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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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797 I like this surprise a lot.

The fury in her slowly dissipated as she savored this punishing yet loving kiss on her lips. In its place was love and longing.

Just as she closed her eyes to enjoy this kiss that she loved and missed, the two women's conversation surfaced in her mind again.

Her closing eyes opened wide at once.

She raised her arms and pushed away the man hugging her and intending to deepen the kiss.

"What's wrong?" The man looked at her quizzically. He could not understand what was wrong with her again.

"Let me ask you: Where did you hide your Miss Qiao?"

She snorted. Although she was enticed by his kiss, she was not that easy to appease!

"…" Hearing her mention that woman again, the man only felt utterly helpless.

He remembered telling this stupid girlfriend of his many times that he did not like that woman at all.

"You came here just to find that Qiao Jingyun?" He was starting to get angry upon her incessant minding of that woman.

His girlfriend returned from Tianjin, yet the person in her mind was not him but that woman.

Although he knew that his girlfriend was suspecting him, he still felt a little jealous and uncomfortable at this.

"Hmph!" She glared at him. Actually, her mind had already cleared up when she did not find that woman in his office.

She also recalled that he was not the type to cheat.

However, she also knew that that woman's influence on him was big, and that was why she had become so nervous and was unwilling to let this go.

"Did she take the VIP elevator to leave?"

Seeing her furious look, he understood that today would not be pleasant for him if he did not explain himself to her properly.

Hence, he shook his head helplessly and amusedly asked, "Did you hear something?"

"If you didn't do all that stuff, why would I hear about it?"

She nudged her lips.

In her eyes, even if he liked her and not Qiao Jingyun, if he did not give in so much to that woman, no one would link him to her.

Hence, no matter which way one looked at it, this was all his fault!

Noting that his girlfriend was truly angry, the man shook his head in amusement and held her hand gently. With a soft voice, he asked, "Then, what did I do?"

"You…" She was at a loss for words at the moment. After a long time, she replied with a snort, "You told her the passcode for your VIP elevator!"

Fine. Having said this aloud, she realized that she was truly being unreasonable.

It was because she cared for him too much, or else she would not be this furious and even forget her goal to give him a surprise.

"Alright. It's all my fault. I'll ask them to change the passcode now."

He squeezed his girlfriend's hand in amusement and kept appeasing her with a doting look.

Her lips curled up into a slight grin when his attitude was so good to her.

"That's much better. Next time, other than your secretary or assistant, you can only tell me the passcode to your VIP elevator!" Pei Ge, who had held a top post for a while, declared domineeringly.

"Okay. I'll only let you know." The man was quite amused by this. He actually liked her confidently bossing him around.

After all, this showed how much she cared about him.

"Is there anything else?" He tugged her hand and pulled her to the sofa.

"Yes!" Her eyes turned in their sockets and fixed them on him. She interrogated, "Did your Miss Qiao come by?"

"Wrong," he replied lightly.

"Wrong? What's wrong? Don't try to brush it off!" She frowned, feeling confused. Those women clearly said that…

"Wrong. Meaning, she's not mine." He cocked a brow and raised his slender fingers to flatten her frown.

"The only person who can be considered as 'mine' is you, my Miss Pei."

"…" She blushed at this, shyness flashing past her eyes.

"Stop being glib-tongued with me. You haven't answered my question."

She pouted and glared at him, slightly abashed.

"Yes. Qiao Jingyun came by earlier but left soon after." He lightly nodded.

Since his girlfriend minded that woman's presence a lot, he did not address her as 'Jingyun' and said her full name, instead.

"Via your VIP elevator, right?"

Having not met anyone in the elevator earlier, she reckoned that the woman had taken his private elevator down.

He only felt more amused when she brought up the issue of his VIP elevator again.

"Stupid woman, you really have a feud with my VIP elevator, huh?"

"Hmph! I took the stairs up if you must know!"

She lightly snorted, feeling a little aggrieved. "Even an official girlfriend like me didn't know the passcode to your private elevator and had to climb the stairs up, yet that Miss Qiao was able to access your VIP elevator to visit you. Of course, I have a feud with it!"

He could no longer suppress his laughter; hence, on this rare occasion, he burst out laughing at her sound remark.

"You didn't tell me that you were coming today. If you did, I would've gone down to fetch you."

She felt even more wronged at this. With doe eyes, she glared at him. "I was thinking of giving you a surprise! Who knew that it would end up like this?"

As she said that, she felt even more stifled.

She was clearly very happy when she came here, thinking of how elated he would be when he saw her.

Right now…

Noting her downcast mood, he dipped his head and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I like this surprise a lot; I truly like it very much."


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