alcohol. When others are not looking, you can pretend to be wiping your mouth and then spit the alcohol into the tissue…"

Her subordinate confided, wrapping her hand around hers.

It was obvious that this subordinate was worried about her.

She broke into a smile as she listened attentively to Li Xueman's advice.

They two then entered the five-star hotel; inside, a waiter guided them to a luxurious private room.

When the door to the private room was opened, she easily spotted Zhou Zhuoyang among the others.

"Yo, CFO Pei is here!"

"CFO Pei you're late! You should drink one cup as punishment!"

Her appearance brought a commotion in the private room.

"Pei Ge?!"

Right at this moment, the man spotted her, too. He stared at her in utter disbelief as though he had come across a ghost.

His gaze was mixed with a little surprise.


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