Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
789 Pei Ge did not jump into our trap.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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789 Pei Ge did not jump into our trap.

"Ah! Yes, I'm still here. I just got a bit distracted by the financial report. What were you saying again?"

She was jolted out of her reverie by the man calling her name.

"… I was saying that it doesn't matter even if we don't go." There was a tinge of helplessness in his voice.

"Okay. Ziming, I'll be busier than usual over the following days, so I may be unable to talk to you on the phone. Why don't we contact each other again after this busy period is over?"

She felt a headache coming on as she stared at the computer screen filled with numbers.

If they wanted to clinch the next real-estate project fast, they must do all the necessary preparations.

"… No good," he replied softly after a brief pause.

Hearing the man's childlike rejection, she helpless got up from her chair and started cajoling him.

"You know that I'm not doing this because I want to, right? I just wanna return to your side fast. Otherwise, I won't be saying this…"

Finally, after a long discussion, the two agreed to send, if not to call, each other every night before sleep.

"Okay, okay. I get it! I really need to work now, so I'll hang up now! I'll message you again tonight."

With that, she hung up and turned into a workaholic once more as she buried her head into a large heap of documents.

Meanwhile, a certain CEO looked at his phone in frustration.

Work, work! What is so good about work…

It's not like I can't afford to raise that stupid woman! Indeed, she's stupid!

No! It's actually my father's fault. If not for his order, there wouldn't be these many issues!

If not for these issues, I'd still be living with my girlfriend in the same city, and this situation of her abandoning me for work wouldn't happen!

As such, with a certain great CEO feeling resentful, the lives of the Ji Group's employees became much tougher.

However, if it were to be discussed whose life was the toughest among those Pei Ge knew, this award would definitely go to her cousin.

Pei Shishi had been thrown into the 'cold palace' by her fiancé ever since her cousin said those things to him.

She managed to cover up the truth with a pile of lies during his interrogation.

Nonetheless, with the seed of doubt already planted in his heart, how could it be easily erased?

This was especially true for a man whose heart was no longer with her but with another woman, instead.

"Qiao Jingyun, you did it on purpose! Although you claimed that we're plotting against my cousin, you're in fact plotting against me!"

Within the luxurious coffee house, two lovely ladies were seated opposite of each other.

However, although both were beautiful, their expressions and demeanor were unsightly.

"Sister Shishi, what are you saying? Do you think that there's a need for me to plot against you? You have no relation to Ziming."

The other woman chuckled as she said this calmly to Pei Shishi who looked furious.

"You're clearly plotting against me! Nothing happened to my cousin, but my fiancé returned with the desire to cancel our marriage!"

She was incensed by this woman's calm and indifferent smile.

"Hur hur! Looks like your cousin still has some tricks up her sleeve!"

The other cocked a brow and smirked.

"Qiao Jingyun!" She fiercely glared at her.

"Sister Shishi, what are you so frantic about? Your fiancé didn't really break off your engagement! Plus, he already completed a part of our plan, so this is good news to us."

The other smiled at her, her tone filled with smugness.

She frowned at this, looking perplexed.

"What do you mean completed a part of the plan? What kind of plan is this supposed to be?"

Although she was working with her, she was not privy to this woman's plan.

"Don't be hasty. You'll know soon. Anyway, you can just sit back and enjoy the show," the other replied with a sweet smile.

"Are you taking me for a fool?! You're not even telling me anything, so are you really treating me as a partner?"

This time, she was not easily tricked by the other's words.

She squinted her eyes coldly and mockingly at Qiao Jingyun.

"You said that you want a partner; in fact, your goal is to shoot two birds with one stone, right?"

The more deeply she analyzed the situation, the more believable she found this to be.

"You've been petty from the start. Not only my cousin, even I am disliked by you. That's why…"

At this, Pei Shishi glared hatefully and frigidly at this woman. "You want to destroy me along with my cousin; am I right?"


Who knew that the other woman would burst out laughing after she said this, though?

"Oh, please. Sister Shishi, the pit in your brain is a little too large! Your words are just too laughable. Why would I need to scheme against you? I merely wanted to make your fiancé go over—"

Before she finished speaking, Qiao Jingyun's phone rang.

Hence, without continuing her explanation and hiding it, she answered the call.

"Hello… What?! You said that Pei Ge rejected the project?!"

Her radiant smile was replaced by a gloomy expression upon hearing what the person on the other end had said.

"You useless piece of sh*t! Why are you only telling me this now?!"

Seeing the viciousness on her face, Pei Shishi got a foreboding.

Hence, she asked the moment the other woman dropped the call.

"What happened? What do you mean by my cousin rejecting that project?"

Qiao Jingyun coldly snorted at her question. The calmness and indifference on her face before were gone as she coldly regarded her.

"Your good cousin didn't jump into the trap we dug for her."


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