Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
781 Some relationships cannot be forgotten even if he wishes.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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781 Some relationships cannot be forgotten even if he wishes.

"Zhou Zhuoyang, what are you doing?! Let go of my hand now!"

By the time she could react, Pei Ge had already been dragged away from the private room by the man.

"What are you going crazy about?!"

She mustered up the strength to break free from his tight grip on her wrist. Fuming, she glared at the man.

Emptiness gripped the man's heart the moment the soft feeling left his grip.

He looked at her and pursed his lips. He sounded bitter and displeased. "Pei Ge, you're the one who is crazy! Do you know what type of people those men are, and you dared to mix around with them?! You're quite bold for a woman!"

"What are you saying? What people?"

She felt exasperated by his remark.

"I'm here to settle serious matters! I came here to discuss about the project! I'm not like you – a young master who is indifferent to getting this project or not! Even if you don't want it, there are people who will bring the deal to you!"

The deal for this project had initially been finalized, with only the signing of the contract left, but who knew that Zhou Zhuoyang would throw a wrench into her plans? This had really enraged her!

"If you want this project, I can give it to you."

He stared intently at her reply.

To begin with, he did not want to expand their business to Tianjin. If not for his father and… fiancée's advice, he would not have come to this city.

While this project was very crucial for her, it was not that important to him.

He just wanted to be thoughtful, but who knew that it would make her more enraged?

Those clear, dark eyes of hers seemed to spit out fire as she glared at him and lashed out.

"Thank you for your kind offer, but I don't need your alms!"

Once she finished saying that, she ignored him and headed back into the private room.

Seeing her leave, the man clenched his fists.

"Pei Ge…"

He knew that he no longer had the right to be concerned about her. Her cousin was his fiancée and they were getting married soon.

He should forget about this woman completely, but… he only realized when he saw her here that some relationships could not be forgotten even if he wished to do so.

Stepping into the private room again, she was teased by the bosses. This was followed by another round of drinking.

When the meeting ended, she did not follow this group of big bosses to the next nightclub for more rounds of drinking.

She and Li Xueman excused themselves.

"Boss, are we really not going?" her subordinate hesitantly asked. As a senior member of the public relations team, she understood that they should push harder to clinch the deal at the nightclub.

In the past, their public relations department used this method to close many deals.

Since Pei Ge held this deal with great importance, she was even thinking of charming the big bosses in the nightclub to clinch the deal.

Who knew that her boss would give up halfway, though?

Her superior's next words caused her to be taken aback.

"We're not going. We don't want this deal anymore!" She narrowed her eyes coldly.

"D-Don't want it anymore?"

Hearing this, she gawked at her superior.

"Boss, are you alright?" She knew that she cared a lot about this deal.

Not only her, every Jiaheng employee also knew that their boss was really concerned about this deal.

"Could it be that that young master Zhou, who had dragged you out, threatened you earlier?"

She looked at her boss with worried eyes. Without waiting for the latter's reply, she began bellowing. In her anger, she looked nothing like her usual self.

"I knew it! None of those dirty men is decent! Even those good-looking ones are jerks and beasts in human clothing…"

Her superior's sudden laughter made her fury dissipate.

"Alright, alright. I know. Stop scolding, stop scolding. He didn't threaten me." Pei Ge tugged at her subordinate to prevent her from scolding further.

"Even though I want this project, they won't give it to Jiaheng. Rather than wasting effort in entertaining them, it's better to give up on it."

"Ah? Why is that so? Our company is their best choice! Why won't they choose—"

She interrupted her subordinate before the latter could finish speaking.

"If they want to work with us, they won't wait this long to sign the contract. If not for Zhou Real Estate's interference, we would have it already. Unfortunately, with that company in the picture, their obvious choice will be the one that has a better offer."

Listening to her boss's explanation, Li Xueman pouted.

"Ahhh… Why did that company have to come here and compete with us when they're doing so well in the capital?"

"Alright, you head back first. Don't think of these irrelevant matters. Rest well when you're back."

She patted her subordinate's shoulder comfortingly.

"Okay. I'll get going now, boss."

Bidding each other goodbye, Pei Ge did not call for the chauffeur to send her back. Instead, she walked along the pavement of the brightly lit street.

She aimlessly walked down the street and basked in the night scenery. Her relaxed appearance was nothing like someone who had just lost a deal.

"Pei Ge, it's so late. Why are you wandering aimlessly on the street? Did meeting me… upset you so much?"

Just when her legs began to feel sore from walking, Zhou Zhuoyang's voice came from behind her all of a sudden.


She halted her steps and furrowed her brows. When she turned to look, she saw him following him, with only three meters of distance between them.

"Are you stalking me?"

Displeased, she narrowed her eyes questioningly at him.

"I'm only worried about you."

"He he! Zhou Zhuoyang, I'm unrelated to you in any way. Please stop overstepping your bounds!"

While there was hostility between the two, the air in the capital's Ji family was tense as well.

"Uncle, auntie, I'm really sorry. It's been awhile since my return but I'm only visiting you now."


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