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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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794 Give him a surprise or a scare?

"Mom, I've got better news for you!"

She gave her mother a secretive look.

Her mother's curiosity was piqued. "What news?"

"That's…" She paused for a bit and then happily revealed, "I got promoted! I am now the Ji Group's planning manager!"

"For real?!"

Zhang Manhua's eyes lit up. Although she did not know what a planning manager's duty was, she still knew that not anybody could hold that position in the Ji Group!

Her daughter had actually accomplished this feat! She actually became a manager in that company! This was something she felt very happy and proud about!

"Aiya! My daughter is really amazing! Mom must cook something good to reward you tonight!"

She smiled so widely that her eyes turned into slits.

At this, her daughter suddenly asked, "He he! Mom, can we call my boyfriend over?"

"Of course! Call him over! Anyway, how did you get here? Why don't I see Xiao Ji?"

Remembering the man's existence then, she regarded her daughter questioningly.

Should the man not accompany her daughter?

"Ugh… I have yet to tell him that I'm back."

Her daughter rubbed her nose sheepishly.

"You lass, quickly give your boyfriend a call!" She urged her daughter, thinking that the two were fighting.

"He he! I wanted to tell him in person and also give him a surprise!" Her daughter beamed.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation at this.

"Then, why aren't you leaving yet?!"

"Mom, I came back to see you first. Aren't you very touched?"

"Stop being cheeky here! Quickly go find your boyfriend!"

"He he! Then, I'll go find him now!"

"Quickly go! Hurry!"

She, thus, chased her daughter out of the house.

Without any luggage in hand, Pei Ge hailed a taxi and made her way to the Ji Group's office.

Along the way, she kept having the urge to call the man and tell him that she was back, but she would always stop herself at the last minute.

She wanted to give him a big surprise!

"Miss, you're smiling so happily. Did something good happen to you?"

The driver struck up a conversation when he noticed her grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes, there is!" In a happy mood, she did not mind the driver asking this.

Right now, she did not know that this surprise for her boyfriend would turn into a scare for herself.

After all, she was not the only one who had prepared a surprise!

Amid her excitement and anxiety, the taxi arrived at the Ji Group's main office, located at the heart of the business district.

"Miss, your boyfriend works here?"


"Then, your boyfriend must be quite capable."

"I think so, too!"

She happily paid the fare, alighted from the car, and strode quickly into the building.

However, before she could ride the elevator, she was unexpectedly stopped by someone.

"Miss, do you have an appointment?"

She blinked and shook her head, her mind finally clearing up.

Oh, no! I only thought about giving the man a surprise and didn't even consider this happening before coming over. Thinking about it now, it's impossible not to alert him of my presence!

After all, the Ji Group isn't just any normal company.

Even if it were a normal company, she must still have an appointment before she could meet a CEO.

"Er…" She was at a loss for a moment.

A deep furrow appeared between her eyebrows as she vexingly thought of how she could go to his office without alerting the man!

"Miss, if you have no appointment, we can't let you in." The receptionist saw her frown and kindly informed her.

Although she looked plain and seemed not to have an outstanding background, this batch of receptionists received fresh, professional training; hence, ugly situations, like that time when the front-desk clerk was stuck-up, discriminated against the poor, and gave preferential treatment to the rich, would never happen again.

She gave the receptionist a polite smile, expressing her understanding.

Just as she was in a dilemma, an idea popped in her head, and her eyes lit up.

"Let me make a call first."

The few receptionists showed curiosity when she fished out her phone from her bag and dialed a number.

Inside, they were thinking, Is she truly making a call or just pretending for us to see? If she is, who is she calling?

"Hello, auntie! I'm at the reception area, but I can't get in as I don't have an appointment…"

She quickly explained her situation to Madam Ji the moment the line connected.

"No problem! Leave it to me! I'll make a call down, so just wait there awhile!"

"Okay, auntie. Thank you!"

After she settled this, a slight smile appeared on her lips.

The few receptionists were all stunned at this.

What made them even more surprised was that, a few minutes after she ended the call, they received an order to let her in.

"Miss, is your surname Pei?"


"Miss Pei, you can now enter."

"Okay, thank you."

She nodded and smiled at them before walking toward the elevator. Once in front of it, she pressed the elevator 'up' button.

"Wow! Who is that lady? It seems she's not someone simple!"

"Yes. I wonder who she called just now…"

"Anyway, she can't be just a normal woman!"


The elevator doors parted open, but she had to climb a flight of stairs. The floor of the CEO's office was only accessible via the VIP elevator or the stairs.

Hence, she went directly to the stairs after exiting the elevator.

Just as she reached the top landing and before she could open the door to the staircase to enter the top floor, she overheard a conversation between a few women.

"Our CEO and Miss Qiao truly look compatible! I've never seen our boss treat anyone else this gently."

"Indeed. Plus, other than our boss's assistant, only Miss Qiao knows the VIP elevator's passcode!"


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