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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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806 The Star of the Show

As darkness enveloped the sky, the night appeared lonely, but the bright lights and excited chattering of people made it livelier!

In the grand banquet hall hung chandeliers, which shone brightly upon the entire hall.

Men and women were dressed to the nines as they elegantly drank from their wine glasses and chatted with those around them.

With the glimmering lights and the exchange of toasts, this elaborate gathering was bustling.

By just looking at this hall, one would know that the attendees were not average people.

Since entering the banquet hall, Qiao Jingyun's smile had not faded.

Unable to find Ji Ziming in the crowd, she was disappointed yet relieved.

At least, that man didn't bring anyone here after rejecting me, right?


"I heard that, upon your return from New York, you opened a fashion brand store."

"I'd like to shop at your store one of these days!"

"You look really good today! Is this dress from your store?"

"Miss Qiao, you're really pretty today!"

"… You really have brains and beauty! That is so admirable!"

Holding her wine glass, she was in her element as she mingled with the people in this gathering.

It was obvious that she was an expert at socializing. The smile on her face as she interacted with others appeared sincere.

Nonetheless, as a daughter of a nouveau riche, it was rare that she was highly sought after in this banquet.

Although it could not be denied that the Ji family and Ji Ziming's support played a part, her personal capabilities were equally impressive.

"Jingyun, why isn't Mr. Ji with you today?"

All of a sudden, a woman curiously asked her that.

She did not show any feelings on her face upon hearing the question. Her fingers, which were holding the glass, turned white, nonetheless.

"Oh… It seems that Ziming is busier than usual recently…"

She gave a poised smile as she replied softly.

Enlightened, that woman nodded her head and smiled. "That's right! Mr. Ji has always been a busy man."

Alas, the smile on Qiao Jingyun's face froze in the next instant.

"Eh! Is that Mr. Ji?"

Hearing the woman's voice, she swiftly turned around to look at this banquet hall's entrance.

Standing there was a perfect couple.

"Eh? It seems that Mr. Ji has brought along a female companion? Who is that woman?"

Everybody was equally confused as these women whispered among themselves.

All gazes were on that couple who had just entered the hall.

As they approached, everyone took a good look at the woman beside the man. All were stunned, their faces filled with wonder.

"Oh, my gosh! That woman is so beautiful…"

"Yes… very beautiful."

That elegant, pure white evening gown captivated everyone's attention.

She was wearing a white Tom Ford dress with a matching classic shawl. Although there was nothing seductive about her look, with her dress alone, she had captured most of the attention in the hall.

Her dress was simple, but everybody in the hall was connoisseurs at she was wearing.

Apart from her evening dress, the shimmering Anna Hu's 'Crystal' diamond bracelet and 'Elegant Hibiscus' double ring stunned everybody.

What was more of the sapphire clip on her hair!

Everybody was gazing at her, and even the man beside her could not steal her limelight.

Pei Ge was just like what Lily had predicted. She was the limelight of the show, outshining everybody else!

"Is she Mr. Ji's new girlfriend?"

"I heard that Mr. Ji seems to have a girlfriend."

"Eh, what about Qiao Jingyun? Hasn't she just mentioned that she is close to Mr. Ji?"

Listening to these murmurs and seeing how Pei Ge had stolen the limelight, Qiao Jingyun gritted her teeth.

D*mn it! Why did this woman come?! She even came with Ji Ziming!


Her stare on Pei Ge was filled with increasing evilness and jealousy. The woman whom she looked down on was actually wearing such a topnotch dress with matching regal accessories.

"Jingyun, who is she? Do you know her?"

Hearing this question, she gathered herself. The chilliness in her eyes faded as she smiled. "I'm not really sure. As you know, there are a lot of people who like Ziming. I've just returned, so I don't really know this woman."

"What's wrong?"

With her arm hooked through Ji Ziming's, Pei Ge inquired, puzzled. She had sensed his unhappiness from the moment they entered the banquet hall.

Unexpectedly, he gave her this reply…

"I don't like those stares on you."

The man scanned the crowd staring fervently at his girlfriend, and his unhappiness mounted.

Despite his chilly aura and sharp glare, those fervent gazes were still glued on her.

"Pfft!" Hearing his reply, she smiled and leaned on him sweetly.

"Relax; I have no eyes for others. You're the only one whom I like!"

As she said that, this conservative woman gave him a peck on the cheek openly.

This sudden kiss from her made the man's mood a lot better.

"Oh, ya! What about your Miss Qiao? Where is she? I need to get to know this benefactor of yours!"


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