Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
786 Thanks to your betrayal, I met Ji Ziming.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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786 Thanks to your betrayal, I met Ji Ziming.

"Zhou Zhuoyang, I haven't wronged you in any way. Therefore, please stay away from me in the future."

Pei Ge felt a lot better after releasing all her bottled-up resentment for three whole years.

In those three years, no matter how many matchmaking sessions she participated in, she always kept him in the depths of her heart.

However, she had let go of this relationship the moment she saw him at her cousin's welcoming party and he turned out to be her cousin-in-law. The man she had kept in her heart vanished into thin air.

"Ge Ge… I know that you hate me for disappearing all of a sudden, but…" He originally did not plan to reveal this matter, but he changed his mind when he heard her request.

Determination flashed in his eyes. Unwaveringly, he slowly revealed, "Back then, I was furious at you for cheating on me, and I lost my rationality, so I went for some drinks, but who knew that after I got drunk, the person at the bar contacted your cousin…"

Her brows furrowed at his confession. She thought to herself uncertainly, Could it be as what I thought?

"… I-I was drunk, so I mistook your cousin… for you, a-and…" he stuttered.

"Heh!" She smirked and thought to herself, Indeed, it's what I thought.

Still, why do I feel that there's so much coincidence in this whole matter?

Something feels off.

"… So you two decided to go overseas together?" She scorned. Deep down, she was glad that this man disappeared from her world back then.

She did not need a man who could not control his lower half!

"No." With a look of pain on his face, he continued speaking with anger and regret. "Your cousin said that it was an accident, so she'd pretend that it didn't happen. I was panicking at that time and felt embarrassed to face you. That's why I decided to give the both of us some space to calm down."

"I didn't expect your cousin to become pregnant from that one night, though."

Her eyes opened wide at his words.


"I was completely at a loss, but your cousin didn't want to put me in a tight spot. She told me that she loves me and that she'll choose me over the child. For my sake, she… went to get an abortion. In the end, I…"

"You chose her and dumped me, right?"

The disdain on her face became more apparent.

It's really absurd that I used to like such a man.

"No, no!" He denied immediately as he clenched his firsts tightly.

"I've never once thought of dumping you. It's only… When I went back to look for you, I saw you happily chatting with a guy…"

Without needing him to continue, she already pieced everything together.

"In a fit of anger, you accepted my cousin's confession and left the country with her, right?"

She looked at him in disdain, and with that, the remaining happy memories she had of him vanished into thin air.

All of a sudden, she realized that she was wasting a lot of emotions loving such a man and feeling sad over him for so long.

"… Right." He remained silent for a moment and nodded with much difficulty.

Everything happened so coincidentally and like greased lightning.

If only he had been calmer and trusted her a little more, all those matters would not have happened. The two of them would become an envious couple…

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world.

At this time, the woman, whose back was facing him, turned around abruptly. She then looked mockingly at him.

"Did you know? The man whom you saw me with – do you know who he was?"

Taken aback by her question, the man subconsciously replied, "Who was he?"

"He's my cousin's friend. He was wooing my cousin before. For both the times that you saw me, I was merely helping him pick out a present for Pei Shishi."

She smirked. Currently, she was pretty certain that the break up between them was her cousin's orchestration.

The funny thing was that they had actually fallen for it and were fooled by her through and through.

What she could not fathom was why Pei Shishi would want to break them up when her cousin clearly liked somebody back then.

That man could not possibly be her ex-boyfriend.

Why did she do that, then?


Zhou Zhuoyang's eyes widened in disbelief.

"That… That's impossible!" subconsciously refuted the man. He could not believe that his fiancée would trick him. As long as he accepted, it would be too ridiculous.

If he did, it would mean that he was being fooled by a woman all these years. He even dumped the woman he loved for such a scheming woman…

If this was true, it would be so ridiculous and pitiful.

"Whether you believe it or not, I'll always be grateful to you and my cousin. If not for you two, I would never meet the man of my life and get together with him. Thanks for your betrayals as they got me such a great man."

She let out a slight laughter. Neither did she take note of his reaction nor did she bother to explain anything to him.

She merely smiled calmly at the stunned man before her.

"Oh, right! May I trouble you to pass my words to her in their original form. I'm really sincerely thankful to her for snatching you from me. If not, how would I meet Ziming!"

After she said that, she turned to walk away, no longer caring about him.

The chauffeur happened to arrive at this point.

By the time the man came to himself, she was already getting in the car, and it sped off before his eyes.

"That can't be true… That can't be true…" He kept muttering this under his breath as he watched the car she was in vanish from his sight.

"Shishi… How could she scheme on me?"

"That can't be! I must clarify this with her!"


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