Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
796 Stupid woman, I said that I only like you alone.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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796 Stupid woman, I said that I only like you alone.

"Quickly release her!"

When these few female secretaries kept hugging her tightly, Ji Ziming swept them with his cutting gaze.

Only then did these secretaries recover from their shock, and they hastily released Pei Ge's arms and waist.

Wu wu wu! Why is our aloof and cold CEO looking at us with such murderous eyes?

Is he really feeling jealous of us?

We didn't do anything, though! More importantly, we are all female!


Shivering in fear, they tried to explain themselves but were cut off by him.

"Get out!"

He coldly glared at them.

They actually dare to touch my woman? How unpleasant.


They dared not speak another word and just moved to leave the room.

However, before they could exit the room, they were stopped in place by the man's low and cold voice.


Their footsteps halted as they fearfully turned around.

Wu wu wu! Is the CEO going to fire us because we failed to recognize his girlfriend and tried to stop her from entering?

Wu wu wu! Why did we stop this lady again?!

Should've just let her in without a fuss!

While they were feeling very regretful, the man's next words filled their hearts with gratitude to his girlfriend.

"I'll let this pass because of my girlfriend. If there ever happens again, don't bother reporting for work."

He originally intended to fire these unperceptive secretaries.

Last time, they let Qiao Jingyun in; this time, they barred his stupid woman from entering.

Still, knowing his girlfriend's personality, that she would not like him to do this, he decided to let their offense slide this one time.

"We understand! Thank you, CEO, Miss Pei!"

Once they thanked the couple, these secretaries hastily left the room.

Hence, only these two were left in this huge office.

Of course, to the woman, they were not the only ones here.

"Pei Ge, when did you come back? Why didn't you call me?"

He looked at her with joy in his eyes. Stopping before her, he held her hand and tenderly asked that.

The gentleness on his face made it seem as if the cold and ruthless man before was a different person. If the few secretaries were to witness this scene, they would be so shocked their eyes might fall from their sockets!

Who knew that this usually obedient and easygoing woman would actually fling his hand away, though?

"Call you? What for?! To let you have time to prepare?!"

She coldly snorted, her eyes filled with grievance.

Her mind was still stuck in that conversation about how this man treated well that Qiao woman and how she was the only one who knew the VIP elevator's passcode.

Because she loved too deeply and she cared for him too much, she was more emotional and easily affected.

"Prepare?" He looked at her confusedly, not getting why she was mad at him.

"What's wrong? Are you angry? Angry at me?"

His clueless look angered her further.

"Alright. Don't be mad. Didn't you just come back? Are you hungry?"

Although he did not know what she was furious about, he still lovingly tried appeasing her.

Knowing that she was a foodie, he tried easing her anger with food.

Alas, today's situation was a little different.

When he said this, she took it as his attempt to lead her away – away from the person he was hiding from her in this office!

"Food? I'm not hungry! Ji Ziming, are you trying to bring me away from here on purpose? Do you think I don't know that you're hiding a person here?!"

The more deeply she thought of it, the more wronged she felt. While she had been working so hard in Tianjin for his sake, he was here being intimate with another woman!

What guts he has!

The man frowned upon seeing her behave as if he were having an affair.

"What 'hiding a person'? What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about!" She glared at him and then pushed him aside while shouting, "I really wanna see what this Qiao woman you're hiding from me looks like!"

As she said that, she strode into his office.

He stunned for a moment when he heard this, quickly figuring out the source of her anger.

It seems she suspects me of having an affair with Qiao Jingyun!

"…" He amusedly tugged his lips, feeling slightly helpless inside.

This stupid woman. How many times have I told her that there's nothing between me and Qiao Jingyun? Why is she still suspecting me?

She even came here to catch me red-handed.

"Stupid woman!"

He looked at her lovingly and dotingly, feeling a little angry at her for doubting him.

Still, the greater feeling he had inside was…

This stupid woman must love me tons, or else she won't be feeling this jealous.

Finally figuring out the reason for her anger, the man trailed after her leisurely.

He did not move to explain anything but only amusedly and lovingly watched her move around the room, trying to find his alleged 'mistress'.

Eh? Where is she? Why is there no one here?

After a long time of searching in the office, she did not see a single shadow. Right now, she had a lost expression on her face.

Seeing that she had finally stopped her search for another person, the man went to her side and smiled tenderly at her.

When he noted her lost and bewildered look, he could not help but reach his arms out and hug her into his broad chest.

"Stupid woman, I said that I only like you alone. I must punish you for not trusting me!"

With that, he pressed his cold lips to the woman's mouth in his embrace.


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