Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
785 Please stay away from me in the future.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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785 Please stay away from me in the future.

In the darkness of the night, the gleaming lights shone on this empty street, which was made cold by the passing, relentless breeze.

Staring at the man before her, Pei Ge found it hilarious.

His words played on a loop in her head…

'Pei Ge, the woman in my heart has always been you. It has never changed. If you tell me… tell me… that you don't want me to marry Pei Shishi, I will call off the wedding right this instant!'

That's hilarious! What does he mean by 'willing to call off the wedding'? It's too funny!

"Pei Ge, actually I…"

When he saw her merely smirk coldly at him, the man opened his mouth to speak, but before he could finish, she interjected.

"Zhou Zhuoyang, do you think you are very charming? Do you think that I'd still love you after you betrayed me and got together with my cousin?" she asked calmly, looking at him mockingly.

"Dream on! Ever since you reappeared as my future cousin-in-law, I have stopped loving you. Please stop overthinking things and daydreaming!"

Her words were like the chilly wind, blowing frostily and harshly right into his heart.

His mouth twitched at her harsh and mocking reply. In the end, he did not utter a word.

"I no longer have anything to do with you. You have your fiancée and I have mine. I think we can be nothing more than cousins-in-law. I hope that, next time, you won't say such unrealistic things again."

"Pei Ge… I…" He struggled to speak, feeling bitter.

"Mr. Zhou, I'm returning home now. See you again—oh, my bad. It should be 'let us not see each other again'." She did not bother listening further. Casting him a steely glance, she turned around and called for her chauffeur to pick her up.

Just as she walked a few steps away, his voice came from behind her again.

Although she did not want to bother herself with him, those words unexpectedly came out of his mouth, so she could only continue listening to him.

"I know that you hate me; you think that I betrayed you, but I really didn't do it on purpose. I don't know how matters developed into this."

Seeing her walk away, he got this gut feeling that, from this moment onward, their fate would never coincide again.

There's no longer hope for us to rekindle our love.

Therefore, he wanted to clarify everything that had happened in the past, to let her know that he had not betrayed her on purpose, and to express that he… actually regretted it. He was, in fact, a victim.

"I was planning to tell you my true identity back then when your cousin told me that you're dating someone else besides me. I-I didn't believe it at first, but I saw you shopping with another man. That's why…"

As he spoke, he felt uncomfortable and sullen.

He really loved her at that time.

Although she was not that beautiful or smart, she was genuinely kindhearted. He could feel her warmth and fervor, which were missing in others.

She was his first love and, possibly, the most unforgettable woman in his life.

"So you misunderstood me? You thought that I was cheating on you and was just after your money?" she asked seriously, stopping in her tracks with her back facing him.

"Yes… I'm sorry. I should've trusted you, but my anger clouded my judgment. I loved you so much, so seeing you with another man, I… lost my rationality," he muttered softly, his face filled with anguish and self-blame.

If only… If only he had trusted her back then and he were more rational, they would probably not turn out like this today.

"Heh!" She curled her lips mockingly. This is hilarious. "Lost your rationality? He he! You've never looked for me once."

She would rather that he demanded to break up with her furiously back then; that way, she would not have wasted her youth and all her feelings on him.

"I believe that I have never once wronged you. Do you have any idea the distance I traveled when you disappeared back then? I would call your phone the first thing in the morning. I went everywhere in the capital looking for you. I searched for you for an entire year, fearing that you might be in trouble; I even filed a police report. I even went to morgues to see those unclaimed corpses!"

As she recalled this, she thought that she had really done so many foolish things!

"To be honest, I vomited and had a week's worth of nightmares after seeing those corpses, but I felt relieved that not one of those was yours!"

"Three years! Three years! For three full years, my feelings for you had never changed. In the first year, I was thinking that if you were to reappear, I would give you a tongue-lashing! In the second year, I was thinking of breaking up with you! In the third year, I only wished that you would be safe and sound! However, you—how did you repay me?! You shamed me so thoroughly in front of so many people!"

Her sharp and heartbreaking voice rang in the dark night.

Her silhouette, however, remained strong and determined – so much so that it hurt to see her like this.

When he heard this, his eyes brimmed with tears, and despite being a big man, he wanted to cry.

"Ge Ge—"

He ached to see her strong and determined back. He walked toward her, but before he could reach her, she stopped him.

"Don't come over!" She raised her voice when she heard his approaching steps.

"… Alright. I won't go over." He halted his steps as he clenched his fists and looked dazedly at her.

"Zhou Zhuoyang, I haven't wronged you in any way. Therefore, please stay away from me in the future."


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